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Hello to the group. I have a Six-20 Brownie Junior.Recently,I've gotten interested in wanting to get it out and actually use it.This group and all of the other information on the web has been a great help.I have found so much on adapting 120 film to 620 reels.It's been great. I have some questions. If you adapt 120 film to 620 reels and the numbers won't exactly match in the red window on the do you know when to stop turning the film advance?Is there a set number of times?

Also,I have another box camera and can't find anything about it on the web.A Kewpie No.2,made by The Conley Camera Company Rochester,Minnesota. It appears to operate just like the Kodak. It looks a bit older than the Brownie that I have. Can anyone on the group tell me about this camera? Take a look....

It's me anyway..I took the picture of these camera with a Kodak DC 25 digital camera..not the best resolution...I'm sure the Brownie would take much better pictures! (Brownie $5...DC 25 $250...hmmm..he he) Thanks again to everyone. Marc

-- Marc Henderson (, November 05, 1998


Kewpies & Brownies

You got me as to the Kewpie camera, but the lack of info on the net may suggest that you have a rare camera. I wonder if it is related to the Kewpie dolls that you used to be able to win at carnivals? As for rolling your own 620 film, I really don't know how much you'll save over Film For Classics prices, and if you roll it yourself, you pretty well have to develop it yourself.

-- Alexander Tamasi (, November 07, 1998.

Re-rolling 120 film for a 620 camera.

Dev'd a lot of film in my time, yet to see a roll of 120 where the numbers wouldn't line up in a 620 camera. By definition, if the numbers on some films line up, they all must, else the film wouldn't work in a 120 either.

-- Chris Eve (, November 07, 1998.

I just bought a Brownie and a Kewpie yesterday. Typed Kewpie camera into a search engine and got a plethora of options listed here below are the first few. - Conley Camera Co., No. 3A Kewpie Camera, ... Conley Camera Co. No. 3A Kewpie Camera, 1917-1922. Yet another competitor with a cute camera name trying to vie for the amateur market. ... More Results From:

Kewpie Box Camera kewpie.jpg (69632 bytes). Click on the camera for a larger view. Marcy's Kewpie #2 Camera Review: ... More Results From:

Kodak Brownies @ UCR/CMP - The Brownie Camera by Eaton S. ... ... camera advertisements and on the packaging 58 Another box camera was the Kewpie camera, made exclusively for Searts Roebuck & Co. by the Conley Camera Co. 59 ...

Sears Instruction Manuals ... SEA-025, Instruction Manual Sears FF35 Motor Drive 35mm Camera, $18.00. #SEA-009, Instruction Manual Sears Tru-Photo Kewpie Camera, $15.00. ...

Classic-Camera Database - "C" Manufacturers List ... CONELY (Sears & Roebuck) Kewpie No. 2 - your Kewpie No. 2 Conely camera dates back to c1917 - 22, takes 120 roll film & is worth $5-$10 in Ex condition. ...

Other Collectibles ... lens & shutter $ 45.00 Conley Folding Roll Film Camera $ 25.00 Conley Kewpie #2A Box Camera $ 17.95 Conley Kewpie #3A(missing a portion of leather, remailing ... tibles/other_collectibles.html

For Sale ... FAIR $40 26. Kewpie No. 2 EX- $20 27. Stereo Realist Model 1041- w/ 1/2 case EX $160 28. RB Graflex Series B- 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 EX $145 29. Nimslo 3D Camera w/ all ...

-- lknowles (, November 05, 2001.

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