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I read the response to the question about the script not being able to find the header file and then printing a message to the screen: "Could not open [basedir]/header.html"

I've emailed my sysop to find out if my servers cgi-bin is configured to not allow calls to html files. My question is.... If this is true that my server will not allow calls to html files from the cgi-bin, is this a changeable property of the server? Or am I stuck with a bum server? I tried what Gregory suggested but it didn't work. I'm really frustrated with this making of an online store since I spent 4 days trying to get that darn perlshop to work. (I'm sure some people know what I mean.) Please give me some good news!

Thanks, Jason Lee.

-- Jason Lee (, October 29, 1998


Well, I've figured it out. I'm sure you all knew this considering everyone is asking more interesting questions.

The script needs the entire url from the root of the server, not just from the public_html dir on...

I have a cgi file that will give you your $ENV variables:

The base directory you need should be there.

My faith has been restored! I may actually build this online store after all! Bye everyone... Jason.

-- Jason Lee (, October 29, 1998.

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