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In today's paper, there's an ad making excuses for Joe Ada's lack of communcation skills. He seems to be saying anyone with a Chamorro accent is dumb, but honest. I have an accent, but I know how to understand issues, and answer questions, and I do not need to make excuses for my accent either.

It also insinuates that well-spoken people are not telling the truth. Mark Forbes is well spoken, was he just lying for 8 years? Robert Underwood is well spoken, is he just lying too.

Are we supposed to reward our leaders who can't communicate by electing them? That's a big part of the job description. If we need someone to bail us out of the Asian Economic Crisis, I'd hate to have someone who can't communicate with the business community or regional leaders. And when it comes to getting ahead in negotiations with the federal government, I certainly expect my governor to be able to communicate.

Stop making excuses and raving about how sweet Joe is. Tell us how he is going to RUN THIS ISLAND and bring us a stronger economy and a better future.

-- Spotlight (, October 19, 1998


At least his ad was a noble and humble one. I appreciate that.

-- noble (, October 19, 1998.

Boy, you 98ers are a vain and and arrogant bunch. Imagine, everyone around the island is very careful of what they say on a cell phone, and lanya, you 98ers are so arrogant (With your who's gonna bust us) you get caught on tape LYING to the people so Ken Hamlet and Georgie Bamba can stay in a hotel.

Arrogant. Why do you think we have to listen to Carl's "The Power of LOve" commercial. Ask Missy Torres about the Power of Love. Ask Lou Bautista. Ask the deputy director of BBMR.

-- (, October 19, 1998.

I am not a 98'er as those who support Ada want to call it. But, Ada's newspaper and TV ad is pathetic.

I could almost picture his camp: "what are we going to do, Ada embarrassed us all and we have to recover...I know lets appeal to their soft heart..."

Sorry, no matter what you do now Ada himself has done all the damage. Yes, that's right Ada, not Gutierrez. Next time you think of a possible candidate you will not pull out a fossil that will do Guam no good.

-- laus Deo (laus, October 19, 1998.

After that debate I can't accept Joe Flores Ada anymore. I bet he does not score well with independent voters in any way shape or form. Joe is a broken man and can't be fixed. It was a crying shame that we lost our chances to make the island a better place to live as a result of him being governor for 8 years. I guess it is like spill milk no use crying and pray we do not make the same mistakes. retired.

-- (, October 19, 1998.

Again, the arrogant 98 bunch who love to post things, thinking they're so all that along with their RAPIST leader Carl T.C. Gutierrez. A governor doesn't debate when running a government, he must be able to communicate with others on a personal basis. I can assure you without a doubt that Joe ADA is much better at that than Carl. Also, 98'ers tell me something, why did you governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez avoid the question "What was the biggest mistake that you made during your administration?" The question was not what was the biggest mistake in Joe's. So of course Joe was asked the question first, and then the question was directed to Carl, YET CARL TURNS AROUND AND SAYS.... "OH, YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN HIS ADMINISTRATION, POINTING TOWARDS JOE ADA." Like Hello Carl, the question was meant to be answered the same way it was asked. Talk about being dirty...

-- Frank Cruz (, October 20, 1998.

Frank Cruz

So what intelligences does Joe Flores Ada contain?

I know the debate showed low scores in linguistic, logical- mathematical, spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonnal. What is Joe's hidden talent? Why don't you reveal Joe's talent? Come on we are waiting!

-- (, October 20, 1998.

Obviously, you people are basing your assumptions on what you saw at the debate. Now your saying something about intelligence and performance in the debate. I can tell you this, I myself have taken an IQ test, and have scored Genius, and this is no lie. Neither am I trying to brag. The point I'm trying to make, is that I am human too. I have made mistakes, and maybe I'm not the best public speaker in the world, but on occasion I can hit the nail on the head. Joe Ada successfully ran the government for 8 years, in addition to being a lieutenant governor for 4 years with Paul Calvo. Those individuals who were of age and understanding, and who have lived through the ADA administration would know that Joe is a great public speaker, though he may have his "Chamorro Accent." I myself am not trying to explain for Joe, but I have gotten the opportunity to speak with him on a personal level, and that is why I believe in Joe. I do not bias myself with an ALREADY BIASED MEDIA ON GUAM, with only 1 TV media outlet, practically 1 newspaper outlet(PDN), and so forth. 98'ers, it's your perogative to vote for whom you choose. You should at least consider the fact that the government is not run alone by the governor. There are individuals who work on the Governor's staff whom are each knowledgeable of the areas they handle. In addition to the Directors, and the Legislature and Court system. I'm voting for Joe because Joe sees eye to eye on many of my concerns along with the rest of the Ada supporters. I have given you 98'ers real truth about Carl, his corrupt ways, yet you're still supporting/voting for him. I have cited legal documents which pertain to the fact that Carl did in fact admit to having sex with his niece, while traveling using government funds. Isn't that enough for you not to vote for Carl. I really don't care how much Carl has done for this island, the fact that he is unethical, dishonest, and abuses his power as governor are my reasons for not voting for him. The reason why we as an island listen to the news, keep up on current events, and compare/contrast our administrators is because we are trying to make the best choice for Governor. Also, when a person votes, they vote for the person that best represents their beliefs, and a person who will perform the job of Governor in an honest fashion and to their expectations, Isn't that what our Judicial system of today is based upon. Why can Carl get away with criminal acts such as Statutory Rape(8-10 years mandatory), allowing terrible criminals to go free in mass numbers, in addition to misusing govt. funds by erasing people's debts, and taking tax payers dollars and distributing it to only a few people instead of everyone equally with all those power poles and driveways? All this, while the average person who committs those crimes pay heavy fines, lose respect, and/or go to jail. Why should individuals be required by their bosses to put 98 stickers on their cars, and are expected to be at 98 functions, or face repocussions? Isn't this a democractic society, as Carl has been telling us. Why do people have to fear a loss of their jobs if they don't publicly support Carl? Why have all the relatives of Carl gotten high-paying jobs which weren't awarded fairly through the merit system? Isn't that reason, Nepotism, THE SAME REASON WHY WE DIDN'T VOTE FOR SONNY ORSISNI causing him to lose the election a few years back? I have given you my reasons why I'm not voting for Carl, so why are you people voting for him?

