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I just heard on the radio that the Ada/Camacho team has pulled out of the Chamorro Debate. What's up with that? The debate has been set for a while now and for the Ada/Camacho team to do this, this is beyond stupid. Defend them which ever way you want but its plain and simple to see why they did.

First off, Joe Ada has never been a supporter for the Chamorro Culture. In land rights, he had to be sued in a court of law for the Chamorro Land Trust Act by Sen. Santos (Thank you for that BTW Sen. Santos & Gov. Gutierrez, I live on Chamorro Land Trust Lot) In the Harmon cliff line, he again challenged the original land owners. He is a poor debator and a poor supporter of Chamorro rights and culture. If he decides to do the debate then it'll only be because of the out cry from the public who laugh at him now. Sorry Joe, to little to late. The same goes for Felix, what has he done as a senator for our culture? besides co-sponsor bills or attach his name to a bill he's only voting for because he or his staff tell him to and it looks good on paper and in the public eye. In the other threads, they say that he has a marketing degree, so USE it and market Guam and our culture to the world....Sorry Felix, to little to late.

-- Matthew (, October 14, 1998


Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

To Matthew,

I couldn't agree more. All I can say to Joe and Felix is- Put up or shut up! If Joe and Felix were trying to get the youth vote, I think they just lost it. alot of students wer looking forward to the debate and he let them down. You just lost my vote Joe.

-- Antonio (, October 14, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

I think Felix and Joe are just scared to debate Carl and Madeleine. Even though Madeleine is an American, she knows her culture and I think that she would wax felix's behind in a debate. I watched the '94 debates and Madeline did so well -vs- Doris FLORES Brooks in a Chamorro debate. I am pretty sure she would do well in this debate to. My heart goes out to those students who have been putting this debate together. Let's keep a women in the executive branch Guam needs it! And in the Legislature, I think there are only going to be 2 women in the legislature- Joanne Brown, & Carlotta Leon Guerrero.

-- Jane (, October 14, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Joe Ada do you want to debate me ?

I can't accept a person for not trying. If you don't back it up why don't you just give it up?

Are you chickenman? Scared? Feel like a coward?

-- Chickenman (, October 14, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Just watched a debate with Joe Ada and Governor on KGTF held at the Hilton. It is a debate isn't it?

-- (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Again, a lot of hot air and animosity is displayed in light of recent announcements. Again, you people go to the lengths of blurting very distateful words, without basing and backing your assumptions and assertions. I am a member of the ADA-CAMACHO campaign, and I myself have strived to not hold any animosity, or prejudice towards the 98 campaign, Gov. Gutierrez, and the people involved in the campaign. What gets me and a whole lot of other people out there really angry, is those people who have this "know-it-all" mentality and who think they know the whole story. Joe/Felix have a valid reason why they are withdrawing from the debate. As for fighting for Chamorro rights, you people need to look at the big picture. If you remember back in the ADA administration, there were inconsistencies with the policies that these so-called pro-Chamorro activists wanted to implement. You must be fair and just in any situation, such as land issues. Many other issues have to be resolved. In addition, Joe ADA has been fair and honest regarding the most important issues affecting all of us today. I suggest you people realize that you're making blatant accusations regarding the issue, and you do not know why he has withdrawn, neither can you back your statements. Why don't you call the ADA-CAMACHO headquarters at 475-1030/31/32 and ask the for yourself. I could save you a lot of breath and a lot of typing...

-- Frank Cruz (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

I don't endorse Joe Ada, although I don't like the alternative. I wouldn't be so quick to attack Ada, though, until we've heard his reason for not making the debate. I think Onedera was a little too quick to judgement, and it makes me wonder about the motives behind his media attacks today. What are Ada's reasons for not making the debate?

-- Lighthouse (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

We heard Felix has a birthday fundraiser. Pattis Garrido and Ron Teehan, the self-proclaimed "Chamoru Rights Activists" are both on the Governor's payroll. We're tired of hearing the Gov's employees, all making Big $alary, in endorsements.

