WTB: Used Mac and editing/CDR setup

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My Mac II seems to be on it's last legs. (I almost can't start it anymore, I just leave it on all the time. How long can I do that?) Anyway I'm looking for a used mac for general office, music notation(finale), and to start basic stereo editing and CD burning. I'm told a IIci or fx will work with AudioMedia II or ProTools II 442. Any of you hotshots out there have something collecting dust now that you upgraded to 24 bit? Send me the specs and price. Thanks, Henry Shapiro

-- Henry Shapiro (HenryShap@aol.com), October 26, 1998


Don't go that far back. I would suggest an 840 at the minimum, and a 604 Power Mac would also work well. There are lots of 7200s floating around out there. But for around $700, you can grab an 8100 and it's still a great fast box. Heck, you can get PCI machines now for under a grand. I would recommend that.


-- Lynn Fuston (go3daudio@mindspring.com), October 27, 1998.

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