Kato RSC-2 grab irons

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I recently purchased the SAL Kato RSC-2 and it is a very nice model but I am having a few problems.

First I am not quite sure what color the grad irons should be. I have the books Seaboard: Motive Power by Calloway and Wilthers and the book Through the Heart of the South by Johnson but neither have good color pictures of the RSC-2. In the back of motive power the Seaboard Charts say the grad irons should be yellow. If any one knows the specific colors pleas e-mail me and list it by the Kato part number.

Secondly I have painted the grad irons yellow like the book says. (I will remove them If I was wrong.) How do you get those little suckers in the hole. I tried for a long time and did not have much success at all. Please help me.

-- David Lovette (David77505@msn.com), October 25, 1998


Response to Kato RSC-2 grad irons

After a week I finished my first RSC-2. It took one afternoon to finish the second. Basically the holes were just too small

-- David Lovette (David77505@msn.com), November 01, 1998.

Response to Kato RSC-2 grad irons

I'm not sure of the correct color(s) of the grab irons.....may be black as delivered, but painted yellow later on. I initially had the same difficulty in inserting all of the grab irons and even the horns. I took a very sharp Exacto blade and carefully reamed the outer edge of the hole. All of the grabs and horns then firmly fit in the holes. You could also take a drill to the holes, but I consider this method much quicker.

-- Robert Yancey (xxcrossing@aol.com), October 27, 1998.

Response to Kato RSC-2 grad irons

David, I second your feelings about the RSC2 grabirons. I spent an entire Sunday afternooon on the project. The result was that I got ONE grab in the holes and developed a terrific headache. I was beginning to feel that I'm just too clumsy to do it. It's good to know that there is a fellow sufferer. Let's hope that someone can help us to solve this puzzle. Jim Roquemore

-- Jim Roquemore (roque@1st.net), October 25, 1998.

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