-- The Guam News (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

After Gutierrez knocked out Ada in the debate in English last night at the Hitlon it is no wonder why Ada will not attend the UOG debate forum in Chamorro. After such a poor performance Ada would rather go to a birthday party and have fun then face Gutierrez and get knocked out of the race. This Ada showed a lack of class and courage to become governor. Biba mugleg heartless yellow belly chicken. If Ada can't win in English he will not win in Chamorro. Perhaps he can ask Angel Santos to debate Governor Gutierrez.

-- Debator (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Dear Mr. Debator,

It is illogical to say that Ada pulled out of the Chamorro debate yesterday morning because of what happened last night. The cause has to come before the result, not after as you suggest. But you make a good point about the probability that Angel would whip Karl again if they debated.

-- Lighthouse (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....


The only sure probability is that Joe Ada will not debate at the UOG due to verbal intellgience. The Hilton debate exposed Joe Ada's verbal intellgience at the lowest perecentile in history of all time for Governors. Now, that the people knows there is really no need for Ada to show up because thats the mauleg way.

-- Debator (, October 15, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Mr. Debator,

I agree with you that Joe Ada does not come across well in debates. He does seem to be one of the old-fashioned communicators who would rather talk one-on-one than make slick statements like Karl. Karl could tell a dozen lies in a minute and they'd roll so smoothly off his tongue we'd believe them. If Joe tried to lie, we'd know it in a second.

Joe seems honest. He has integrity. He is not korrupt. He is anybody but Karl. I'll vote for him no matter how unslick he is.

-- Lighthouse (, October 16, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....


You are wrong again Joe Ada is slick, just check his pomade.

-- (, October 16, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Again, you people crack jokes about pomade. But, I'll tell you this, I've been using pomade for more than 50 years, and my hair is nearly all completely black, without dye. Contrary to your beliefs, I've seen that pomade actually preserves a person's hair...

-- Frank Cruz (, October 17, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Mr. Wrong,

Good one.

To others: Just to clarify, I did not say I'll vote for Joe Ada no matter what. I said he's Anybody But Karl, and he seems honest, so I'll vote for him in this elections no matter how UNSLICK he is. If he is found to be Korrupt like Karl, then my decision would be a little tougher. But the flimsy attacks Karl has made so far to question Joe's integrity won't stick, because they have no evidence of any wrongdoing. Karl is korrupt, and I'm against that. Therefore, I won't vote for him. If you can convince me he isn't korrupt, I'll reconsider.

-- Lighthouse (, October 17, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....


We do not need you nor do we want you, stick to Joe Flores Ada the mugleg debator.

-- (, October 18, 1998.

Response to Ada/Camacho pulling out of the debate....

Joe Ada just knows that any more debates will just lose him the few votes he has left. The day after the SPJ debate, he also cancelled out of a debate in front of the Chinese community set for Monday, October 19. I wouldn't be surprised if he bombs out of the Chamber debate too. If he doesn't, that'll certainly be a masaccre. Someone better tell Ron Tangye to start writing.

-- Pete (, October 18, 1998.


The only thing the 98 camp has over Ada IS the debate. Everything else seems to point in Joe's direction. In the battle of honesty, ethics, and fairness I think Ada has won by a landslide. To me saying you are going to do something is different from acutally doing it. Carl says one thing yet does another. For example says he is helping guam but he is actually helping himself and his family. It may sound nice comming out of Carls mouth, but thats about it.

And if your name is really Pete Ada then you must be one sorry loser. For (1) you have no pride in supporting your family and (2) you have no intelligence in supporting a corrupt leader like Carl.

-- I AM (, October 21, 1998.


Why don't you measure the damages cause by Joe Ada's failure to provide any evidence to support his arguments for a resasonable mind to accept as evidence to support his position during the Hilton debate? Joe's lack of support has caused serious damages to Joe's quest to be governor. As far as we know, Mr. Pete Ada has a right to support any candidate and you should respect his wishes. As far as corruption goes; why don't you ask Joe to account for how he was able to obtain a 2 million dollar loan from the Bank of Guam? This most be what honesty and integrity is all about the stillmauleg way.

-- (, October 21, 1998.


