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Have a big problem with the above, will not fully close the doors on the top and bottom floors. door open devices are jumped out and the input stays on. door open output clicks off and on like crazy. I'm really tierd of going to this old pile. Someone please help!!

Don Koeppe Local #28

-- Don Koeppe (dkippy@radiks.net), October 23, 1998


Westinghouse Hydro - PLC

Sorry to hear about your problem with this pile!!! Sorry I can not help you with it. I have two of these units on service and have not had too many problems. However, one of them has had some water damage to the relay board on top of the car and we just blew some more clads on it. I was wondering if you have fixed your problem or if you have talked the owners in to changing the controller out. If you have are you willing to part with any of the old parts taken off the elevator. I would be very interested in purchasing some from you. You can call me at (972) 579-0067.

Local #21 William Blackshear

-- William Blackshear Jr. (red_rader@msn.com), December 03, 1998.

sounds to me like ya have a bad channel in youre plc,if ya have the software for it rerite the output to a diffrent drive port if ya have a spare on the plc make sure youre com is linked to the new output port good luck

-- mike r (rott386@aol.com), September 09, 2004.

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