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I am looking for any available lists of models manufactured in SAL paint schemes (all scales) that are currently available or previously produced, for reference and collecting purposes. I am aware that the Society newsletter publishes updates on available models. Any other substantial resources besides Greenberg guides or magazine reference guides to past articles, reviews, etc.? Any resources or references received will be gladly shared with those interested.

-- Raymond W. (Randy) Young (, November 06, 1998


Here are some more Seaboard models in HO scale, all from Red CAboose.

Boxcars: 40' low ones, like the Pennsy's X-29, with the Silver Meteor slogan, and also painted Pullman green for express service. These are also available in six-packs. 1937 AAR design forty footers, with the Courteous Service and Silver Star slogans (Silver Meteor yet to come). Also a 1937 AAR 40' double-door car, slogan not specified.

(I'd like to see the low boxcar with the Orange Blossom Special lettering.)

Flatcar: 40' fishbelly type.

Red Caboose kits are very nice, in the original sense as well as the now more usual sense of the word.

-- Stephen T. Wagner (, September 21, 1999.

I'm not an SAL modeler (I model mostly the D&H and B&M), and I haven't seen any issues of Lines South, so the following may duplicate what you folks already know. But, for whatever it's worth, here's what I'm aware of, all in HO scale:

Boxcars: Athearn and others have painted their standard AAR 40' boxcars for the SAL. More interesting are the round-roof 40' double-door automobile and furniture cars from Bowser, available in three paint schemes: Route of Courteous Service, Route of the Orange Blossom Special, and Route of the Robert E. Lee. I've read somewhere that the ends on these cars aren't right for the Seaboard and that the implausible looking ones on the round-roof cars made by Model Die Casting as part of its Roundhouse line are more accurate. Branchline Trains (Hobby Stores Distributing) made beautiful kits for the 50' PS-1 boxcars in dark olive green with a large yellow roadname and the heart herald using an E&C Shops kit.

Caboose: A wide vision caboose is in the Atlas SAL three-pack, Walthers order #150-1955.

Covered hoppers: A two-bay PS-2 and a three-bay ACF cylindrical Center Flow (with a large road name and no herald) are the other two cars in the Atlas three-pack. Atlas also produced a six-bay ACF cylindrical car (with a small roadname and the heart herald) in at least three road numbers. I believe Branchline has done a Seaboard two-bay PS-2 using the MDC Roundhouse kit.

Flatcar: Athearn produced a 40' flatcar lettered for the SAL and carrying a boat many years ago. They re-introduced this car within the last three years or so, I think with a new road number.

Gondola: Ertl made a very attractive ready-to-run 40' low-side steel gon of early twentieth-century design. Its list price was $22.75. Ertl has exited the HO freight car business. I think that the Great Train Store chain may have bought up their remaining inventory, because last week I found them in one of their stores marked at $8.00 and selling, like everything else in the store at that point, for 20 percent less than that.

Hoppers: Stewart Hobbies has produced at least one six-pack of 40' three-bay offset side hopper cars. Central Hobby Supply of Syracuse, NY, is one dealer who has been willing to sell individual cars from a sixpack.

-- Stephen T. Wagner (, September 21, 1999.

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