Please provide evidence of the loan to Bank of Guam you are referring to. And do not use an unsigned letter as evidence, or the KUAM story that was based on the unsigned letter. You have one day to provide that evidence or your post will be deleted. I have warned others about this specific allegation in the past, and to date absolutely no evidence has been provided.

-- Lighthouse (, October 21, 1998.

Lighthouse, I think you'd better get your information right before going on the internet next time. As far as Peter Onedera and his family are concerned, the oldest child, Selina is the only one who is politically affiliated with any certain campaign. She was and still is actively involved with the HITA 98 camp and she supports Angel Santos 101%. I think it's pretty sad how you're assuming that Mr. Onedera is doing this for political reasons. Do you even know who he is? He has been doing all he can to preserve the Chamoru language, culture, and heritage to the best of his ability, for many years! In fact, when Mr. Onedera was in direction of I Kumision i Fino' Chamoru, he was ridiculed back in 1992, when they presented their proposals to the Legislature. I'll also have all you people out there know that during the 22nd Legislature, there were six Republicans and one Democrat who made a mockery of the Kumision's work. Let me also point out that that was during the Ada administration. I think what my fellow classmates from the CM courses at UOG are upset about is the fact that we were led to believe that the ADA/CAMACHO camp was going to participate in our forum tonight. Too bad for them, 'cause their decision really swayed a lot of peoples' minds. I think Onedera would have done the same thing if the GUTIERREZ/BORDALLO team was to pull out from the forum. A lot of hard work was put into this forum, not just as a class assignment, but for the love of our language. What gives? ADA/CAMACHO pulled out for Felix's birthday fundraiser, but they participated in the Chinese forum? Thanks guys! Onedera's just doing his job, people! Give him a break! I know him well enough to say that the best way to hurt him would be to exploit, criticize, or make the effort to once and for all demolish the Chamoru language. Just like the man he is, his work is very pure...

-- VBear (, October 21, 1998.


You're right. I don't have the facts, and I don't know Mr. Onedera. All I know is that he was quick to lash out against Joe before the reasons for him cancelling on the debate came out. That led me to question the motives, but it could just be a tendency on Mr. Onedera's part to judge quickly. That's natural, and as far as I know everything you've posted is correct. Thanks for the information.

-- Lighthouse (, October 22, 1998.


You never seem to have the facts yet you continue to post with deceitful intent designed to cast a suspicion on anything that is negative towards Joe Ada. Let me tell you that Joe Ada can't defend himself especially went he can't fact the serious allegations that he received 2 million dollars from Tony Leon Guerrero for getting the Bank of Guam a 250 million dollar bond that should have been awarded to the Bank of Hawaii costing the people of Guam another 14 million dollars. Joe is the master of fiscal luancy and continues to hide and will not answer directly to the people of Guam.

-- (, October 22, 1998.

Joe Ada's excuse that he couldn't come to the debate because of Felix's birthday party is b.s. Felix's birthday is not until Halloween. And why would they schedule the party on a Thursday and not a Friday? Its not like it was the actual birthday date. Also, the "republicans" claim the birthday party was scheduled months in advance yet why didn't they inform the Chamorro debate organizers months in advance??? They could have changed the date. Truth be known, Joe Ada doesn't speak english or chamorro very well, that's why he didn't attend the debate, no other reason.

-- Antonio (, October 22, 1998.

Mr. Facts,

Your statements are unsupported. I'm not saying they're wrong, I'm saying you need to provide evidence and logical arguments for them.

You say Joe Ada's $2 million loan was given because of a $250M bond given to Bank of Guam. How do you know this is the reason the $2M loan was given? Is it speculation by some people? Or does anyone have documented evidence. I'd be very interested in the answers.

You say that the $250M bond should have been awarded to Bank of Hawaii -- why? What evidence do you have that the bond was unfairly or incorrectly awarded? I'd like to see documented support for this too.

The reason I have more questions about allegations regarding Joe Ada is because I know less about him. I know a lot about what Karl does, and have very good information about what goes on in his administration.

-- Lighthouse (, October 22, 1998.

Please see my answers in the "Joe Ada/Bank of Guam Thread".

-- Truthkeeper (, October 22, 1998.

