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To the wonderful participants of this forum,

The number of threads (topics) on this forum is getting out of hand, so to control it, I'm limiting the threads to ones already created. I am also trying to figure out how to organize them into a readable format, so if anyone has any suggestions, please post them to this thread.

My idea right now is to have only 5-10 active threads, under general categories like "Why is Carl good" and "Why is Joe good" or something generic like that.

Thank you all for participating. Some of the discussion has gotten a little intense, and I know that's mostly because the election is getting close. Please keep your messages civil, if not respectful, and definitely keep the profanity, libeleous statements, insults and other unnecssary statements out of this forum.

Thanks again.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, October 19, 1998


As you have probably noticed, I've reorganized the threads (topics) on this forum. I've made categories, renamed some threads and deleted some of the less active threads. I'm not done reorganizing and there are a number of uncategorized threads. I plan to finish that by tomorrow morning (Thursday Oct. 22).

If you have any suggestions, please post them here. New categories, new threads, different classifications, renaming of threads, etc. ... all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for your patience and thank you all for participating.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, October 20, 1998.

How about the "Is the lighthousekeeper good - bad" thread? Seems really important to some who post here (98ers i would think0. -the media becomes the story-

-- just me (, October 21, 1998.


I just want to suggest that you split any thread that gets over 15 answers into a part 2. It saves time on scrolling and the first few are usually not being responded to by that time.


-- RTT (Ratt@tat.tat), October 21, 1998.


Thanks for the suggestion, but if you have specific threads you'd like me to split up into a continued thread, please name them specifically. The "98 sins of karl" thread was obviously too long, so I've made a continuation for that. Let me know if there are others.

-- Lighthouse (, October 21, 1998.

Too bad this forum was a dead end gathering place from the onset. Because its very purpose was for a finite topic, it's not dynamic enough to move on and get past the election. so people will (1) continue to beat their drums about things that will one day become water under the bridge and this forum will come o a screeching halt, or (2) lose interest before the suits are settled because they're tired of it.

What a shame .. it would be nice to have an open ended forum to discuss and dissect the whole spectrum of misgivings and problems on the island. The 1998 election is but one...

-- youarr sofa king ree todd did (yooarr@ree.todd.did), December 06, 1998.

Who's stopping?

My Computer is out of commission, but you are right, there is so much more to talk about, let's do it!

-- (, December 07, 1998.

Three Words, Run-Off Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Baby (, December 09, 1998.

Hey, I can already predict the 98 responses, goes something like this: "We welcome a run-off election, that way karl and barbie doll can beat Ada two times, that crybaby" or " That federal judge is on Ada's side, what a loser" something to that effect. 98's are so predictable, they offer nothing in the way of anykind of rational arguements. Only bobby kelly blabing away some boring and condecending words, he ought to go on a serious diet.

-- johnny-boy bravo (, December 09, 1998.

It's curious that I haven't heard much response on the decision from the 98ers, on the forum, on the radio and at work. There are a few things said here and there, but no good rebuttal of the judge's points. Can't wait to see the appeal from the 98 lawyers. Can't imagine they'd have anything good to appeal on, but I've never claimed to be a lawyer.

Good luck to everyone involved.

-- Nicholai Hel (, December 10, 1998.

So now that the election is a dead/boring issue this forum is dead huh.... people on Guam have nothing else to talk about except politics.... c'mon Guam, your true IQ is showing

-- stupid chamorro (, March 27, 1999.

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