I want to learn how to dance at raves....

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i want to learn how to dance at raves, ive been going to them only a short while..if anyone could help it would be GREAT

thanks! Torie

-- Anonymous, October 17, 1998


There is no way to "learn" to dance at a rave....you just need to be comfortable, be with friends, and have fun....let the music take your body and mind. Your body will just naturally tell you what to do...watch other people that are there...mock some of thier movements, change them up a little... make up your own... keep your arms and legs and head moving to the beats and the breaks in the music. Grab a pair of glow sticks, "look at the bright lights!" And the best part about this is that you do not have to be on anything to enjoy it. People who get "messed up" and go to raves have alot more energy than sober people (generally speaking), but you can still have fun sober as well, and dance just as good. I was one of those ravers that thought that the good time had to come from a pill, a line of powder, or a small piece of colorful paper...I was wrong....the whole scene was based on the music, and that's what it should be about....the drugs have split the scene in many ways....it is the main reason that the police, parents, and government is involved. Keep the scene to the music. If the music tells you to lie on the floor and spin...DO IT! If the music tells you to jump up in the air and wave your hands.....DO IT! Let me feel your energy! Let LIFE be your extacy! Have fun and be safe!

-- Anonymous, October 17, 1998

I agree with ya guy!! Just get out on tha floor and let the music engluf your body. It does take a few times, but you will never stop learning new moves. I have been goin to parties for 3 years and last Saturday night, I busted out with some phat moves that I never knew I had. Try putting in some good music (jungle for me =)) and practice. Everyone has their own styles and don't ever think that anyone is staring at you laughing because they are not. Most people are just happy that you are on the floor enjoying the great music!! =)

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1998

When I started going to parties back in '92 I was really into the gothic thing and raves were simply another way of having a good time. When I moved to Greensboro in '94 I started going full time-- walking the walk, and talking the talk. When I started watching people dance I was absolutely enthralled and determined to dance that good. I went to parties for about another year and still came no where near the skill these other ravers had when it came to dancing. That all changed on New Year's Eve at the Sputnik party in Atlanta. I ate my very first pill there. It was like the music completely took me over and I had so much energy. In between puking and fish faces I was dancing better than ever. My boyfriend of five years was shocked when he watched me. From then on I began watching other people, picking out what I thought looked really cool and adjusting it to fit my style. When I moved to Orlando, FL in '96 I had people crowding around me in circles, watching me in awe, and generally complimenting my style. I was so in love with dancing I hardly ever socialized. Honestly, I truly dance my best when either rolling, stoned, or tripping. But I can do it without. I do however get tired more easily, and generally become more sloppy as the night wears on. I'm not saying go out and do drugs in order to dance well. In fact I know a lot of people who do drugs and still totally suck on the dance floor. I just feel that if it wasn't for MDMA I would have never have caught on.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 1998

To dance at a rave is to show those around you what you contain inside your infinant self. There are no set guidelines to dance by except the one that says respect all the forms of art around you. Be intwined in the music and let it move your body and caress your mind. Do not worry about how you look just enjoy the energy that the speakers will pump through your veins. Feel the love and it will flow to those around you. Never feel that someone else's form of dance is better than yours because all forms are original to the individual. One thing I always try to remember when I am at a party is that we are all there in celebration of life and in order to truly celebrate I must look at everything around me and enjoy it to the fullest. In all if I see you at a party I have a great big, wonderful, flowing hug to give you.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 1998

there is no way to "learn" how to dance at raves. you either feel IT or you don't. it's that simple. don'worry about what others might think, just feel the music. lots of kids come to parties all decked out in thier namebrand gear and its just a fashionshow for them. they front with superficial style and moves, but its up to you to decide if you'd rather come to a rave and profile, or dance and commune with EVERYONE. Dancing should come from the soul. when i dance i use my physical body to explore and express the depths and rhythms of my being. who you truely are will shine through,as long as you are TRUE. introduce your body to your mind and you will find the beat, or maybe the beat will find you, and you will hear your heart--thats where the rhythm starts. theres no drug in the world more powerful than your MIND and BODY. when people accept that, they won't have to ask silly questions because their hearts will KNOW the answers. yeah, drugs can take you places, i have traveled many chemically induced journies, but they were illusions and you always feel like sh*t the next day! if you actually believe that you NEED drugs to dance better, then you have truely lost a deep connection with your SPIRIT, that beautiful source inside of YOU that can do no wrong, and should ask her to come back HOME. come back home to your body and you will KNOW that you have always had that energy, that flow, that groove, that ecstatic gift we have all been given...you will remember and you will dance! now take a deep breath,relax,play some jungle and let your SOUL DANCE! peace.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 1998

here is my two cents in response to dancing at raves. i will answer with another question: how do you kiss???? kissing and dancing are kinda the same gig, there is no right or wrong way to go about it, you just do what feels right to you, and that of course varies from individual to individual. sure, i've seen some people at parties who really tear it up on the dance floor, but keep in mind that dancing is actually how your body expresses itself to the music. STEP AWAY FROM THE WALL AND JUST GO FOR IT! the more you actually participate instead of remaining a spectator the better you will become. my punk-rock boyfriend wants me to take him to a rave for new years and he says to me, how will i dance? and i says to him, same way you might dance at a show, just don't hurt anybody, we're there for fun not fights. so don't think about what others are doing just concentrate on having a GOOD TIME because isn't that what you paid for?...

-- Anonymous, December 22, 1998

well, in order to learn how to dance "rave" you must first pick out the coolest people on the dance floor. luckily this is easy. you just see who is dressed the best, i.e. who spent the most cash on their gear. after that it's easy. copy them! remember to wear a hat so you can twist it a lot in order to draw attention away from the fact that you have no rythm, nor soul, and that you are there to do free advertising for corporations that have no clue about the PLUR ethic that ravers like to pretend to adhere to. well, there you've got it. ps. not dancing at all is your best bet, cause that's what THE most cool people do. it means you are either a drug dealer, promoter, or dj (the pinnacle triumpherate of the rave hierarchy). love and sarcasm, gabe

-- Anonymous, December 29, 1998

So, you want to learn how to dance at a rave. Well... I'm not gonna tell you!! There is no right and wrong when it comes to shaking your bootie on the floor. Here in England |U.K no body cares about how you dance as long as you are trying. Me and my girl friend are both pro dancers with some of the biggest promoters in the British scene. We both learned the same way, by picking out some one with the moves to suit you and watching them before trying to copy, sometimes adding a variation. If that fails then simply ask some one to teach you, ravers are supposed to be one big family. I have been approached many a time. good luck to you. Alan The Raver!!

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999

Hello so u want to know how to dance. JUST LET GO. don't care what the people think and just let your body move to the flow of the music. In my days in the Atlanta rave scene i've seen so many diffrent kinds of danceing and the were all good. C-YA in ATL soon LOVE Aciddrop

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999

Hello...=] All I have to say is that let the music control your mind, body, n soul! No one is going to judge you on how u dance, nor make comments. They'll give u an applause for dancing... period, i mean, that is the point of goin 2 a party rite!?...instead of standin against the walls all night with your arms crossed tryin to front like your all hard...lolz...okiEee but anyways...just go out there on the dance floor n shake what yo mama gave ya!...but don't break it cos' it took her 9 months to make it! hehehe...ONE LOVE

-- Anonymous, January 08, 1999

Dancing, yeah, supes me up just thinking about it. Ahhhh...you'll get there just don't stress. Dancing comes from flow, which is something I can't explain. Although I know it when I see it. You'll start to feel it, and you'll know it's always been there. You'll hear the kid say,"Awww.. he's feeling it!!"..then,"AHH!! He's got that, he's got that! He's there!!" WOW really get me going, when you start to notice it, just feel it out, open up to it, thought starts to disappear, and something else starts to take its place...:) Spin in circles and love the peace!