Lighthouse -

Your responses to this thread are wholly inconsistent, and dodges the strongest statement made by Matthew above regarding Joe's lack of support for the Chamoru land Trust Act. First you state, "I don't endorse Joe Ada, I don't like the alternative." Then you state, "I'll vote for Joe Ada no matter how unslick he is." Sounds like the strongest endorsement of his candidacy I have ever heard. Sure - you can yell all you want how you don't want to vote for Carl, but there are only two seats, so logically you will be voting for Joe. When you state the fact that you will vote for Joe no matter this or no matter that - face it - that is an endorsement for Joe - regardless of your motive for doing so.

Anyway - I would like your response on your feelings regarding Joe's perfomance in having to be sued to enforce the Act. The strongest statement made in this thread - yet you seemed to wholly ignore it.

Thank you -

-- still (, October 24, 1998.

test - sorry

-- testing (, October 24, 1998.

To Wondering:

Thank you for your interest in my political preferences. If you must know, I am sticking to my position that King Karl is unsupportable, so I have no choice but to vote for Joe. I don't endorse Joe. I said I'd vote for him no matter how unslick he is -- but what I thought was understood when I said this is that slickness isn't what matters to me when it comes to the voting booth. Karl may have a lot of people thinking that his slickness is a reason for voting for him, but really slickness shouldn't matter. Integrity matters more to me, and seeing how much more integrity Joe seems to have than Karl, I would use that as more of a reason to vote for Joe than slickness. I probably didn't write that too well, but that's my reasoning. If you want to take it as an endorsement of Joe, that's fine. Just remember that it's more of a statement against Karl, in my opinion.

As for the Chamorro Land Trust issue, I don't have enough information to make an informed opinion. For all I know, Joe might have been dead wrong on that issue -- I can't say for sure. Even if he were dead wrong, that's not as bad (to me) as some of the corruption I know about in King Karl's administration. But I won't argue one way or the other on the issue until I have more information. Why don't you ask someone else for their opinion on the matter? What is your opinon, by the way? What information do you have that could enlighten me?

Thanks for the questions. Sorry my answers couldn't be more satisfactory.

-- Lighthouse (, October 25, 1998.

Lighthouse -

Thanks for the response. Yes, I still disagree with you regarding your endorsement of Ada, but I guess i understand your position. Seems to me however, that your suspicious lack of information on Ada - for almost all of the key issues mentioned on this forum - other than this mysterious integrity quality - tends to conveniently focus the forum on a blasting Carl format. Unfortunately, it only seems fair that if your adament about voting against Carl (or for Joe - SAME THING) - then you should at least have some idea about the quality of a candidate you are voting for. Sure - you believe that Joe has integrity - that is fine. I was wondering however, if you can give me some evidence or reasons why you feel Joe has such quality? I am not doubting it, - I understand he is a nice likeable person - but just wondering about where you got your opinions - considering you seem to know little about him.

Finally - you asked about my feelings. Well, I don't dislike Joe Ada. I am sure he is a nice man. I am surprised you don't remember the suit that forced him to appoint members to the CLTC, it was a big story at the time. Although I am by no means a one-issue voter, for Chamoru-rights issues, it certainly did not look good.

-- still (, October 25, 1998.

To Wondering:

Regarding the Chamorro Land Trust suit, I do remember it, but remembering it and having information about it are two different things. I didn't follow stories about the suit because, even though I am Chamorro, I had no plans to apply for land trust property. I thought the land trust was a good idea, but I don't know what Ada's reasons were for not implementing it.

I've said before and I'll say again that I have a lot more information about Karl than I do about Joe. I know what Karl has done, and because of that I can't support him. I only know what I remember about Joe, which is that besides a couple of mistakes he seemed like an OK governor -- far from perfect, but not nearly as korrupt as Karl.

I can't give you a laundry list of Joe's accomplishments or good qualities. Maybe Frank Cruz, a participant of this forum who seems to know a lot about Joe, could help you out there.

-- Lighthouse (, October 25, 1998.

All the honesty and integrity in the world is worthless if you lack the ability to manage the Govermnent of Guam. Goodbye old Joe we can't survive your brand of leadership.

