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A friend gave me an interesting problem. It seems that he has an Armour elevator in a 13 story building that is causing problems w/ computers as the weights go by. They think that the weights are magnetized. It's only 1 car of a 6-car group that has the problem. Tried grounding the weights, no help.

Anyone know where to get a counterweight degausser?

-- Glenn Schmitz (, November 07, 1998


ever try putting lead flashing as in the kind you use on roofs? it comes in 12 inch wide strips you could fasten these to the hoistway wall and isolate the wieght so to speak.

-- (updnup@aol.ccc), December 12, 1998.

I have never heard of this... I know how to prove if it is magnetized though. Take a compass and pass it near various parts of the cwt, sides, top and bottom and the back of the sling. Check for a north detection that does not point to true north.

As for degaussing it if it is fact magnetized, I guess that you could wrap several turns of wire and apply a current; first in one direction, then in the other until the compass needle is unaffected. Good luck.

-- John Koshak (, January 01, 1999.


A compass will tell you in a heart beat... I know an A.C. current around it will demagnetize it...but how??? Hitting the weight with a sledge hammer... if there is a differance in readings this would verify this...knocking molecules around demagnetizes but not as good as an A.C. field.....

-- Joe McLoone (, August 12, 1999.


I would try, for the hell of it, putting A.C. through the weight since it is isolated by shoes or rollers...Its not a field so it probally wont work....

-- Joe McLoone (, August 12, 1999.

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