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My lender has a suspended repossession order on my home. I was recently made unemployed, and have since defaulted on this order.

Now I am back in work, will the court be willing to re-install this order or a new one, or will they automatically grant my lender the repossession order ??

Someone help, please !!

-- PJB (, November 01, 1998


Make sure you take documentary proof of your unemployment and new employment to the Court. Make certain you attend the hearing and make your case clearly - offering evidence as necessary - the Judge may well grant a further suspended order. As a rule the Judges do not want to grant possession orders if there are good grounds to allow suspensions.

If circumstances are such that the Judge will not grant a suspended repossession order then contact me very urgently. Provided you have the ability to service an ongoing loan now (and there is at least 10-15% equity in your property) I may be able to issue a letter to the Court confirming we have agreed in principle to remortgage you to a different and willing lender. This usually allows the Court to tell the lender to hold off while the remortgage is arranged.



-- Graham Warburton (, November 01, 1998.

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