-- Anonymous, January 13, 1999

Raves are a place to relax, ferget about everything, dance and be with friends, people acually ferget that and make a fool outa everyone. Societ looks at the drugs and stuff like that ("the scene") but... society looks ONLY at the bad stuff... police come into raves because of drugs, there must be a way to combat society and not have to live in there rules. u cant live a life that u lose depeding and slaving your self to a "MAN MADE SOCIETY"! Raves are danced to the beat and bass, u move how u want, try not to make a scandel and respect your area (if u hit someone, there not gonna throw a bottle acha, there gonna ignore u) and have fun!

-- Anonymous, January 19, 1999

How do you dance at a rave? Who really cares as long as you are having a good time and not nocking everyone down and causing a big seen. Do what you feel the music is doing and just go with the flow. It will come in time, but the main thing is to have a good time no matter how good or bad you may think you are. I agree with what everyone else has had to say about it. So go to the party and dance your but off and have a great time!!!

-- Anonymous, February 22, 1999

Relax, be aware of your surroundings, enjoy what you do, feel the music. Tip Tai Chi faster--------see how you go

-- Anonymous, April 25, 1999




-- Anonymous, May 19, 1999

So you want to learn how to dance at a rave party...There is really no form of dancing. Whateva your body is doing just move to it. But like how most ravers dance, it's kinda like doing the running man. There are differences but it's similiar. I would love to show you one day but i'm out here in southern california where the raves are wild, the vibes are out of this world, and the DJ's rock. If you want to chat with me or anyone does, just email me....Bye

-- Anonymous, June 07, 1999

I have only been raving for about 6 months. the first rave i have

ever been to, i was scared UNTILL THE X STARTED TO KICK IN.

i'm not saying that drugs are the best way to get into to the music, in fact i wish that i wasn't on X the first time. but DAMN if you want to be INSYDE of the music, not just around it, chill in the Jungle or Happy Hardcore rooms and get a feel, WATCH SOME PEOPLE. and make up your own stylee. EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN STYLEE, EVEN MR. BIG-SHOT BUSINESS MAN IN HIS WHITE COLLARED WORLD. you got it? DO IT TO IT!!!! TEAR IT UP

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2000

Ah, to dance at a rave party! To tell you the truth I use to think that I sucked really bad because everyone around me was so good, but then one day I was dancing forgot everyone and everything and let the music take over and my body just began to move. I realized what makes parties so great is that everyone has there on style, so just get up and DO IT!

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2000

To dance at a rave is to connect with your true self. It is a way of connecting all that you feel whether you are aware of these feelings or not. Just relax clear your mind and feel it.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2000

ok well i just went to a new rave that me and a friend of mines brother who is a dj and well that was one of the greatest raves iv ever been to. Im writting this to say that it doesnt matter how old you are to rave its weather you have feeling inside of you or you dont i saw a 10 year old boy who could move his body better then most people iv ever seen. when i was at this rave i was not on any drugs but watching this kid made me feel like i did when i was just a beginer again and that feeling was enough to put me back to the days when raving when your not on any drugs and that hole night i felt like i was young again... THEY SAY THAT THE MOST OPEN MIND YOULL FIND OUT THERE IS A KIDS MINDE SO GO BACK TO THE DAY AND GO..


-- Anonymous, October 27, 2000

In The Rave Sceane there's really no way to learn the dance moves its just supposed to come natural.I just started out myself and the first time i went i was pretty tight, i didn't know i could do all that.The second time i went out there on the dance floor i tore it up,i just let the music flow in me,cleared my mind of everything and my body went with the music and it was great and has been since.So my suggestion IS:CLEAR YOUR MIND,RELAX,LISTEN TO THE MUSIC THAT YOUR BODY WANTS TO DANCE TO(HOUSE,TRANCE,JUNGLE...EXT...)AND JUST LET GO,LET YOUR BODY GET ITS GROOVE ON!!!! DO IT TECHNO STYLE!

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000

You let the music take control and You follow it but hey dont be scard to go out on the dance floor and rave and battle with glow sticks...You move Your arms and your body to the beat of the music... move your feet to back and fourth while ur hands are in the air and around your body... jus have fun with your friends on the dance floor dont worry about people lookin at you cause your you dont care what they think jus dance to break beats and trance and wigg on the pills and u wont worry about raven Diz b DJ Tricks ... i am a techno Dj for 3 years now in dallas just do what u can do....

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

My solution for learning how to dance: You must start out with a fresh melody, for example, trance. This type of music is really easy to flow to, try it and let your body move to the beats. YOU'LL CATCH ON BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! When you do, you'll surprise yourself in many ways. =)

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2000

One Word...."Extacy"

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2000

the answers out above are pretty hype!!i agree nuf 'bout the music taking over your body and soul and doing the dancing! you dont need the chems to get you high,,,cuz the rave music and the lights will get you at the equivilent high... one tip i have to give you is..for jungle (in opinion..which can mean jack!) there is a lotta legs action, like bouncing from leg to leg all over the place in a small circle.. just my 2 cents... happy raving... peace

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2000

i agree with what most of you have said about letting your body go with the music and thats really cool. The problem with raving (in england) at the moment is that lots of raves are becoming drug holes. They are mearly places for the work force to escape the weekly work and to go drop as many pills as they can. As for who ever wrote that the way to learn how to dance is through extacy, your a bit pathetic and secondly thats complete crap man!!! I have been raving for about a year now down on the english drum n bass scene but some hardcore and oldskool aswell. I have never taken any drugs at them whatso ever and i have danced for 8 hours solid and still not got tired. It was all coz of the music!!! ok maybe if you take pills there it might be better. This causes a dependence on it for raves to be fun. Your brain then developes a tolerance for 1 pill and you need more to get the same feeling. This drains your money. Its proven that extacy actually eats on your brain if you get me and it lowers your inteligence. You also start to lose interest in everything apart from raving and popping pills. Thats just not worth it when your having a good time already. Also i have not met a single person who has not said that they are jealous of me for being able to go sobre.

PS the answers to this quetion have been coming in for about three years now i thinks shes learnt.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

when i first started raving i found i had to eat more pies to keep my energy up - now before i go out i eat about 7 cakes and a pizza and it keeps me popping and locking until the sun comes up.


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001

the best thing to do is start with a pointed foot and then when the beat kicks in, you spring onto it with force - then push yourself back into a kind of rearing horse position. this works with mainly mid and quick tempo beats, you may find it difficult to control your thighs on a slower tune.


