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*The Governor has subscribed to this website. Let's see if he can respond publicly to this letter. Doesn't he say the buck stops here?

Dear Governor,

How do respond to the fact the People are going to have pay EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS to buy-out that damn incinerator contract?

Even though the Legislature did what was right, you and Madeliene and your entire stinking administration made sure GMP and Wheelabrator would make some money off the People. You also blamed Joe Ada for initiating the contract. You and Madeliene had it, NEVER SHOWED IT TO THE LEGISLATURE FOR APPROVAL and sold the People's soul so you could make your old business pals even RICHER. Your Lt. Gov signed it without even reading it.

If you support the incinerator so much, how come you have NEVER SIGNEDZ ANYTHING RELATING TO IT? You let MAdeliene sign the kontract, and you let bill 495 lapse into law.

Please don't blame the legislature for the contract buy-out. You and Pete Sgro tried to shove this stinking incinerator down the People's throats.

We demand that YOU AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION pay for the EIGHT MILLION DEFAULT CLAUSE because you shoved that down our throats. We do NOT WANT AN INCINERATOR HERE!

We refuse to have any of our tax dollars go to paying the companies in the contract. You pay them.



-- The Guam News (guamnews@hotmail.com), October 17, 1998


I believe that the incinerator was not ever a viable option for Guam nor any other place on earth.

Whomever is to blame should foot the bill and not the taxpayers.

Methinks that it is time to pay the fiddler and it better not be the innocent people of Guam.

-- (lausDeo@deo.com), October 18, 1998.

Dear Governor

I would like to commend you for a job in the past four years as well done. I think you rank up there with the best elected governors of Guam. In my humble opinion as the best governors were Ricky Bordallo and Paul Calvo. With all due respects, I think that Ricky was the best we ever had.

Thank you for your hard work.

-- (One@kuentos.com), October 18, 1998.

Dear Govenor,

Thank You for the incinerator deal. I, as a tax payer, thank you for the incredible fortitude you've showed. By making sure that you have absolutetly no responsibility for paying that 8 million dollars. Its leaders like you who make philosiphy so easy to understand. You have been my inspiration in reading The Prince, Machiavelli. You have an incredible way of doing things.

Governor tell the people that if anyone raped your daughter you would pardon him. Tell them Governor! Tell them!

I bumped into the father of the girl that was raped from that poorman you pardoned.I looked him in the eye and I saw hallowness. Give him life sir. Tell him that your judgement was of true wisdom and a good heart. Bring life to him sir. Tell that girl that was raped, that she should have been more careful and perhaps a little bit more forgiving. Shame on her. Sir speak to them. Give them that life they took from themselves.

You'll show them right Govenor. Father to Father. Man to Man. That if anyone raped your daughter you'd pardon them. I know you would sir. You are a man of principles.

In the eyes of those who have been stolen of that security God has given them, I know you can make the difference. Just tell them Govenor, that you'll take your own medicine any day.

I'm still dancing to your tune. 98Jamz.

Just another tax payer, that influences about two hundred votes.

-- Edward Dumas (saligao@hotmail.com), October 28, 1998.

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