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Does anyone have experience with the so-called "safety" device for free-falling hydros. Advertised in elevator world as the life-jacket, I think.

-- Andy (vertical@cyberus.ca), November 04, 1998


There is a mention of the device in the november 1998 Elevator World on page 38. It mentions two incidents, one in Atlanta in August, and another recectly in Columbus, Georgia.

If there is someone out there that is familiar with these incidents I would like know also.

I was recently told by our state inspector(kentucky), that he had to inspect a unit that this equipment was installed on.

He said that the mechanics thought it was a nightmare to install and adjust, and would have to be disassembled, if the packing wear ever replaced.

He also said that the cost, as he understood was about 5000.00 per unit.

I work for a state university, and perform service on a number of hydraulic units, that were installed in the early 60's, and we are in a high earth quake risk area.

I personally am all for this new device, and will be trying to get funding to install as many of these as possible, regardless of the extra work.

-- Steve (steve.thomas@murraystate.edu), November 19, 1998.

LifeJacket, Hydraulic Elevator Safety

I am very familiar with both of these incidents as well as another one in Santa Ana California. All of these events were triggeres by a loss of pressure and fluid, enough to cause a down speed greater than 30 fpm. or overspeed (125% over Operating Speed in the Down Direction).

The first was a buried feed pipe which had corroded away and the concrete fractured. The elevator was installed in 1970 and ironically was installed by the same mechanic that installed the LifeJacket. This occurred in a department store in Atlanta GA.

The second occurred in Columbus GA. The failure occurred three days after the LifeJacket was installed, the bottom had literally come off the cylinder. Installed in 1966 or so, a single bottom jack whic when it was pulled looked as though the welding around the bottom was totally gone. This failure occurred while the service mechanic was trying to run the car down, he and another mechanic had added oil to unset the LifeJacket so they could bring the car down to the bottom floor. They were able to lift it off of the Safety, but it immediately reset with him aboard.

The latest Safety set was on an elevator installed in 1988. One of two 7 stop modern hydros in an office building. The LifeJacket controller had recorded an Overspeed fault, the Car Speed was 150 fpm, so the OS was at least 180 fpm or so. The car was found four inches below the 6th floor!!

I work at Adams and Invented the LifeJacket, if I can be of any help please call. 800-323-0796.

-- John Koshak (John_Koshak@AdamsElevator.com), December 24, 1998.

I have seen this life jacket at the adams plant in chicago they have made alot of changes in the way it works.. see it in action and it was impressive.... new retrofit design makes it easier to work on ..

-- (JAYCEE8914@aol.com), December 01, 1998.

I am currently installing my second life jacket. They work very well. However do not take anything for granted.

-- steven lawler (stevenglawler@hotmail.com), December 02, 2004.

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