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What are the real quality differences between the TRV900 and the VX1000? The 900 is a 3 chipper and also has progressive scan, a feature I would really like to have. I have seen some images from the vx1000 and they look great, most appear better than the xl1. That has me looking more at the xl1 but the trv900 is more my price range. I thought I was doing good when I bought my trv9 but I found out that although it has advantages from the DV format and I still had a consumer level camera. now that I know better, I wanna 3 chipper and progressive scan. Is the trv900 on par with the other 2 more expensive cams?

-- Steve Shortridge (, November 05, 1998


The VX-1000 is a slightly better camera for shooting. However, the TRV900 has more advantages to confuse you more. The VX provides more stable handheld and since you own the TRV9 hte 900 holds the same. The 900 however is better in low light I noticed, has a monitor and 16 bit sound, prog. scan, EFX, a longer zoom range anb the ability to record on a floppy. Both will do the trick if you are doing feature or documentary. The movie, the Celebrtation was shot using the TRV 9 that you own and the Cinematography was outstanding, I agree with you about the need to upgrade to 3 chip but whichever camera you choose you will learn gradually how to make it do your trick

-- Raouf Zaki (, November 15, 1998.

I've had the TRV900 for a couple of weeks and it is a very sweet little camera. Lost of menu-driven items, but nothing that's real complicated about them. Beautiful picture, maybe a hair under the VX1000 (from what I hear). I myself have not A-B'd it with the 1000, but I did A-B it with my Sony EVW300 3 chip hi-8 and it went head to head, kicking out a more saturated picture, although the 300's picture was sharper (the 17X lens on my 300 cost more than the TRV900.) I think it's a great buy.

-- Mike Matcho (, November 21, 1998.

My web page on the TRV900 at has a section with the collected comments from several people who have compared the VX1000 to the TRV900 (I only have the latter myself). Bottom line: some people prefer one, others prefer the other- hope that's of some use to you :-) !

-- John Beale (, January 06, 1999.

Sound and Vision magazine recently evaluated the TRV-900 and compared it to the VX-1000. Here's the URL

Be sure to click on the "lab tests" page for the full technical details.

The reviewer preferred the picture from the TRV-900.

-- Dale Strumpell (, February 05, 1999.

DV Magazine also very favorably reviewed the 900 vs. several competing DV cams, including the VX1000 and XL1. FYI, "The Celebration" was shot with the Sony PC 7, precurser to the current PC1; both are one-chip cameras.

-- Mark Stolaroff (, May 22, 1999.

The PC7 has horrible low light.

I've got the TRV900 and love. With superstabilazation and the flip out screen, I can do GREAT hand-helds. TRV900 does amazing things with the natural light. I shot in a waffle house with no extra lighting and got UNBELIEVABLE results. Love the color. I use the big flip out screen 90% of the time and it makes a huge difference to speed/accuracy. You can be looking over the screen so that you dont miss any action happening outside of the frame.

-- Chris D. (, June 10, 1999.

There is nothing better then John Beale's site about the TRV900. Since you are already found by the men, consider yourself lucky!

Cheer's John B!

-- Igor Trajkovski (, December 26, 2000.

can anyone help me???-- The sony dcr trv 950, it is a 3 chip, and im just starting, is it not worth it to go ahead and get a vx2000 or a vx2100? -- but also a huge thing to me is the fact that I have to get a really large fisheye lense, (i film skateboarding and things such) im talking about a fisheye lense of .3x, and I know it is available for the vx cameras but is there a .3x fisheye lense available for the dcr trv 950???

-- Glen Yoder (, June 23, 2004.

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