-- (, October 26, 1998.

Dear Expose,

Why don't you ask yourself, why the FBI is investigating certain things that this administration has done. As far as I am concern losing a debate and committing illegal acts are on two different levels. You can attack Joe's performance at the debate all you want, but you can never attack his ethics as a leader. IT seems that ethics doesn't exist in Carl's vocabulary. Sure a good performance in a debate is important but it didn't stop Carl from winnning after he loss the debate to Angel Santos. Angel should be named governor then since he won the debate against carl. Angel seems to be better at debating than all the other candidates. I guess my point is that Joe's performance doesn't mean anything cause carl loss the debate to angel but still won the election.

Lets talk about another issue: ETHICS.

Don't you think this is an important quality a leader should have?

-- (, October 26, 1998.

Have you ever noticed that the ones who yell and scream about this person being corrupt and that person living without ethics usually turn out to be the most corrupt and unethical of people?

-- Antonio (, October 27, 1998.

Food for thought

1. Since Joe ADA did so poor with the first debate, cancelled the debate in Chamoru, what is the possibility of him doing good or showing up for that matter come this weeks debate???

2. With the "Admitted" drug user Antoinette recently caught for importing a controlled substance, what is the possibility of her case being "dismissed"??? You think Santos, charfaurous and whats his loud mouth....Chris have something to do with it....Possible set up..maybe

I mean hell, if this Antoinette can say she did drugs with tommie, she probably would make up ANTOHER LIE and say she was smuggling drugs in for the governor.......think about it.

Lessons learned is all we need to make an infromative decission, right?? We are still the mauleg ones...



All I know is that if ADA wins this election, I will personally send him a years subscription of Dianetics and order him the ELEMENTARY EDITION OF "HOOKED ON PHONICS"... this will undoubtedly pick up his communication skills..don't ya think???

-- happyface (, October 27, 1998.

The bust of Antoinette might be a setup, don't know for sure, but I got this feeling it's payback for opening her mouth with the truth. Anybody who knows that karl kontrols kustoms knows that it's entirely possible, the setup I mean.

As for not voting for Mark C. and Angel, they got my support. Any government needs some outspoken watchdogs to rattle the nogood-doers up and look over their shoulders. Who wouldn't want them is the nogood-doers so that they can getaway with murder. Are you some kinda kommie or what?

Joe is a down to earth man, not a showoff leader of a band of kronies who think that just because they got a 98 sticker on their kar, drive like the rudest rulers of the road. Joe can out talk you happyface, for sure!

-- johnny bravo cruze (, October 27, 1998.

I got a 98 sticker on my car but it's upside-down.

-- (, October 27, 1998.

Nobody said Antoinette was an angel. She is a drug user. Also remember that she said representatives of the administration offered her $500,000 and a one-way ticket off of Guam. Also remember she has gotten death threats.

Mark Charfauros and Angel Santos have the votes of me and my families simply because they fight to expose corruption in government and are on the side of the People.

-- Dakta Ziegfried (, October 27, 1998.

To Antonio (allsmiles)

No I haven't noticed that the people yelling and screaming about someone being corrupt and unethical were the ones that were actually corrypt and unethical. Could you name a few? Ever wonder how most of the people that are accused of being corrupt and unethical deny it and are really guilty. I can name one, Bill Clinton. He kept denying that he had any sexual relations with Monica and then got caught. Did you listen to his first testimony? Sounded a lot like Carl.

-- (, October 27, 1998.

Joe Ada is stillstupid after all these years that is why we can't risk 4 more years. The 'mauleg mohons' are so desperate with Lucifer L.G. Santos as the headhunter. It's a fact that the voting numbers since the primary points are strong in favor of Carl. Is Joe Ada going to debate or is he going to another birthday party this friday? Perhaps there is nothing to debate about cause Joe Ada is brain dead and it may be good not to show up. Perhaps, Joe may not show up for the final debate afterall it is the mauleg chicken way

-- (smile@kuentos.won), October 27, 1998.