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001

I have just learned how to techno dance too and man do i love it! The thing is though is that someone showed me a few moves and i tryed them out and man i tore it up it's juss i would like to learn more moves so i can make my own off of it. The only advice i have is to let the music control u and if it juss isn't happening don't worry keep trying! Just try to keep your arms and wrists at 90 degree angles and your feet movin' to the beat and juss roll it all out! You'll get it:0)

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

If you wanna know how to dance , then just pop a e pill and youll rave like you never raved before.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001


-- Anonymous, March 07, 2001

baby baby baby, don't use your energy up thinking about how to nake your tick, tick!! LIsten up hard, the only way to feel confident on the dance floor is to make yourself appear confident to everybody else. It does'nt even matter wether your doing backflip's, glowsticking, or liquid, as long as you've got that look apon your face,- 'come on'- you know chin up and chest out, you'll look just as good as any other mother fucker in there. Keep on dancing my fellow chicken and remember " nobody, but nobody rocks it like you!!!!1" ******* miss madbirdbailey*************

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

drugs are for losers....therefore, 90 percent of you ravers are morons...but don't take my word for....go ahead...fuck yurself up with drugs...

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001


-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001

I don't have anything against drugs. I can dance without them but taking them but I learn't through the confidence they gave me. I beleive that you need to let the music control you (E helps me to do this). Most of all I dance in crossovers which is basically lots of very fast, flowing and bouncy leg movements. E (and poppers and base) also helps me cuz it take away my aching legs from all my hours of just high energy dancing.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

there is no way to learn. you just move how the music inspires you to move. listen to the music is the best advice i can give! PEACE!!!

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2001

Easy...there is no way to learn actually.Ur just gonna have to feel the beat the DJs play and just get ur bootie on the flo.AS long as u have ur hands and feet..then u can just move around and do any shit u want.Start by learning how to do the liquid by simply putting ur finger tips together and dp a wave motion.It takes time so just practice.Just by lookin at ppl dacing u'll learn how to do the BUTTERFLY,FIGURE EIGHT,ACIDROP,NORDITRACK,RUNNINGMAN..and many more.Point is..dont care wat other pplt think.Do wat u wanna do and if anybody messes wit u..then kick their mothafukin ass!!! **peace n goodluck**

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

Pop not 1, not 2, but 3 x-pills..........then dance your ass and tits off.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001

"drugs are for losers....therefore, 90 percent of you ravers are morons...but don't take my word for....go ahead...fuck yurself up with drugs... "

-- Alejandro Torres

I'm sorry but i couldnt help but notice your stupid comment about drugs are for loosers. I'm 19, Sophomore at NCU, and grade average of 4.0. I smoke weed 365 days of the year. I take "E" about once a month, i dont do it a lot. All of my friends somke weed and pop pills and they are doing fine in their life too. So i didnt appreciate that little comment your candyass made earlier, damn jeborioni! "IF YA SMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THA ROCK.......is cookin!

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001

I tried rollin for the first time about 8 months ago i was just with a friend and it was great I loved it im from a small town so I still dont have a clue about raves but we have some nice lil parties at my house and a lot of my new friends are all about raves im big (play football) and feel strang but the music everything is really starting to hook me I love the ideas and attitudes of the whole seen I can't wait to find out more this board has some really cool thoughts on it and its old but still going so i figured i'd contribute anyone in FLORIDA ever reads this instant message me or e-mail me PEACE ALL IM OUT

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2001

First off, yes just let yourself go to the flow.....free your mind and your body will move all on its own. The best way and easiet to do so is keep your eyes closed and only listen to the music that's what its all about, you'll be surprised. You'll open them up to people staring at you, not for the bad!!! Only because they are trying to copy one of your moves!! Second thing, ALEJANDRO TORRES go screw yourself. see it's people like you "we" as in ravers try to avoid, all the hatred and negativity. it's all about love man!! you hvae no love. I suppose you are right though, I could be a moron with a 3.6 GPA.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2001

I really have only one thing to say, when your dancing at a rave you dance how your body wants to dance, let your body do the dancing and your head can have the fun! If your constantly thinking about how bad you look dancing then you will dance weird because you will be trying too hard. you just need to forget about how your dancing and get on with loving the music! Enjoy the best fu#king nights of your lives!!!

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2001

Funny - if u look at the dates, this discussion has been running for nearly 3 years! You should come back and tell us what you did, Torie!!!

At any rate, there still seem to be plenty of people surfing to find out how to dance like 'they' do at raves. Easy, the answer is in your question: "LEARN". Like with most things in life there are two solutions: 1. A bit of confidence, let go and PRACTICE. Or, 2. CHEAT.

1. LET GO, CONFIDENCE & PRACTICE: Get in the mood, have a couple of drinks, close your eyes, let the music flow through your body and mind, connect with the rythmn/beat, soak up your friends' and other clubbers' enery, catch a rush of music and strobes and go for it. Like riding a bike - it might not happen the first time and you might fall off. So, either give up, or keep going, or put stabilizers (Ecstacy) on the bike, ha, ha! Seriously, move your hands/arms and feet/legs and body/head w/the music. It'll come!, like when you first relax on your snowboard and it all comes together. Mmmmmmm :) Hard-Trance is my thing. If you're lucky to be in love at the time, there's no better high to get you movin', even w/MDMA (am I right?!?)

It's obvious, keep your body fit at the gym or something so you don't get knackered after only 5 hours(!). Then learn and practice - in your bedroom, w/friends, watching others, go to dance-classes, seriously! Like learning new tricks on that snowboard - there's no magic, learn from a Pro! U think Tiger Woods just popped a pill to play golf like he does? Learn salsa, hip-hop, then take it to the dance floor. That's what the Latinos and Japanese do from an early age when it's 'ok' to fall off your bike! That's it. Simple. Just different w/dancing cos you have to get on stage first time w/the pros? But it's the same for 99% of us, listen, anyone who laughs at you is simply a tosser. It's true!, laugh back!

Of course, when I said there's no magic involved, that doesn't necessarily apply to techno-dancing...there is another way: 2. Cheat, sorry to all you so-in-love-with-ecstacy folks out there, but that's what it is really! It's like sticking a 1000bhp turbo in your average ford Fiesta. An amazing rush in the beginning - suddenly you're up there with the natural Ferraris...plus all the other pill-munchers. In the end you burn-out though. Anyone who argues w/that is simply still in the rush stage. Instead, take a look at the guy who's now back in the corner, only gurning and voming from doing 5 pills to try to get it back. I don't know anyone who's done 2 years+ and is still in their right frame of mind. If you wanna try it, go for it, but 'you use it' just to see what it's like and then leave it behind. To do that you'll need a test-kit to make sure it's MDMA you're taking and not a trip down some K-hole. Boring? Yeaahh, just take your chances eh! Okay, if it doesn't kill U (like penecillin could first time) when the MDMA (hopefully:) kicks in it'll release a ton of endorphins in your brain that will make you feel amazing. You'll have confidence and b in love yourself and w/everyone else. And it hits a certain neuro-receptor in the brain that responds to repetition. Not only will you be in time with the music, you'll see it and touch it and taste it too. Meer words to the uninitiated, eh. That's why techno goes so well with X. But, if you don't conciously leave it there, you'll want it more and more and wont want to rave without it, and like Hal wrote 1/2/01 you'll grow a tolerance and it will PHYSICALLY destroy your brain. I mean, would you open the back of your P/C and have a play around. No? But you would with your brain?, that is YOU, a million times more sophisticated, with no way back? 'Sorry' to bang on, but I've seen it first hand. Back b4 Ibiza was known, my friend and I were average dancers, we did E = we were amazing. I just 'hung on to the feeling' and then raved sobre (well, less a couple of vodka/redbulls!). Kinda like Obelix who fell in the cauldren! My mate?, normal guy to begin with, carried on with E - only 11 months later he had a mental breakdown. Then he didn't feel much like dancing and the rest of his life was so fucked up he ended it! Oops, serious, eh? You're damned right. Again 'sorry' but with so many people taking this thread as an opportunity to promote(!!!) drugs, someone better balance the discussion.

