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i would like to know what numbers, types, weight loads, and any other info on box cars purchased or repainted SCL between 1967and1977. any info for modeling purposes would be helpful. Thanks. Jimmy

-- jimmy lewis (jlewis @, October 20, 1998


There were far too many of these cars to list in an answer here. Instead, several reprints we sell in our product catalog will give you the full story. The SCL Condensed Roster of Equipment 7-1-67 reprint gives a list and data on all cars brought into the SCL merger by ACL and SAL. Many ex-ACL and ex-SAL cars were repainted into the SCL scheme. The SCL freight car diagram book #1, 1979, gives detailed info on cars on the roster that year, including cars bought new after the SCL merger. We also sell an SCL paint diagram book showing how SCL cars were lettered.

-- Larry Goolsby (, October 21, 1998.

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