"Dakta", thank you for your comments all the way from California, legislature still paying you to campaign for Joe Ada? Antoinette was paid by people who want to see the governor out of office, everyone knows that. Her story is not credible. Who sent her off-island after her deposition with David Lujan so she couldn't be desposed by Randy? She was NEVER offered $500,000, as an icehead she would have taken it.

-- Jane (, October 27, 1998.


You say that Antoinette was paid by people who want the governor's office, "everyone knows that."

I didn't know that. In fact, I still don't, seeing as how you haven't offered any evidence of that and in fact I'm sure there isn't any evidence of it.

Antoinette didn't leave island so she couldn't be deposed by Cunliff - - she left so she could take her children to her sister's house, so they wouldn't be in the danger that she is in by testifying against the governor's family.

You say she was NEVER offered $500,000, and yet you also have no evidence of that. Unless you are the governor, I think you would have no idea what he's offered her. I have no idea either, but neither of us can be sure what she was NEVER offered.

You say as an icehead she would have taken the money -- you forget that she has said that ice ruined her life, and that if it weren't for family members of the governor and lt. gov., she would never have gotten on ice in the first place. I think she has plenty of motivation not to accept the money, and to speak the truth about what has happened and continues to happen in this administration.

-- Lighthouse (, October 28, 1998.

I think Joe Ada came off as a much more effective communicator in today's gubernatorial forum than everybody has been claiming in this thread. He was articulate (with the same Chamorro accent, of course), he hit Karl pretty hard on some of the main issues, and he seemed honest as he did all that. It makes me feel better about my decision to vote for Joe (which is still mostly a vote against Karl).

I think his effective communication in today's forum supports the theory that in the last debate he just stumbled a bit in the beginning and didn't recover -- the theory that holds that he was an effective communicator in his 8 years as governor, despite the fact that he has never come across well in broadcast media.

-- Lighthouse (, October 28, 1998.

Lighthouse, interesting take on the debate. You must've been there since it wasn't broadcast on any media. Anyway, although Joe Ada did much better this time (it would be hard for him to do any worse)he certainly didn't come close to the governor's stellar performance. And although Ada said something he still didn't say anything.

Also interesting to note that Ron Tangye and Fred Castro have been replaced as speech writers by Felix Camacho and Tony Sanchez (big surprise to you). Word has it that Ada asked if he could bring "staff" for the Chamber's Board of Directors meeting and Felix tagged along to take notes. Does this mean if Ada wins Felix will really be governor?!

Hugs,kisses and peace to all.....

-- Dan Courts (, October 28, 1998.

To lighthouse (on rthe response to "Jane" of 10/28)

First off, How do you know that the "Ice-head" did not "fabricate" any of the lies she has brought forward with respect to what she "claimed" happened the night she was caught sleeping after smoking ice? (someone posted awhile back that the "effects" are not the same among drug-users), which I agree to, but "you would have to be VERY ADDICTED to ice if you fall asleep after you smoke it). By the way, I am a drug rehap therapist, not a user.

Anyway, my point is this: your and Janes comments on "the offering of money to silent what happened" is all HEAR SAY. and comming from an "Admitted" and "Caught in the act" drug user, i would only take her words as T R A S H...

Second, (I probably should have posted this elsewhere, but what the heck):

Instead of this Governor coordinating "things to do" for the Presidents visit, Should'nt he start getting on the ball with regards to THE ULTIMATE TRANSITION FROM THIS ADMINISTRATION TO THE NEXT (ADA/CAMACHO).

Geez, I wonder how he will hide all the mismanagement?????

-- hear say or she say (nomore98@the mauleg, October 28, 1998.

Hear say or she say, you should start transitioning for your dissapointment when Gutierrez-Bordallo wins the election in less than a week.

-- Matthew (, October 28, 1998.

To "Matthew"

My dear Mateo, comment on your "transition to disappointment", but the fact will still remain, Your 98 team will still have to set up a transitional team after the President and ms. lewinsky visit this month. and of course after your 98 leader finds ways to hide all the corruption he built since 94.

You should know about the corruption, because you have to Help hide it come January 1999.

Thank you, and by the way, you are more than welcomed to come by the victory celebration at ADA CAMP, (but be sure to take off your 98 sticker)

-- hear say or she say NKA I say ADA (allsmiles for ADA@mauleg, October 28, 1998.


