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After the FEC strike in 1963, there were plenty of E-units out of passenger service. Is there any evidence that ACL or SAL leased any of these units? Did they show up on any SAL/ACL operated trains in FEC colors after the strike? According to Seth Bramson's book Speedway to Sunshine, only FEC E7B 1054 was sold to ACL in 1966. All the rest that were not canibalized were sold to U.S. Steel or Precison Engineering between 1966 and 1968. So, from 1963 to 1968 there was opportunity for 1054's sister units to have been used by ACL or SAL - were they?

-- Jim Coviello (, October 21, 1998


I'm not aware of any FEC units leased to either ACL or SAL. In addition to the 1054, there was at least one FEC prewar E-unit acquired by the ACL to re-power Baldwin switchers. There is a photo of this unit (number obscured) in the December, 1969, issue of TRAINS Magazine. The unit is in the Waycross shop and the prime movers are being removed. Apparently the ACL did not acquire this unit directly from the FEC, but from Precision Engineering.

Robert H. Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, October 24, 1998.

None, that I ever knew about.

-- Joseph Oates (, October 23, 1998.

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