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I have deleted the "Tommy da druggie" thread, because someone correctly pointed out that I've deleted other threads that similarly attacked non-candidates (I've deleted the Chris Barnett, Bob Kelly, and Randy Cunliff threads as well).

But I think that drugs on Guam and in the government is a significantly big issue that a new thread should be created to talk about drugs, including drug use in the families of top officials.

So use this thread to post your thoughts on the topics. Thanks.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthousekeeper@my-dejanews.com), October 23, 1998


The answer to the drug problem in guam shouldn't be too complicated. We've been through this before. Those of us who remember the 70's and 80's, when Heroin Ruled, like how Ice Rules Now, remember that the local and federal law enforcement agencies really stepped up efforts to prevent the importation of this drug. All entrances to the island, airport, seaports, and incoming mail was scrutinized. I believe this is where we need to direct our financial resources, procure more drug enforcement tools, like more drug sniffing dogs, better education for drug enforcement officers, to the ingenious ways frug smugglers are getting the stuff in, and as per what the rumor-mill is implying, get politics out of the operation of what these law enforcers have to do. It worked before, it should work again. There is also talk of drug manufacturing going on, on the island, and this may be an excuse of why its harder to crack down on the presence of the drug ice, but then again, if the cops and feds can pinpoint the process and materials to make ice, they can figure out how to track down these factories, if any. I know, I sound simplistic, but why put too much into something which has been around before (under different names, heroin, thai, lsd, acid, etc) and we've dealt with it before, and we've nailed it down before. It just seems to me like there's someone or something throwing interference somewhere.

-- (joedann@ite.net), October 24, 1998.

"What are drugs? Who uses them?"

C'mon girls! Car*a, H*nn*h, Debb*e, and N*col* - tell'em how good it is. Car*a & H*nn*h, I bet you're feeling really guilty right now, wondering who I am because there are quite a few people who saw. Yes, I remember very well because I was very shocked to see it before my very eyes. Either Mommy and Daddy is just totally clueless or they are involved themselves. Even grandma Barbie, she couldn't handle the news about N*col*- she sent her off island. College? yeah right! We know why! But they're Guam's supreme families, they can get away with it, right? So Debb*e, are you straight now? Or are you still sm*king with G*di?

-- c/o 45.45% (GOOD_CLEAN_GOVT@hotmial.com), November 04, 1998.

There was a lot of Ice being passed around at the C and K concert. Guess the cops turned a blind eye?

I was there, so don't accuse me of making it up.

-- (outKast@maxmillan.com), November 04, 1998.

What is wrong with you people? Are you only worried about your jobs that probably don't even pay as much as Gutierrez's friends and families? Are you just going with the trend around your work area? I guess the 22,000+ of you don't really care about your children's education, bringing their books home so that you can participate in the learning processes and know what going on in their schools. It seems as if everyone has forgotten that rape is wrong, but he pardons the rapist? I'm not too sure about Karl having sexual relations with his niece, but I do know for a FACT that he pardoned a rapist! That is WRONG!!! I bet if that criminal raped his daughter, he would have given him the death penalty. But if it were anyone else...just pardon him, right?

-- SURE (NOT _BLIND@hotmail.com), November 05, 1998.

I forgot to mention about Karl being the head of all operations in drug administration. I know you folks who grew during those days remember Karl slanging the stuff.

I know drugs are everywhere, all over the world. But it looks like our own leader, who says he cares about us and that we're still the ones, doesn't really give a damn if our kids are using it, most of the government employees, some police officers, firemen, and even some teachers (they work with our children in the schools!), he'd probably attend your funeral if you OD'd or ended up like Michelle Limtiaco- to make sure you were taken care of, just like MICHELLE.

-- SURE (NOT_BLIND@hotmail.com), November 05, 1998.

Yeah thats correct that is why '98' won, cause 24,159 votes all want drugs and do not care for education and our children.

-- (Need@kuentos.can), November 05, 1998.


King Karl admitted to having sex with his underaged niece. That's not in dispute. The point in dispute is whether or not it was consensual.

I don't believe all the 98ers are evil. I think they were deceived. Karl advertised like a cross between a cult and a soft drink. Join 98 and join the Party. Loud music, food and a bunch of people dancing while a heroic figure promises to lead them into salvation if they join his team and get converts. Any critical thinkers are branded as hateful and part of the evil Them. A select few are set apart as Priests and are given rewards in exchange for their loyalty and service in the name of winning converts. We've seen one of the 98 priests on this forum (Bob Kelley) and heard another couple on the infamous tapes.

I got a little long there but my point is that people don't vote for King Karl because they support corruption or bad governing, they vote for him because they get caught up in hysteria. It can happen to anyone so try to have a little sympathy. Don't back down though.


-- RTT (Ratt@tat.tat), November 05, 1998.


Yeah you are correct and the people are free to vote for hysteria, sympathy, kindness, sucess, prosperity, love, power and a little tenderness they're the greatest.

-- (hysteria@kuentos.com), November 05, 1998.


What's your point?


-- RTT (Ratt@tat.tat), November 06, 1998.

Just because an individual chooses methamphetamine(or any other stimulant) as opposed to marijuana over Valium or Xanax over a 10 mille run over scuba diving to 140 feet is not a personality or character defect. It is individual genetic metabolic constituency, in other words, personal choice or preference. We are a drug oriented and drug using species. What is the big deal if one of the Familiy members is using or experimenting with substances? Experimentation is a natural part of the cultural experience. The question is: do people who are not as privileged as they are get adequate care if they just happen to be like 8-12% of the population is and suffer from the craving- response syndrome?

As for idiotic, military type Holy Rollers, the question I have next is: What's next? Door to door, room to room searches?? Your version of FREEDOM is definately not the one I imagine....what are you afraid of? Later, Chris

-- Dr. Chris Dombrowski (drchriss@kuentos.guam.net), November 07, 1998.

What the hell are you talking about Dr. Chris?

-- (what@ha.com.net), November 09, 1998.

I too am curious about you statement, perhaps simplicity may rectify the matter.

No offense; its not that your method seems to intricate or perhaps to be a finer medium of rational philisophical appointments with at its best, a composition of social science. The delivery I may quaintly deduct is one of turgid properties, as this statement as I have provided. Surely any discussion any with this recipe could be determined as a form of intellectualization. As one humble peasant may say to its doctor; "Where is the idiocy in logic?"

-- Third Party (Thirdparty@gov.guam.org), November 09, 1998.

To Third Party:

What the hell are you talking about? Please use the terms correctly and TRY not to go beyond the average thinking. If you like, there are chats for braniacs somewhere around the chess club web page or the medical forums.

-- TRUTH (NOT_BLIND@hotmail.com), November 11, 1998.

Thirdparty may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he makes a decent contribution to the group with his background knowledge and occasional insights. I think, even though he's not a great writer, you can pretty much make out what he's trying to say.

RTT And that's all I have to say about that

-- RTT (Rat@tat.tat), November 12, 1998.

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