wake-up Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

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Wake-up Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. I live in a little town name McKeesport Pa. McKeesport is part of the Mon-Valley. If there is any one in my area that is taking this Y2K stuff seriously and would like to start up a community awareness group please contact me. StomieLyn@webtv.com The Mon-Valley has never really recovered after the Mills shut down and I know if we educate the communites we can make it with Gods help. Please forgive me for any misspelled words I just got off the midnigt shift.

-- Lyn Truss (Stormielyn@webtv.com), October 19, 1998


Lyn, some of us are taking it very seriously. Last year we started the Pittsburgh Year 2000 Special Interest Group. The members are representatives from a number of major companies and institutions in the Pgh. area who are involved in their Y2K programs. As part of our activities we have initiated communication with people in the city government to begin looking at basic infrastructure issues. If there's specific information you are looking for or perhaps suggestions, E-mail me.


-- John Pryvarski (jpryvarski@eri.eqt.com), October 26, 1998.

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