Header and Footer doesnt show? Need help?

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This is what comes up when I run the smart.cgi :

Could not open http://www.ragerecords.com/smart/demoheader.html No such file or directory

same with the header.html, but when I copy the exact url from above (http://www.ragerecords.com/smart/demoheader.html)into the location window of my browser, it shows the demoheader.html as expected. So there is nothing wrong with the html and the url is correct too? I dont understand why the header and footer html doesnt show up? I have spent frustrating hours trying to find out what the problem is. Ive uploaded, changed extension, chmoded everything as necesary? why doesnt it work. Any answers desperately appreciated.


-- Peter H (peterhet@zip.com.au), October 21, 1998


Nine chances out of 10 your server software is configured so that .cgis cannot call html from the cgi-bin or cgi-local directory in which the cgi resides. Ask your sysop.

Try creating a directory below the /smart directory, say /smart/html

change the smart.cfg entry to reflect the new path and move the header and footer there. It should work

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), October 21, 1998.

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