Wanna learn to dance? forget drugs, go back to #1. Dancing is 'normal', it's part of life - fun and great. Learn, have a laugh, laugh at yourself!, relax, let go move ya body! You'll suprise yourself, I guarantee it. Enjoy.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

I tolotally agree with the above post. But one thing added. For all you peeps thinking that 'XTC' and drugs are all cool and shit, go home. Take them yourself, dont promote it. I've known 3 people from my OWN school overdosed and fucked over for life because they thought drugs are 'cool'. How old am I? 16. I learned from their mistakes.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

just act like a flaming fucking homo...works for most of the lollipop sucking fucking faggots that go to raves.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2001

The TRICK lies within those two things on the sides of your body. Your arms...What I do is, a month befoer the rave, i would bench fuckin 215 lbs. and do 100 push ups a day, not too much, but i would get my arms the training they need...that way when i get to the rave, when i see those fools in hardcore pushing people around, ill jump in and use my guns. ooooooo yea... oh and not to mention by have arms, i have the ability to rape girls that drop ecstasy at parties and that would come up to me and say "nice arms!"

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2001

Ive been in and out of various dance scenes around the country for the past 10 years. I'm really glad to see the general "pro choice" attitude that seems to be consatntly evolving when it comes to drugs. There aren't many you could name that I havent injested at some point in my life (man im feeling old) but for the last year and a half I've been doing the natural thing, just getting high on meditation and dance. That's where its at for me. I'm sure to an observer I dance completely wacked, but dancing is when I'm the most free and the most high and that's what matters to me. Clear your mind. Breathe. Flow. Enjoy! All you positive ravers: I have so much love and appreciation for you. Peace.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2001

i used to ask the same question " how do you learn how to dance?". i was always a helping to keep the wall up standing next to it at all the partys. until i realized what was wrong. because i didnt know how to dance i wasnt dancing and therefore wasnt learning so i never got better. until one day i just went out onto the dance floor on a "E" and just had fun. just feel the music and not the moves your doing those will come with time as you learn to feel the music and anticipate the changes. look at other people dance theres always someone with a kool move that you can copy or change into your own. but mainly GET ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2001

First of all this is going to go out to all the people that knock drugs, before they try them. Each drug has a specific effect on each user. Personally I think that there are a lot of bad drugs out there. The kinds that make you hooked, I don't really see the point in doing them, but hey to each his own. My philosophy in life is "To each his own" To me that means that no one person is higher in authority than another. Why should one human being be allowed to make decisions for another, isn't each person capable of making there own choices when it comes down to what will only cause harm or pleasure to ones self. I say that if you don't like X, or pot or lsd or whatever you don't like, that is cool!!! But please don't be negative about it. If someone you know or your aquainted with does like it why is your opinion more superior than theirs. If anything the one who actually knows the effects of the drugs are the wiser ones becuase they know what good or bad it does for them....... I myself am an avid fan of maryJ and occasionally X. I run my own business(not drugs,,,real estate) and I think that if you have self control over yourself and you don't do anything in excess then you can perfectly balance your life!!!!

I have one quick question for anyone Living around the Tri-State Area (Northern Kentuck, Cincy area) where are some good raves to go to, or some weekend long festivals????? If you guys are from around here one awsome festival is called Hookaville. It is a free drug trade music fest....... Later PhilisophicalJ

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001

Hello everyone i am glad that everyone has united and shared there ideas on the rave daning ordeal. Honestly in my opinion which has nothing to do with the rave scene is that is u are lookin how to dance on a computer u are not gettin the idea of what it really is. It isn't what people say or how cool u look to everyone this is because u are thinkin to much go simpler to get more complex. See my idea is the music has the control and yes communicated at raves is great u can share ur thoughts and ideas with people who have similar ones. But honestly to danc don't think about othe outside forces take urself to anothe place outside of all the activities u see around u and meet the music on a higher plane spiritual if u want. Then focus all ur energy on the music. If u are askin how to dance u must be thinking of fitting in or somethin other than the nothing u should be. My piece of advice is to meditate and visyalize urself in ur mind dancin to ur music and put it into action. I am spent i hope to see u party kids soon. steiner.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2001

I've seen some pretty crazy stuff! But the way to go is to let the beat take your soul and flow with it. You don't learn to dance you CAN pick thinks up and add them to your style. But the only thing I really can say is to keep it safe and feel yourself let go!!!

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2001

The best bit about dancing at raves is not looking good but being free to express yourself the way you want to. Dont try to conform to others styles MAKE your own. Sure look at how others do, learn from them but be yourself. Dont be restricted in how you dance by what you read or see. Drugs are part of the scene but they dont make it. I have never found drugs help me dance. Ive been raveing in Australia as part of the Psy Trance scene for over a year and the best thing about it is the fact that people wont judge you for how you dance they will appreciate it!!! Go to a bush doof then you will know!!

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2001

Even though i started raving about 3 weeks ago, im realy good at dancing. i started out as hip hop. now i watched some liquid vidios been to fuel 54, cynergy, and some other places. and i jsut listen and feel the music as my body reacts to it. Personaly e, rolls or what ever u call them, dont realy help me when i dance. I just go out there and start dancing. The first rave i went to, i just asked this dude if he could teach me how to flow, liquid what ever u call it.. ad he gave me some pointers and ive been praticing every night. So the key terms are, Feel the music, Relax, have fun, dont care about what other people think, and just have fun and practice!

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2001

The only way to rave is to do the running man the whole nite- keep it flowing through your body and mind, carressing your whole soul!

No losers go home!

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2001

Just drop 5 pills and see what happens, in my opinion, pills teach you how to dance not this let the music go and set you free bullshit. Half the time im buzzin i dont know what the fuck is playin anyway


-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

I could go on some long tirade with this complex subject, but I think I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. I think everyone should roll the first time they want to let go of all their inhibitions and dance. Raves without drugs is fine. But it's that very first roll that connects you to the music in a way that doesn't compare to anything else. Not to say that those who roll on E are better dancers -- some of the best ravers are completely straight-edged.

The difference in mindset toward music -- because of the drug -- is like night and day. A lot of ravers look "cool" when they move, and then when you jump out there, sober as a post, you feel like you're trying way too hard to move to the beat. Also another fact I've noticed: Most people who are new to the rave scene and try to "let it all go" tend to look very odd on the floor. They're mimicking other ravers, but it never looks like they're really dancing for themselves (which is why everyone should roll at least once to techno -- you dance to no one but yourself). They look like a person who's trying too hard to make it look easy (flailing their arms aimlessly in the air, always moving a nanosecond off-beat). Then there are issues of "Do I look dumb out there?" After a few times, most people develop their own distinctive style, and it's a really cool thing to watch. So many different ways of dancing mixed together -- just like the music itself.

Here would be my checklist for up-and-coming ravers.

#1) If you're new to the scene, go check it out sober a few times. Ravers don't consider themselves an "elite" club, per se. Everyone is friendly. Go up to anyone and talk to them -- I guarantee you'll pick up a few friends there if you ever go back.