Guess what ? The trill is back Joe Ada the master-debator can articulate. Now, I guess Carl is shaking all over like a scared rabbit and may not show up for the UOG debate. Biba si Joe Ada.

-- (, October 28, 1998.

Hear say,

Thanks for asking. I have some pretty good information that at least some of what Antoinette is saying is true -- there are a bunch of GPD officers who saw it and say it happened. They've been ordered to shut up. I don't know if she really fell asleep or not -- what she said is after smoking the ice for the first time, she felt really sick and nauseated, and soon after fell asleep. I know that ice keeps you awake, but if she was sick, maybe she could sleep. I can't say for sure. Perhaps her memory of an event four years ago isn't perfect. I am pretty sure she's right about the event happening, though.

Thanks for participating in the forum.

-- Lighthouse (, October 29, 1998.

Simple Joe

Joe Ada, the master-debator for the honesty and integrity team did a lot better, however lost dearly when he promised he would not pardon any more crooks, did not pay for the $14,500 worth of GPA power poles, accused the federal govermnent of abusing the Chamorros, said he would get the hospital accredited and he got for free from Guam Power Authority. Felix Camacho said that if he would win by trimming personnel in the govermnent and terminate contract employees. Just watch out they might fire your family or friends.

-- (Joe@winner.joke), October 30, 1998.

Joe Ada so where is the $300,000 slush fund from GEDA, and the sweet heart deal you got from Bank of Guam and the free power poles from GPA. Boy I love your brand of honesty and integrity.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

To everyone who accuses me of "lies" but doesn't say which specific lies they mean: here's an example of how to point out specific lies and then debunk them.

* Winner.joke talks about Joe not paying for power poles, just as Karl did in the debate. However, I think this allegation has been sufficiently answered in the media -- Joe's business got free power hookups just as any similar business at the time would have. He followed the system set up by GPA and anyone else would get the same treatment. Even Karl's GPA manager, Rick Unpingco, admitted that Joe followed GPA's system. Karl, on the other hand, gives out free power hookups to people he thinks he can buy votes from -- he has no equitable system, there is no program set up with criteria that apply to anyone who wants power, and Karl refuses to answer questions about who he has given free power hookups to and why.

* Winner.joke also says Joe accused the federal govt of abusing the Chamorro people. The truth is that Joe said Chamorros have been abused for hundreds of years, which is very true. Read your history about Spanish and Japanese crimes against Chamorros. But it is also true that the U.S. has ignored basic Chamorro rights to self-determination and self government. The Congressman who ambushed Joe last year might have succeeded in having people hear about these problems, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

* concludes by saying "watch out they might fire your family or friends." And he says Felix Camacho said he would trim personnel in the government and terminate contract employees."

This is a clever deception. First, Joe said he'd put an end to the rampant "limited term employees" who have no civil service rights and who can be fired by Karl if they attend the wrong fundraiser. What he'd do is hire full term employees instead -- if they are needed. This makes more sense than what Karl's been doing.

Second, Felix said he'd trim the employees at the goveror's office where Karl has spent millions hiring family and friends (uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins -- meetings at adelup are like family affairs, Felix said). So yes, if you are a family member of Karl's, then you can expect to have your free ride end if Ada/Camacho are elected. Actual government employees don't seem to have anything to worry about -- do you think Felix is dumb enough to threaten govguam jobs? Get real.

* FBI@hotmail talks about a slush fund at GEDA and a sweetheart deal at Bank of Guam -- I think this has been asked and answered in the media. The GEDA deals were sufficiently explained, and the Bank of Guam loan was shown to be fair and 100% covered by collateral. How is there anything wrong with getting a loan from a bank, especially when you guarantee it 100% with your own property? And don't forget that banks are the most highly regulated and audited businesses on earth. That loan has been properly reviewed and audited, otherwise Joe would have had to pay it back or BOG would have been fined.

Please come back when you have some real charges.

-- Lighthouse (, October 30, 1998.

