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I need some help with my research of the Perry District. Where did trains originate from? What were typical locomotive assignments? Also types of industries besides the lumber mill and limestone quarry were in Perry proper or along the line about 1950-55? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will gladly pay for pictures or manusciptics. Thanks. Mike Breeden

-- mike breeden (, October 27, 1998


Mr. Kinney, Thank you for your reply. Yes, Iwould like a copy of the photo you mentioned. Also, any other information you could tell me about woule be of a hugh help. Couldn't reach you on E-mail. My home address is: 5122B North St., Eielson A.F.B., Alaska 99702. Thanks again!! Mike Breeden

-- mike breeden (, November 24, 1998.

I grew up in Fort Valley and am familiar with the Perry Branch. C of G always kept a switcher at Fort Valley, which made the run to Perry Mon-Sat as needed. The switcher during the 1950's was a Fairbanks- Morse unit, usually the 315 or 316. After the F-M's were gone the switcher was an EMD unit. I don't recall ever seeing an Alco switcher.

There is a grain elevator about 8 miles south of Fort Valley. Other than what you mentioned the only other business would be peach packing sheds which usually had sidings for refrigerated cars. I do have a photo of an F-M switcher at Fort Valley if you want a print.

Prior to the F-M units a 2-8-0 steamer was usually assigned to Fort Valley.

-- Riley Kinney (, October 28, 1998.

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