#2) Watch everyone dance. Everyone has a different style. It's all about the vibe. You might notice that some of it looks like breakdancing, or hip-hop, or disco, or ballet, or African, or a myriad of other things. Like the music itself, the dance incorporates everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

#3) Get out there and DANCE! Since you're probably sober, it might be hard to not feel embarrassed or dumb about the whole thing. But everyone has to start somewhere. Is it fun? Is the music good? Do you want to come back? If your answer is "yes" and the only problem you have are self-image issues, then go to step 4. If not, then go to step 5.

#4) Finding E in raves is easy. Sit around for about forty-five minutes to an hour. You'll still feel pretty normal after it hits. You'll say to yourself, "Why can't I feel this normal all the time?" Then you hear that bass... and you know it's what you've been waiting for. Go out on the dance floor, close your eyes -- and move. No movement will ever feel more natural in your whole life than it will for the next five hours. From there, you begin incorporating moves you see others make -- you change it and make it your own, just like the way the DJ takes music and makes it his.

#5) After awhile, you'll get the hang of it. Getting off the drugs but still wanting to dance might be hard the next few times around, but you can dance just as well after a long enough amount of time. The only difference is that you get tired a lot faster, so you dance a lot less. Your best moves (on E), the ones that take the most energy, might be harder to pull off sober. But it all comes out the same way in the end, anyway. You'll get just as good -- with or without drugs.


-- Anonymous, December 13, 2001

People say that you should just get out there a feel the music. This is only a half truth. There's something in the music that you are listening for and that's the base. The base will control your movments and decide if you should pump up your moves or if you should take it slow with some liquid. The songs without base are the ones you listen to after you finished peaking (if your on x). Few other notes: 1. Dance and x and you will dance like a god. 2. If you get liquored up instead and decide to go dance it wont work, unless you know your moves already. Going liquor dancing is only good if you know your moves and are comfortable with your self. 3. Liquid dancing (not liquor) is very difficult to learn and almost as hard to do at the begining. Some just can't do it for many reasons, one of which is muscle mass (if your too riped it will be hard to pull off some of the liquid moves because your muscles are too tense). 4. Fat people, they just don't have the bodies for raving (unless they can do some freaky ass belly dancing shit but it dosen't look good on drugs or sober).

A little experience: First rave I went to wasn't to bad. I picked up some moves and some tips. THe most important being that you should always move to the base. After drinking semi-heavily (this is the days before i started poping x)I decided to go out an try a few moves. Feeling good, followed a few of the tips i picked up (like don't flail your arms around above your head, it looks tacky and restricts movment and just seems weired.). It was around the 5th rave that i went to that I had found the style i was looking for, a mix of liquid dancing (with my arms and hands) with corpoiea (think that's how you spell it) fighting moves. Corporiea works really well for leg movments, just as long as you don't overdo it.

One last tip. Don't keep dancing for any time over 40-50 minutes. You actually bore yourself out because at that time you will have been doing the same moves or style over and over again. Take a rest for 5 mintues or 10 minutes. Drink lots of water. Go back out on the dance floor and bust your moves again.


-- Anonymous, December 18, 2001

I think people shouldt judge people that wanna take X. I was the type of person that was straight about everything was shy , liked making the right decisions. Paramedic, didnt know how to dance LOL. But i finally went to my first rave on new years eve. And i Droped a X. And let me tell to, Ive never danced better in my whole life. I danced all night long and met SOOOO many people. AND the best part was that nobody judged you for who you was. Everyone Wanted to know who you was and what you do. SO best way to learn to dance is on X or let some cool friends show you some kool moves. Later nathan

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2002

listen up kiddies because me and hektic are the best rave dancers in the galaxy...we have been doing it since 1990.. in fact we probably created it... if you are a beginer here's what you do.....leave your pants at home all you need on is a pair of diapers... baby rattles in your hands and a pacifier in your mouth, stand in front of someone who looks like there on 6 hits of E (which will probably be just about everyone)and start shaking baby....trust me you'll be a big hit with the chicks...later ravers.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2002

People, Im going to have to go for the old 'do it in moderation' opinion. At the end of the day, you can have a good time without doing E but you can have a better one if you do. Just be aware that if you go on a downer during your high, which can happen if your on a bad pill, It will make you realy depressed. On the good side of things it will make you love every song and person in the place. It also helps if you have low confidence approaching the opposite if sex, but if you do to much youll end up gurning and looking like prick. So theres good sides and down sides to E, just like there is everything else.

I take 1/2 an E every now and then and sometimes the occasional whole one and I always have a great time. Just do it in moderation. I would say for someone new to extacy, 1/2 a pill in one out of three weeks. That way you wont get hooked and you wont have time to build up a tolerance, so you wont need more than 1/2 each time.

Have self control and be careful!


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2002

just move with the base and feel the music, i think alot of the answers on here are a bunch of 13 yr olds who are drug addicts whoi are probablly going to shooot there parents

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2002

Reading all these answers was very amusing, I dance, it's my thing. I've been partying for 4 years now and I always took pride in being able to go all night without doing drugs. Occasionally I would do some but I never needed to. Dancing should be something you do cuz you like doing it, not cuz your all wasted and have no clue how silly you look. I have more respsect for the sober people that are not good at dancing but are feeling the music so they try anyways than I do for wasted kids flailing their arms around with glowsticks. YOU DON'T NEED E YOU JUST NEED CONFIDENCE

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

To RAVE dance lets c?

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

RAVE DANCEing there is no certien way to dance difrent style for difrent people its all about what u like and how u can move that determens your style. Dont be scared to get on the floor and move becuse if thier are any tru RAVERS in the house with u they want laugh becuse ita all in the heart and if u got it u get respect for trying thats what (PLUR) represents love for all are TRU RAVES across the world. so just bee free and let ur body move to the beats. FROM ur head to ur heart,then ur heart to ur soul and its all goooooooooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! ....FOR ALL THE RAVERS ACROSS THE WORLD LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!! (POOH BEAR) AND KEEP YALLS HANDS UP(PLUR).......

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

well basicly the trick to raven is following your right hand to your left hand..move it around all over very hard to explain but if you go to a rave watch... ; they move like crazy..and leave you in a trance and like josh l said don't get fucked up at raves let the music take you let the rythem make you high not the drugs....peace out


-- Anonymous, February 09, 2002

iagree wed dj, if u just go out on tha danc flor let yuor self go ,let tha liquid groove flow, tha music well take control!!!!! yuo well dance!!!

