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I have a question- Joe Ada has been governor for eight years- As Governor, why did he allow GMH to continue to be un-accredited during HIS administration? I understand that he did some measures but not enough. To little to late. Eight years, and not much improvement. As governor, Carl has supproted the hospital and equipped the hospital with new machines and the collecitons are up, the long term care facility is better....and medicine in stock...and in only 3 & 1/2 years....and they are moving forward towards accreditation. If I were going to base my vote on the healtcare issue, Carl has my vote.

-- Antonio (, October 18, 1998


But the hospital is still not accredited, no viable drug treatment. From a medical standpoint, nothing has been done. GovGuam even uses their frequent flier miles fro pleasure trips when they're supposed to be used for people who need to be flown to places because of medical problems. Often poor people. Did you know GMH hired a nuero surgeon for $700,000 a year?

-- (, October 18, 1998.

Sorry, you are mistaken. No one was hired for $700,000 per year. That amount was set out in a bill that the Governor signed which would allow GMH to borrow $700,000 from the tourist attraction fund to pay for a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. So far, cash flow at GMH is so good that here has not been the need to borrow the money. Accreditation is on track for 2001, and we are working on a whole slew of projects, from upgrading our facilities and state-of- the-art equipment to hiring more nurses, physical therapists and other clinicians. We've been bringing in orthopedic surgeons on a temporary basis as we work on a 2-year contract to keep one at the hospital, but certainly not for $700,000. As for the neurosurgeon, who won't be paid $700,000 either. More than likely, GMH will bring in neurosurgeons every month or so, because the volume of cases may not be enough to support a full-time neurosurgeon.

-- GMH Staff (, October 18, 1998.

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