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Earlier this year I was at a yard sale and I bought this box Camera for $5. It said Brownie No.3 on the handle but other than that I knew nothing about this camera. When I got home I surfed the net and soon came up with Chuck Baker's page which was of immense help. Later on when I joined I saw so many cameras for sale I was hit with the bug. I'd never have thought I'd be a camera collector (I have an extensive Nazi militaria collection), but I am now the proud owner of a Brownie Target 6-16, Kodak folding 6-20, Folding pocket brownie 1.A, Hawkeye flash and a really sweet kodak vigilant Junior 6-16 with box and a slew of instruction books. Anyhow, I'd like to thank Chris Eve and Chuck Baker for their immeasureable help in adding to my knowlege about old cameras.

-- L.A. Tamasi (, October 31, 1998


Collecting Brownies is defenitely addictive. I started around 1 month ago with a Brownie Target Six-20 and now I have about eight different Brownie camera. It seems that I find myself wanting to look more and more at every chance I get!

-- Jim Goodwin (, November 22, 1998.

Man! I too have caught the bug. I've been trying to collect old cameras for awhile...a couple of old Polaroids, and a couple of Kodak instamatics...but now I have discovered BROWNIES!

I grew up having my picture made with an old Brownie Hawkeye...what memories. I just bought one with flash in mint condition in the box off of Ebay for $10.50!!! Also picked up at ebay a Brownie Reflex for $2.75.

This is so neat...a way to collect nostalgia and Americana without spending a fortune...I'm SO FIRED UP!!! Would love to talk to Brownie collectors...

next on my of the REAL old turn of the century Brownies, and a folding autographic Brownie...EXCITING!!!


Mark Jones

-- Mark Jones (, February 21, 1999.

I think, it is really a kind of mania to collecting old cameras ;-) I started with two old Leicas (Mod. III and IIIa), a half year ago, but they was very expensive, so i have discovered the old folding-cameras, especially at eBay. And this models was a bargain. Now i have buy a old "620 Junior", a "No 2-A Folding Autographic" and a "Voigtländer Avus" (including 3 Plateholders for 9x12 Planfilm and a Cassette for 6x9 Rollfilm) for less then the half of the price that i have paid for one of my Leicas and i think, it is not over yet :-) Today once more i have found a couple of some interesting Models (Some Kodaks, some not) on eBay and bid for it. Nothing about the Leica, there are still the "Harley Davidson" among the classic cameras, but the Leica-Models are too expensive for my to build up a great collection.

Greetings from Germany


-- Carsten Corleis (, November 23, 2000.

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