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

Arigth peeps check it out sure all the above are great answers... but this is not an X commercial, and im tired of just feeling the beat and doing what feels good...that is a must... I just started not to long ago. I started doing the foot shuffel :D check it out! ::start with Liquid...or i like to call it fish to fish.... chase your finger tips ih your other finger tips, in a side ways patern accross your body. ....play with that, move it in diff. patterns keep on the down beat. kinda like if you ever have stuck your hand out of a moving car in the wind. only side ways and chase them. :D

:: now draw a figure 8 on the wall... start slow and chase your hands aong the figure get the feel. :: got the fee?...great....now move your arms extended in front of youre body in front of you up and down still fallowing that pattern :: your doing great :D now put yourhands together seperate your palms but leave your rists connected in a sort try rolling on hand over another as you get to the point where your rists can no longer stay connected pull in towards your torso {chest} and keep the rolling to where your palms are now seperated and in front of you. fom this point you can now reconnect your rists as you extend your arms back out. make sure you keep movingthe rest of your body to the beat. :D

:: GOOD!!!! now you are ready.... include everything in your own style try chasing your hands around your head and than around your legs, <---- im no good at that :D but there are some basics to Raving every thing said above is correct just have fun. new styles are fun and your ownare fun too... butfigure 8 is clean looking sexy and a lot of fun too :D im still leaning as well now i will end by saying as all the above there is no way to learn to rave just feel the music and go with it I hope I have helped you....haa and go check out our music Acid planet.com under base eklectix not so much dance music but good...you can fndtonz of dance song there too :D <---- mindless plug

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

Hey seriously if you can just let go an let the music flow through you let it fill every cell dancing is sexuality personality and pure energy also your moves as a dacncer speak of your bedroom skills as a open book uwsually if you can rock it on the floor you can swhake the floor no prob nearly everyone has a wild steak just for getting your groove on find yours...peace Tennesse Angel

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

I just went to my first rave last week... Been wanting to go for years... I'm 17, and live in San Diego... When I first got there (with a buncha' people I met from an internet rave message board), I just tapped my feet to the beat... I didn't feel the groove... Infact, after driving 250 miles to LA, paying 30 bucks in gas, and an entrance fee (left Diego at 9PM, got to the rave at 1 or 2 because the people I met got us lost...) After all that, I was less than enthused to be at my first rave... I wasn't feelin' it, and the place was small, and everyone was dancing so well... The music was good, for the most part, but damn it, I wanted to dance... But I had no energy... I'd try a move or two, and I'd be out of breath and had to sit down (under the subwoofer, hehehe)... But then... Then came a guy selling ecstasy... I had sworn the shit-off, from all the bad stories I'd heard. But damn it, if the night wasn't salvaged, it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth for a good week... So, twenty bucks for a tripple, and I just waited... First time rolling at my first rave... After about 30-4 minutes of nothing happening to me, I was getting kinda' pissed, like maybe it was bunk shit... *grins* Then I closed my eyes, and the music kidnapped me, and just in-time... My body moved for 2 hours solid, I just couldn't stop. My sober friends bought me a lolli-pop and force-fed me water as to not dehydrate. And man, they were right, that watermellon jolly rancher lolli-pop sure was fun on the taste buds, hehe... Frankly, I can attest, dancing just isn't fun when you're fat, tired and sober... It would have been better atleast to have been high on weed, if nothing else. People still die on E (or variables of it), and I know that, and the next time I take a pill, I will be responsible for what happens to me while on it- Just as you will be if you decide to take it. But take it from me, it produces un-seen, un-matched energy that allows you to dance the night-through.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

drugs are bad.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

You know what, I don't mean to break the PLUR ethic, but a lot of you guys suck...raves are ALL about the music...either you feel it or you don't...you know whether or not you belong. If you have a problem with the music when you're sober, then I feel that if you have to use drugs to enjoy it, then you should kindly escort yourself out of the party...out of the scene. Yeah, I know, for some of you, the drugs enhance the experience. I'm not talking about you guys...I'm talking about those who think they are ravers because when they're F#@ked up they like all the pretty colours and all the glowing thingies and that deep as groove...You people are in no place to give "newbies" advice on how to party. If you want to blow up, do it on your own time, but don't tell the "shy" little ravers to take $#!T. I'm 21 years old and I have been in this scene ro many years now. The last two parties that I've gone to, I basically sat in the speakers, or even the subwoofer and spread the PLUR...I've never done a single illicit drug in my life. I rarely even take cold medication...it's all in the mind and the heart. That's what I say. Drugs aint gonna give you what you aint got! All that $#!T that some of you fakiewakies sah you feel...it's all falsified...you don't feel it the next day unless you pop another pill...anybody can do that...a REAL RAVER doesn't need xtc, k, or any of that other madness to have a wicked time at parties...for an increased effect, maybe...but for those of you that don't know...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GROOVE!! Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, I love you ALL!! No disrespect meant to anyone.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002

drugs, rock N' roll, badass,vegas hoes,late nite, bootycalls, SHINY-DISCO-BALL

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

I luv x. I pop every other day. My favorite thing to do on it is take it up the ass. any men that want to f*ck e-mail me. Don't worry about dancing at raves. It's how u dance in bed.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2002

Well how to dance at a Rave... Well as a professional Rave DJ (I used to play UK events like Fubar, Helter Skelter, Rezzurection) When in the DJ booths, you watch the best dancers, They are the ones that have no format or dedicated, Dance Moves, and are not always of thier heads. Thier is no one specfic answer, people say im a good dancer!! My format is to get up on a stage and go. I just let the bassline and melodies move me. Yes you may have more energy on drugs, but you can still have a good time without them!!! The only way to dance cool is to let yourself go and have fun thats what its all about!!!

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2003

move your big ass to the right and then to the left if someone piss's you off hit them with your fist. This is so ghetto but me and richard aka cookie do it all the time!!!Richard is the queen with the medium long hair the wheres them ghetto boots and thinks his is the last ghetto bitch alive!!!he is aloways on acid so beware if your tripping also he fuck your trip up all the way!!

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2003

Hey. Listen, i read some of the other responses to your question and none really told you what you wanted to hear. I agree, that dance is about just letting go and having a great time in an awesome environment, that does not by any means require drugs(but they are there if you feel the urge). But the auctual hand movements and stuff that you are probably asking about is called liquid, and is something like this. TO do a simple figure 8- hold your hands out with the bases of your palms touching and your hands slightly cupped. THen move your right hand under your left so that your right palm is facing up, and your left is facing down. Then draw your right out from under your left so that it rolls under your left while turning it so that both palms are facing down with your thumbs slightly touching. At this point, roll your left under your right so that it's the opposite of what it was(left facing up, right facing down.).Then roll your wrists back to the original positon. Thats a figure 8. Give it a try, and go to alot of raves. If you feel comfortable, ask someone who looks like they know what they are doing. It's all good.

P.L.U.R.!!!!!!!! Peace love unity and respect. LIve it and love it. Have fun and don't get discouraged.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2003

hey guys im a begginer in breakdancing i have no breakdancing expirance im only 10 years old and i just want to get me friends jelious that ican breakdance and they cant so if someone can emial some moves that would be grate plz plz plz oh and also i skatboard and i woul wantt to be able to handstand on my skatobard for a minute and then do a primo kind of like the one in tony hawn pr0 skater 4 so plz guys cut me some slack and help me

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2003

I'm sort of new t the rave scene, but i've liked Tekno/trance/dance music for a long time. When i go to parties i always danced freely, usually copied some moves, but changed them a bit, but does anyone know any easy moves to start with that i can change up a bit? anything would be great! -bry

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003

wow, this post started in 98' thats pretty cool. The rave spirit is still strong I guess. Anyways, I live in ontario, im 18 and I want to get into the rave scene maybe in Toronto or London, if anyone is interested, give me a shout at my email. Peace & love - BlackHat

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

Wow I know! This post has been around for a long time. I personally think dropping X is fun, that's how I learned to dance too. I was alright before but then the music takes over and you go with it. And yeah, you do meet alot of people. And you sometimes keep ties with them. I've ran in to so many people I've met along the way and been like "OH MY GOD!" when i saw them after a long time and we still remembered each other.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

In the spirit of keeping a good post alive I will add only one thing. Everyone has given good advice on the dancing, but they seem to be starting not quite from a beginners perspective. The first and only thing you HAVE TO LEARN is rythm. To some this comes naturally, others have to work for it. If you find yourself feeling clumsy or out of tempo, start simple. tap one foot to the beat. when you have that down alternate feet. Next start lifting each leg in alternating time. Whith your arms it helps to use a pattern... figure 8's are a good start. Once you feel comfortable with the rythm and with moving your various body parts in time with the music, then you simply follow the advice of most of the other posts here.