Tony lighthead

The only charge this debate shows is that we do not need Joe's brand of honesty and integrity of GEDA slush funds, BOG loans, free power poles for Joe Ada from GPA. You can kiss your dirty forum goodbye after 4 November because Carl will be still the one. You are just a little coward hiding behind a computer without a name and a lot of hate and contempt. You are the king of garbage collection of hate and contempt on this island. You are a worthless to your cause and you will soon pay a price.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

Well the UOG is the only thing that Joe Ada may be proud, he finally opened his mouth. It does not matter the damage from the first debate is profound and the polls indicates a strong landslide for still the one. Congratualations Joe Ada you opened your mouth and Carl was able to slam it with a power pole. You are not a very honest person hey Joe afterall.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

Whoever you are Win@hotmail, talk about hiding. You are doing the same as everyone else. I hide because of my government job!

-- hiding (, October 30, 1998.

Win: It's funny how you post allegations that have already been refuted, and yet you offer no new reasons to believe the allegations. Your reading comprehension doesn't seem to be too good.

Hiding: Win and others on this forum are so intent on finding out my identity, while they hide theirs, for one reason only. Look at what Karl and the Kalvos have done to everyone who's publicly spoken out against them: Paul Kalvo came out with pointless editorials against Chris Barnett and Angel Santos; Karl's pet George Bamba has put out attack ads against Mark Charfauros, Joe Ada and Angel Santos; Karl has sued Mark Charfauros twice; and these are just the examples that come to the top of my head.

They'll keep trying to find out who they am, and perhaps eventually they'll find out. Then they'll attack me with all their force. If they really thought I was Tony Sanchez, they'd already be doing that. But so far, they got nothing on me. Keep trying, guys.

-- Lighthouse (, October 30, 1998.


lighthead, I really do not care about who you are. Peesssee, according to your friends they know who you are and the hidden agendas. Don't worry I just want to say continue your hate and arrogance against the innocent people supporting 98 the whole world is watching.

-- (, October 30, 1998.

Tony Lightbulb,

Joe Ada has ended a lifetime political career unmarred by a loss, by making a desperate unholy alliance with Lucifer L.G. Santos and Cain C. Charfauros... he then puts himself on a stage, parrots the hate and anger that sends the grape-coolaid crowd into a mouth-frothing frenzy... and this is how he is going to salvage the reputation of the republican party which can't find a candidate for governor???!

Joe Ada had to have been mortified when he was standing on stage waiting to do his opening remarks, and Cain C. Charfauros walked in, to have the entire grape-coolaid crowd turn around and cheer Der Furer.... backs to Joe.

Then the cheers started...and they rang throughout the fieldhouse... ABC....ABC.....ABC......

Gee, Joe. Now you're just "anybody". That has to hurt.

-- Yes We Are (, October 31, 1998.

Hmmm...ABC...If Joe is just "anybody" then I guess Gutierrez is "Butt Carl". Thanks for clearing that up.

The point is, most people on Guam are against the korruption that's been rampant under Karl, and we'll take anybody else. Joe will do just fine.

-- Lighthouse (, November 01, 1998.

The real reason Joe Ada is going to lose is Guam's fear that another 4 years of Joe will completely destroy Guam's economy. The Chamorro people have survived wars, earthquakes, typhoons, and so forth. However another 4 years of Joe will end the Chamorro's culture and race.

-- (, November 02, 1998.

Yeah, Karl has done just great with our economy. The economy has been going down the drain for almost two years and just now, right before the election, Karl unveils his plan to deal with the crisis. Unemployement is at an all-time high, Karl won't release unemployment figures. Government revenues are at rock bottom, and instead of cutting costs, Karl has spent wildly on kampaign measures like driveway paving, free power hookups and crazy hiring for votes.

Karl has done nothing to help our economy. Karl was the ways and means chairman that spent the most freely and put out the most bloated budgets. Joe led us to economic boom. What evidence do you have that Karl would be better than Joe for the economy?

-- Lighthouse (, November 03, 1998.


Go look for the big cry baby loser Joe Ada and give him a mauleg mohon kiss. You and your simple Joe deserve each other.

-- (, November 03, 1998.

To "kiss":

Good point.

-- Lighthouse (, November 04, 1998.

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