-- Frank Cruz (, October 20, 1998.

OK forget all the issues, Ive decided. I'll vote for joe come election day. I hate 98 ok? thats my new slogan. 98's old news, time for some new, not sad news.

-- (, October 20, 1998.

Frank Cruz the Genius

This is not about Chamorro accent it is about the capacity to prerceive the world accurately and to manipulate these pereceptions mentally, the skill with words and patterens and operations along with formal reasoning. Obviously you are a 'mauleg mohon' and the most bias supporter of Joe the debator. Frank you may have scored well in the IQ test but it does not take a genius to understand your motivation for posting your bull. Why don't you ask Joe Ada to take a IQ test and post the reuslt here? Frank you can even curve it up!

-- (, October 20, 1998.

Frank Ko Cruz, I'll ask you again. Why do you always capitalize Ada? Is it because ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act?

-- Antonio (, October 20, 1998.

Who caused load shedding?

The truth is Joe Ada did not start loading shedding it was Ricky Bordallo. Joe Ada says that we need to be fair and impartial and he swears that the Ada administration had nothing to do with the planning efforts of Guam Power Authority. That's what Joe calls the mauleg way. Please vote for Joe Ada this coming November. Thank You

-- (, October 23, 1998.

Joe swears that the "administration had nothing to do" with the planning of GPA? Exactly the problem. Vote for Joe - he won't have anything to do with long-term planning in the territory.

-- nice try (, October 24, 1998.


I appreciate the humur in the ADA. I hope there comes a time you can experience the fight they go through. So I could dance around you chanting: A-D-A, A-D-A.


I mean usually I like to be creative but on this one I hope you get strucken with a disability. Perhaps you'd respect them a little bit more.

-- Edward Dumas (, October 28, 1998.

Lets hope and pray that Joe Ada can talk some sense next time he speaks.

-- (, October 29, 1998.


Your prayers have been answered. Joe came off very well in the debates -- if there were judges this time, I think he'd have been declared the winner. Felix surprised me -- I didn't know he was such a good debator. He blew Maddy out of the water (although I don't think she's that bad a person). Karl looked ridiculous dancing at the end.

-- Lighthouse (, October 30, 1998.

It seems Carl just wanted to give Joe a little bashing on the honesty and integrity lines with a GPA power pole and a splash of GEDA slush funds and a sweet heart loan deal with the Bank of Guam. I think that Carl should not have attacked the weak Ada, but his lead is strong for him to afford to do so.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

Great debate last night! I think that it clearly showed that by working as a team the Ada/Camacho camp can handle anyone, even Carl (who is a very good speaker). They actually answered the questions that they were asked.

It seemed to me that the 98 team did not even need to be there. Almost all of their responses were nothing more than canned rehashes of their current TV and print ads. At the end there it looked like the 98 team may have taken a wrong turn and fallen off the "high road".

With Felix and Joe working together we have nothing to worry about in getting our concerns addressed on the national scene. Team work - what a concept.

just my opinion

I caught Carl's reference at the end to this forum, good work Lighthousekeeper, you're making an impact.

-- just me (, October 30, 1998.

Gosh the debate was so full of high emotions and it showed the true differences between Joe and Carl. Joe was talking with speech defects which made him less effective. Carl seems poised and a little bit over confident beacause of his flamboyant strength. I guess the debate did not give any significant advantage or gains for any team because most people made up their minds.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

I too noticed King Karl's reference to this internet forum at the end of the debate. He called it "slander on the internet".

I thought that was funny for a couple reasons. One, slander is spoken, not written, and this internet forum is obviously written. If things said on this forum are damaging, malicious and false, then they are libel.

Secondly, he dismissed every charge on this forum with that one phrase, implying that everything is untrue. And yet his ad that runs every three seconds says he has integrity because his life is an open book and he goes out to the people to explain why he did things. Well, he hasn't answered a single point made on this forum, dismissing it all with one phrase. I guess he only has integrity when it's convenient.

Karl continues to ignore the charges of korruption in his administration, thinking the voters are too stupid to understand what he's done. I think he's wrong. People understand, but some may choose to look the other way while he robs our island. I think these people have to listen to their conscience, and stop looking the other way.

-- Lighthouse (, October 31, 1998.

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