I was scared the first time I started dancing in front of people too... the thing to remember is that if you are dancing ONLY for them (or to look good to them) you need to reevaluate your ideas not your dance moves.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2003

Well I have been going to raves ever since i moved to New York and I have been Liquiding and Glowsticking since i was 10 and now am 24 now i mix music and dance really good but there's really no way to learn you just let them sweet racks engulf you until you drop you'll need some time but soon as you attach a 15 inch glowtik to a string youir as goo as anything. E-mail me and i'll be sure to give you some of my new mp3 trax from my new cd LETS TRIP AND THE P.L.U.R. DJ LIQUID

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003


-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003

I had never danced b4 in my life except an occasional nod of my head whenver a good song came on. But about 3years ago my friend took me to a Rave and i woz like no no no i cant dance for crap. but she ended up dragging me along anyway. When i got there everyone and everything was sotrippy and at first im like oh shit i cant compare to these other guys. But this trippy song came on and at first i just sorta swayed but ina minute or so i woz full on into it and hving tha time of my life. Like everyone has said so far , you have ur own style , whichever part of ur body sayz move, move it and u just develop a rythem. its very fun once u let go , and believe me, PEOPLE ARE NOT JUDGING YOU... u gotta learn people dont go to raves to drag people down, they come to have fun. So just relax.

P.S. Its interesting to hear how other people dance


-- Anonymous, July 13, 2003

i once wantd to learn 2 dance untill i was told i was a good dancer the more pills i take and the more i practice the better i become listen to the music close your eyes and dance as if no-one is watching as ive always said if it feels good do it it also helps to have balance listen 4 the beat and predict it when you can then time your spins and drops then she is all peaches and cream

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2003

i wish somebody could teach me break dancing

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2003

holy fuck, this shit is approaching its 5th birthday FAST. FIVE YEARS OLD thats crazeee! internet history at its finest :D

okay so dancing is overeasy right. you just get up and go, and nobody really gives a fuck about what you look like cuz they're all too busy enjoying their own world and how great the music feels to them. so just bust out your own stylez and do whatever feels great for you (cuz this is what everyone else is doing, really).

but i mean if your kinda unsure about yourself, then start dancing at home first. i mean i do this all the time anyway, who says you have to be _outside_ your house to dance? it keeps you fit and its SUCH a better alternative to sitting on your ass watching irc scroll by :P so yeah put on some music, whatever gets you kicking, find a mirror to watch yourself in, and just go for it. i'm pretty sure everyone has done this at some point.

then if you're still worried about it, while youre at the party/whatever, waiting for your x to kick in, then maybe keep an eye on what other people are doing out there. try and get a feel for the style and mood of the other dancers, how they react to the changes in music, what they're actually doing (and note how most of them dont give a fuck what they look like). but i guarentee that once you start to feel the x you'll be waving your hands in the air, wavin' em like you just dont care! but... with care... cuz there's nothing worse than suffering retinal damage from a glowstick to the eye.

and really, thats one of the best feelings in the world (no, not a glowstick in your eye :P) -- falling into the music and letting it wash over you as you swim through it.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2003

just let the drugs do the work itsn the way forward, believe.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2003

HAHA 5 years! i started out dancing at a goth- industrial club and worked my way into techno.. i never really took drugs to start with.. but i do on occassion.. i was kind of scared at first.. then an awesome song by mindless self indulgence came on.. and from then on ive never had even the slightest worry about what anyone has to say.. because as long as youre having fun then who gives a fuck what others think? also.. they are busy enjoying the music, just like you.. they arent really going to pick you apart.. THEY DONT CARE!

PLUR! -Brand0lyn

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2003

Ok ppl im 15 and recently just started dancing more. I LOVE IT!!!! and was wondering if anyone could email me with some ideas and moves for any kinds of dancing,(break dancing would be nice) So any beginner moves would be very apprisiated PLZ........... Thx (nice post 5 years:))[o and help in these catergories the songs im dancing to some rap, now few tecno, and rock]

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2003

The best thing I can say is get out there any shake it. Ravers love to dance, and no one honestly cares how you dance out there. We'd rather see you out there atleast trying. You'll catch on quick by watching others dance. Pick up and practice. Everyone has their own unique style which makes raving have the fun. The other half are those people on X. You know the ones i'm talking about. People like myself. We pop because of the high energy we receive. you can dance without out it, but you won't last as long out there on the dance floor. It's as if the music has taken you over and you become a machine. Goodluck!

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2003

theres nothing to learn about raving, its simply what you feel on the inside and what your brain is taking in and your body is putting out, its talking without words, its either u can do it, or you are embarrased, i only started raving 3 months ago and i think i got sick moves, people that rave with me dont beleive how good i am for the time i raved but its only because i dont give a SHiT about what other people think about me.

p.s. if you listen to rap......DIE

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2004

Like I said above though- I like the figure 8 with light sticks and l.e.d lights. good thing about l.e.d lights is they are so bright, you blind your self with them.. and cant really see anyone notice you. the bad thing about l.e.d. lights is that you dont notice anyone. lol. its a blast & I have never done X either- people cant belive I have never done X - big hit in clubs too is taking your l.e.d lights and learn to turn them on and off.. as to create an effect - Called tricks- (like magic tricks) turn one on put it to your ear turn off as you bring your other l.e.d light to your other ear and turning it on and pulling away. looks like you passed a huge orb of light through one ear and out the other.. you can imagine the other tricks like tossing the light in the air (not really) looking around for a min confussed and then catching it- same method- you can find great l.e.d lights at Comp U.S.A 10$ and well worth it. keep lights and light sticks alive.. all the clubs here in Vegas dont allow them anymore- except a couple.. but Raves are good. and if you can find a light friendly club. there is nothing like seeing the hole dannce floor and lights sticks every where. and you dont have to be on drugs to see how awsome it looks. ~Rekoj

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2004

thanks for all those who answered the original question. i too, recently started raving. it's awsome and i love it. i cheered in high school so i have a lil bit of dance experience but not rave type dance experience. the first time i took e i was appalled at how well i danced. the second time i rolled it wasn't as great, i went to a club and was a lil self concious about my dancing. there are so many great dancers out there and i can't wait to be as good as some of the ppl i've seen. i've asked for advice and have gotten pretty much the same thing over and over.....the dreaded figure 8 which i must admit has helped me in my dancing. but i have seen some incredible moves with finger moving and just hand motions....the problem is, i barely have any dexterity in my left hand...does anyone know of any kind of moves or stretches per se that could help me out?! all you hardcore ravers and dancers rock!! dancing is beautiful never stop! plur for life! email me with comments!!! :) if anyone is in the north florida area...check out club 5 in jacksonville florida

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2004

I don't know exactly who will be reading these threads, as these are so old, but i did notice that it began about when i started taking my dancing seriously...about '98. I don't want to bore you any farther so i'll just get right into my opinon. First of all, dancing is hard work. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of dedication, but when you love to dance as much as i do, and apparently many others on this board, then it doesn't seem like work at all. In fact it turns into a way to relax and try to improve your skill. I'll break it down like this...basicly dancing is equal parts raw talent, drive, creativity and hard work. The talent is either something you're born with or you're not, but if you can keep a beat and bob your knees then you have a good start. The drive is how hard you want to work to become a good dancer....(i know i'm dancing good when i can look in the mirror and even impress myself.) The creativity we all posses, we just need to express it more often. Either with your drawings or your music or your poetry, we all have a creative side, and when dancing you will need to tap into it. Now comes the most important aspect, and the one i can elaborate on the best....the hard work. When i first made the decision to work on my dancing, i had a friend, who was much better than me, teach me one or two simple hand movements. I practiced these hand movements over and over again, whenever i had spare time. At work, at home, even sitting in my car at red lights i would practice them over and over perfecting the way they looked till the movements felt natural. After mastering a few moves i could sense an energy when i practiced, (some call it Chi) and i experimented with moving this enery around. I practiced moving specific parts of my body while trying to keep the rest rigid.

