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It is vital to this island's future that you vote on Tuesday. It's not only your right in a democracy, it's a responsibility. This election will determine the future of education, the environment, crime and drugs, the economy, and much more for the next four years. Not voting means you don't care about these things.

Some people may think their vote doesn't matter, because the polls show that one candidate or the other has it wrapped up. Well, polls can be wrong, especially if lots of people come out to vote. Stand up and be counted. It matters.

One last note: I think most people reading this forum know what's really going on in our government. Some may choose to ignore it for one reason or another. Think of one last thing when you go to the voting booth before ignoring your conscience: think of your children, or of all the children of the island. Think about their future, their education, their safety, drug use in their schools, and key government services that they need. If you can ignore the crimes being committed against you and other taxpayers on Guam, can you still ignore the crimes if they hurt the children? Think about whether you'll be able to live with yourself if you keep looking the other way.

And encourage everyone you know to go out and vote. The more, the better.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, October 31, 1998


Ever freak out at how much we're up against?

Karl's got the media controlled, with the exception of the PDN. KUAM can slam his opponents while Karl keeps on the "High Road". Jon Anderson and Myk Powell have dismissed investigations and important issues with the wave of a hand. The people get no help from the media.

Anyways, Karl didn't end load shedding or build schools. Our financial state is worse than it was when Karl took office.

Think about these things:

1. Unemployment is highest of all-time. 2. Thousands of criminal cases are being dropped. 3. Kids have no books. 4. Kids next to last in test scores. 5. Crime is up. 6. Tourism is down. 7. We are losing the war on ice. 8. Nepotism is rampant. 9. Korruption is rampant, FBI and US Congress are invesigating.

Also, voters have to think about what we don't know, what the administration doesn't want us to know until after the election. Directors aren't showing up to oversight hearings at the "suggestion" of the Governor's Office. What are they hiding? Also, the administration won't turn over public documents to the media.

I'm telling you folks, if you vote for Karl, you're going to regret it when all the stuff they're hiding comes out. Of course, it won't be until after the election, but you'll regret voting for him.

The korruption does negatively affect the island. Bid-rigging is rampant (Ask Mconnel-Smith about the fixing of the Old GMH bid, how it was pulled and given to a 98-friendly company). How else could a company the Governor was with for 20 years (GMP), a company still employing his son win bid after bid? Why would your pals do the best job when they got the job illegally?

Don't be afraid, no one is watching you in the polls.

-- The Guam News (, October 31, 1998.

Vote on tuesday, and don't forget...

A for Joe Ada, is a vote for those spitting, vulger, strung-out, unemployed, self-righteous, smelly, primer-car driving, seven day bracelet wearing, welfare-mooching, kalakas haircut sporting, bone necklace hanging, supporters of his.

I don't even want to KNOW what kind of deals Joe has made with that unholy Mark and Angel alliance, but Guam will certainly spiral into a dark, dark, place if he wins.

Too bad Joe didn't just lose gracefully with the last vestigates of his weak republican support.

But, you sell your soul to the devil, and that's what you get.

I'm not the only one who warned Joe, ask Paul Calvo... in fact, I heard if Mark or Angel show their faces at Joe's rally today, Paul is forming a new REPUBLICAN PARTY (thank God).

So.... if Mark and Angel can't get republican support... and they certainly don't have '98 support... Tuesday is not going to be such a good day for those two.

-- Jesse (, October 31, 1998.

Yeah, Paul Calvo is starting a new "republican party" it's called the 98 camp. It's full of corruption, nepotism, pay-offs, and incompetence. Sure, vote for this "new republican party", you will only insure the rich getting richer, more powerful, and more corrupt, while the rest of us suffer.

-- (, October 31, 1998.

Tuesday is the day for all registered voters to go out and excercise his/her right to choose. Remember that the choice you make will bring your families, your children, and the entire island to the next millenium. Choose the right people to lead us, with the wisdom and promises that they have offered during this campaign season.

