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Hi everyone. I'm only giong to say this one more time because I'm sure you're sick of hearing me blab about it... Anyway, I saw here a while ago that someone wanted to get a replica of the butterfly clip, heart of the ocean, dresses, etc. Basically anything from the movie, from what Rose wore to her accessories. Well, this sitet ( ) has all of these things! She would really honestly appreciate anyone who would check out her site, and spread the word! I really want to help people wanting to get a dress. Through her, I found a lady that would make me one! trust me, this lady is worth it, even if you just want to visit. I am forever grateful to her for linking me to my seamstress, so I want to do something for her and I hope you guys can find what you want! So feel free, and do tell me how it went. I'd be glad to forward a message to her if you wanted to post it here. Thanks! jeez, I should advertise for commercials...... :-) Kelly

-- Kelly (, November 01, 1998

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