Basicly what i am trying to say is that dancing takes a lot of hard work and practice. You practice certain moves and certain combinations so when you get on the floor, and you hear that song that just speaks to you, your body naturally does what you want it too. Also remember that you will feel creativly stuck at times, when you feel like your routine is getting old and stale. Thats when its time to watch other dancers and incorporate some of their moves into your own arsenal. You can go down to your local club or you can watch old videos of Michael Jackson, or rent old dancing movies like beat street. I have personally learned a lot from Mr. Wiggles and if you want to check out some really amazing stuff, check out his website at mrwiggleshiphop.net Anyway, i've rambled on enough. Keep working, don't get frustrated, and most of all have fun and LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2004

Yeah, all you have to do is take some X, then go out there and start moving. Then, you'll eventually get tired, pass out somewhere, and get raped by some sleazy druggy raver...

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2004

Wow, 6 years later...... must be a record for longest going thread...

Anyway, I'm still learning myself, and I just feel the music, but tips are welcome :)

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2004

Yeah, all you have to do is take some X, then go out there and start moving. Then, you'll eventually get tired, pass out somewhere, and get raped by some sleazy druggy raver...

-- Scarface (moonofgelgula@yahoo.com), June 24, 2004.

So this guyy has obviously never been to a rave, nor would I want to see him at a rave, he's probly the sleezy druggy he's talking about. PLURR and let the music flow tru yourslef, and mooooove....

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2004

Yah, I just went to cyberfest, WOW. Dance for like the first time in my life. Now that I think about it, I probably made a fool of myself, but whocares? It was fun, and I'm going to hit up every rave i can till the next cyberfest.

btw keep this forum going. see if we vcan still be talking bout raves ten years from now. LOL

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2004

I too am i ravin virgin, i'm off to my first ever rave this new years with my bf and his mates, really hope I can ger the hang of it and feel the music n dont make a fool of myself, I agree X can help but you do need some kind of rhythm to start off with

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2004

Well i would like to learn 2

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004

party ppl in da house. wassup everyone. how is it goin'. this is mark antoine leblanc from IBIZA Pacha. i wake up dancing and sleep raving all the summer and WINTER too, ppl come all the time from all over the world and i watch each and almost everyone of em' but let me tell u if u want to have fun u gotta get the moves from the beats first and then it all comes from ur spirit from the heart, music is the love the sex the X (not the pill) and you have to let the music CARRY U fly away into your transesantual mode and love the music. feel the music "caress" the music it's like having sex, clean sex, the women doesnt enjoy but slow and smooth sex as if it was you own precious ornament, feel the music, control the music...........come on have to leave (im on my way to the airport im going to france for benny benassi) love y'all (the girls of course) and not these homosexual mother fucking bastards out there fuck y'all u sons of bitches. peace love peace love peace love peace love peace love peace love

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2004

fuck you mark antoine leblanc. seriously, that last line of bullshit you said took away all your credibility. take a look at history and see how those supposed motherfucking bastards formed your scene. either way, shut up and dance. theres nothing else to it

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2004

There's no right or wrong way to dance at a rave, just get ahold of a couple good pills and let the music take over (glowsticks help).

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2004

Hey guys,

I just bought some glow sticks and wanna learn glowstringing. what type of string do you use for glowstringing? Other than houseofpoi.com does anybody have other good resources on how to get started?


-- Anonymous, December 21, 2004

wow, when I went looking for info on how to dance to the techno beat, I didn't think I'd uncover something like this! This is going to take forever to read through all this information and observation. At this rate, the scene will never die.

btw, first post of 2005 :-D

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2005

hey guys i cant believe all the responces this girl had well i am here to give my experiences i have been in the rave scene for quite some time and olny recently have i had the first bad experience my best friend had never tried X but she had been there when i was "not myself" and for the first time she tried it on New Years Eve well she was one of the people that didnt roll for a reason. she couldnt handle it and had no idea what she was doing. She took 6 for the first time and rolled for almost 2 days straight and to make matters worse some idoit thought it would be cool to blow vix in her eyes so intern she was almost blind she had a mild chemical burn on her eyes and she couldnt see for about 2 days now not only was she blind she took X that had MDA in it and she started to trip hard she saw the devil come out of a mirror and it chased her out of the house and in the street ....... but she was lucky cause she had a friend with her that took her home and stayed with her for the rest of the night....now whos to say that she didnt get hit by a car that night being chased by the devil ...no one but one thing is for sure she will never take X again.... i still roll but only in moderation i have never taken more that 3 at a time and i take them in 2 hour intervals never all at once... I am not suggesting anyone take the drug but u are your own person and you are going to make your own decisions just remember these words P. L. U. R. it means: peace, love, unity, and respect. Peace to all the ravers that still keep the scene up and going, love to everyone out there who are still hitting the parties, unity because without it the scene will fail, and respect to all who give it........ Just remember we are all family and family looks out for one another so lets keep the scene from dying.... and keep on dancing

PLUR Luckiecharms

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2005

Its all about the music i say you just find a song, that one song and you WILL know wut song that makes u just want to dance and just leave everything else behind and all there is is the music


o and there is this song overdirve that has a fuckin awsome climax if ne body knows wut im talkin about hit me with the artist ~_*

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2005

I came to this site with the same question: are there any resources out there to learn how to dance rave? There are common moves that I see done all the time, so I disagree with idea that it cannot be learned. Anything can be learned, and anything can be taught. But is anyone showing the moves? Is anyone teaching it? -Paul

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2005

dancing to techno is fun there are no moves to dancing techno is your mind dont hear the music listen to the music P.L.U.R

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2005

i'm very musical and able w/creating rhythm but have always been a little iffy about my dancing. of course, i'm a dj. the advice is right though--don't give a fuck who is watching. you need to get in a trance-like state and let it take you on a journey.

p.s. to the person asking about a song 'overdrive', you might be talking about a hard house track by dynamic intervention. the other side of it is called 'control'. it's on tripoli trax

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2005

well 1st things first, there is no way you can learn liquid from any person,because every person is diffrent.the trick is,just do it nobody cares. feel it and love it as you trip.(music,rythme,lights) all i can say is keep on dancin and havin fun. dont let what other peeps say get to you, atleast your rollin and havin a good time, for all you supposably better "RAVERS" talk all the shit about my dancin but atleast i'm still here rippin shit up. well thats it, keep on lovin and feelin the music. open your mind.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

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