Forget not the issues that are facing us today. Who can help our people and not just those that they choose to. Who can build our economy and bring us back to the self sufficiency that we remember from yester year. Forget not the corruption that has been so blatantly rampant these last 4 years. Forget not the cover-ups that have been done. What are they trying to conceal? Only they know! Wouldn't you like to know? It is only right that this government open its books and doors to the public. We (the tax payers) own this government not just one man. Raise your voices and be heard. Guam is in dire need for change. And these brief issues that are stated are only a few that are made public.

"No one can choose your destiny, only you can choose your destiny."

Do not waste your vote. Choose wisely. If you do not practice your right to vote than you should not even criticize. Because you have the power to make the change. To better our island for the future occupants that it has (our children). Do what is right. Make the choice and we all together can make Guam a better place to live. It's time for change! Together we can make that change. Vote what your heart tells you, not what you were told to vote. Be your own person. If ever there was a time that you wanted to take charge of your own life, this is your chance. Nobody can dictate your vote. Nobody can see your vote. It is only you and the Almighty one above that know who you voted for.

And finally, when in the polling places if you see anything that you feel is not right. Report it! There is too much corruption. The police officers that are standing at the polls are there for you. Stop the injustice. Because it is only affecting you and your family.

-- Choose your destiny (, October 31, 1998.

My cars aren't primered, and I suggest you stick your nose under your arm, before you call ada-camacho supporters (or Hita) smelly. It's stupid, single-sighted, blindly-lead 98 supporters like you, and I'm only addressing this to you, who really suck. Most of my family support 98, and that's fine, but they don't go around lamblasting ada's supporters as a whole. This island needs a Governor who will commit to upgrading and improving our water system, support the ailing Education system by financial support and construction or repairing our schools, and take of our trash problem NOW. Who ever wins on Tueday, needs to straighten up and get to work, stop with self-interest, stop with unthetered spending, and truly put the people-as-a-whole's interest and needs first. I dont want my tax dollars being spent or given to individuals; I want to see all of us, together, benefit. Angry people like the previous writer, need to chill, and make an effort to contribute to the welfare of all, because this is a small island. And one day Toto, we can realize our fantasy of a clean, fair, and honest government. EVERYBODY! KUMBAYA MY LORD... Aie Yuus, ayuda ham.

-- (, November 01, 1998.

Yes vote for the best candidate.

But ask these questions:

Who bankrupt the government in the best of economic times? Who put free power poles on his own property when there were those who have never had power? Who does not have water because someone used all the government money to bribe voters in his past election? Who pardoned 3 or more rapists when they were leaving office? Who also is being investigated by the FBI for his involvement with the Bank of Guam? Who got millions of dollars in loans from the Bank of Guam, with unrealistic terms, and why?

Honesty and integrity? Ada? No way!

Ada has been looking you in the eye and saying that he is not corrupt. What disrespect to you and any person that has a vote to caste.

-- laus Deo (, November 01, 1998.

I will vote for Joe Ada because he will built an 'economic jones' and put the money where it is suppose to be and not hurt the people to make sure they have medicine as soon as possible and will not pardon anymore. This is the mauleg hita way.

-- (, November 01, 1998.

It is clear to see that the people of Guam are ready for change. Change for a new and clean government. A government that they can work with, to help our people and not just ourselves. I was a strong supporter for your favorite candidate. Yes I WAS one of there village leaders. But these last few weeks have made me open my eyes. I come to realize that I have sold my soul, and most importantly my INTEGRITY has been compromised. I can gain that back and so can all of you voters. By doing whats right this coming Tuesday. I know that along with me, the 3,100 village supporters I have garnered will go to the polls and vote for what we know is right. It is Time, for US to go out to the polls and VOTE your conscience. Remember "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND," you the people of Guam are.

-- Juan Truth (, November 01, 1998.

I pray that the outcome of this election is for the good of the people of Guam.

I read Antoinette Quitugua's deposition and was shocked to see names of government officials that were named smoking ice - Clifford Guzman, Gil Shinohara, Debbie Bordallo, just to name a few.

In the deposition, Ms. Quitugua named James Marquez, Suba, and Terlaje as plain clothed police officers that were present at the drug raid at the Golden Motel incident where those caught with ice were released because some of them are relatives of the governor and lt. governor.

I'm very much concerned about the ice epidemic and I'm afraid that with our government officials doing drugs and dealing/distributing drugs that Guam can not eliminate or even reduce this problem.

I listened to the campaign ads and attended only a few pocket meetings/fundraisers. I do not want to repeatedly hear the campaign speeches for fear that I will be brainwashed also as some others have been.

I pray that whomever wins this gubernatorial election that drug use by government officials are stopped immediately, that the police department, the attorney general's office, and the courts will do their job without political interference in eradicating drug trafficing and save our children's future.

I pray that our legislature pass a law for periodic drug testing of government officials including mayors. The public has the right to demand for this.

Lastly, I want to thank lighthouse keeper for making this forum possible. It is a service that opened some people's eyes to wrongdoings in our government.

-- Che'lu (, November 01, 1998.

Suba is oen of the most korrupt police officers on the force. One time he prevented a competitor of the PDN from distributing free copies of their publication at the ITC intersection. He (Suba) introduced as Office Suba, the boat guy. Suba said that these people could not pass out this publication because of the safety risks involved, but he did not stop the PDN guys who sell the paper. Suba also was taking his wife/girlfriend/chatmack or whatever she was to work in an official police vehicle. Get these korrupt people out of GovGuam.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

The true reason why Joe Ada is going down in big numbers is because negative campaigns do not work and it made Carl appear to be a saint. Joe Ada should have been more careful to manipulate Carl's wrongs without looking bad, a hard and nobel task indeed. Those that fight in mud will find it over their own hands. It seems Joe Ada did not understanding the 'political basics' or the do(s) and the don't(s) of political campaigns and it seems he will pay the price. It made things a lot easier for Carl and with 98's hard work and well funded machine they seem like the winner. However, we all will not know the truth until tomorrow night. Thank you and good luck to all parties. I love Guam.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

Come November 3rd the gavel will meet the desk to which the people preside. I, as many, hope and pray the large allegations on corruption will sway one to which vote is truly needed. Once you can put it away but when two, or three times of questionable acts perform during and after the first wrong, you can only question the true nature of the state. During the debate I noticed the 98 supporters stand firm with their arms vibrantly out, and pointing to their leader. They were firm, and as I watched I remebered the stills and drawings of the The Black Shirts in Italy, and The National Socialistic Party in Germany. Will it be in the generations to come that they will look back in history and say "How did this happen?" Last night when the 98 rally came through the ADA/CAMACHO camp. I was astounded, how could they do that? Some of you might say that ADA/CAMACHO came through the 98 rally but I was there when it happened (at 98) the ADA/CAMACHO team came through Marine Drive. The 98 came all the way inside the rally and parked their signs inside, and then motorcaded and blasted their sounds through the rally when the ADA/CAMACHO team were saying their prayers. As you may determine I am an ADA/CAMACHO supporter but not because I truly beleive in them but because I look at our current Govenor and strongly feel that this is one man, that does encompass a pool of undefined evil. And those of you who follow him, I ask you take time to watch Judgement at Nuremberg and listen to Yanni at the end.

-- ISantos (, November 02, 1998.


You are filled with hate and contempt for 98 and its supports the people of Guam. If you do not like 98, use your one vote, but I ask you not spread your illness to others. We have a life to live under God and need not another preacher of gloom and hate. Pray for the dead and departed souls and ask for forgiveness for our sins. We need more love, kindness and compassion from the heart.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

How come you 98 supporters say that people have "hate" when in actuality they are only expressing their frustration and discontent with the current administration. If these people possessed so much hate, as you say they do, wouldn't they be wishing ill will and harm towards Carl? All I see here are people telling us about what they think is wrong with the current administration. I see no hatred, I see nothing but people exercising their right to free and responsible speech.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

the crystal ball sez.. 98 will LOSE and all senatorial candidates associated with 98 will LOSE! and life will go on..

-- (, November 02, 1998.

Mystics say that I can't help it but your 'Still The One' cause you have done an excellent job for the people of Guam as contrast to Joe's 8 years of mismanagement of Govermnent resources.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

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