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Have you seen cybermag's remote poll results lately. Big difference from the online opinion. Is this a glitch in the system? Or maybe these sites are not as remote as we think. They should rename it selective polling.

-- nunya (guam2000@hotmail.com), October 14, 1998


Neither CyberMag poll is very good, but the on-line poll is better than the remote site poll. The word from Computerland folks is that Karl had about 100 of his supporters come to the site to vote en masse. It's ridiculous. Also look at the remote site poll's senatorial results: the governor's candidates (galen, bitanga, james nelson, ted, eloy, etc.) have almost exactly the same number of votes. Sound suspicious?

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 14, 1998.

Yeah the cyber sounds good to me, but who cares, it seems according to most sample polls it will be 'Still the One' come November.

-- Sounder (Soundsgood@hotmail.com), October 14, 1998.

I've heard about a lot of these mythical polls too. But many of them don't actually exist. Which polls are you referring to, exactly, what were the results, and who did them, and what was the sample size and methodology? I don't really trust the statistics of polls that are probably made up.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 14, 1998.

Lighthouse conduct your own poll you are in the dark without polls. Choose your own method, no wonder you don't know what is really going on. You need a basis for your text! Wow you must have been in extreme isolation on the ivory lighthouse for a long time.

-- Poll (PollYourself@hotmail.com), October 14, 1998.

Online polls are a farce anyway and have no real value except for pure entertainment. There is no controlled sampling. The Carl clan running en masse to stack the polls are laughable, but one person alone can enter many "votes" to stack them just as well. So what good is it? Might as well get your java programming buddies to create an online Battleship game, one side Carl's fleet and the other Joe's. Then we all can play the game and believe who will win based on who wins the battleship java game...... it's just as scientific......

-- Toming (TomingGuam@aol.com), October 15, 1998.

Dear Mr. Poll,

Thank you for your suggestion that I conduct my own poll, but I think I'll pass. It's curious that when I ask specifics about a poll someone is citing, you accuse me of being "in the dark". Is there something wrong with asking about specifics?

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 15, 1998.

Lighhouse it just shows how unprepared you are to debate issues. You really do not have a clue as to the polls. You are like Joe Ada without a clue.

-- Clueless (Clueless@hotmail.com), October 15, 1998.

Mr. Clueless,

I will debate any specific argument you give me. I have not shied from any issue or from answering any question. All I have been given in this thread is a vague reference to some polls and evasive answers such as yours. It makes me wonder if there really are polls with the results you have claimed. Now, give me the specifics of the polls you're talking about, and I will be happy to continue the debate.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 15, 1998.

Gee people or those of you who call 'the keeper' out!! You either answer the man/woman or get the hell out!! Go somewhere where someone would give you a penny for your thoughts!! Not to respond is to show cowardice!! In fact, I'd give you all a penny to go tell someone who really gives a damn...put up or shut up!!

-- Disney (comments@aol.com), October 15, 1998.

Agency by agency, the Gutierrez Bordallo team have been sending government employees on Government time in Government vehicles to Computer Pro Warehouse on Route 16 to vote in the Cybermag Poll. These employees are given a list of Senatorial candidates which may vary slightly but no more than 15 candidates receive votes on any given day. Below are the number of votes cast per day since October 5, 1998

October 5: 70 votes

October 6: 17 votes

October 12: 61 votes

October 13: 50 votes

October 14: 117 votes

October 15: 115 votes

The Senatorial candidates on the list that got the same number of votes.

The media has been notified while this was happening as it was apparent at the time that dozens of vehicle, many with government plates would arrive at the same time. Although one media outlet is less than 1/4 mile away, and could have arrived within 15 minutes of being notified of this, they chose to ignore it. What kind of society do we live in when a leader has unlimited influence over the activities of the media. This practice is wrong morally, ethically and legally.

-- Your Full Name (email@dress.com), October 16, 1998.


You can bet that almost all of the Goverment of Guam employees will be voting for "Still the One". So whats the problem with that?

-- Employee (goverment@hotmail.com), October 16, 1998.

The problem you idiot, is that they voted at cybermag on public time using public vehicles. That is the problem.

-- (fredb-goode@yahoo.com), October 17, 1998.


So if it is a problem why don't you call up the FBI andJanet Reno and report it.

-- (Offical@hotmail.com), October 17, 1998.

Employee and Official,

You both have missed the point. It's not a matter of govt employees voting for the governor, nor is it a matter of illegality.

It is a matter of integrity. Large groups of govt employees voting all at once and all for the same gubernatorial and SENATORIAL candidates don't mean they all support the same people. It means they've been given a list of candidates to vote for, including the governor, and ordered to go down and vote on the cyberpoll. This means the governor is intentionally trying to flood the poll, to mislead people reading the polls, to manipulate public opinion using government employees.

Does that sound alright to you? I'll bet it does.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 17, 1998.


We shall see come November how empty your thoughts are. Most of the GovGuam employees are for Carl. So tune in or drop out, here comes the November elections.

-- (We@hotmail.com), October 17, 1998.

we?? "Most of the gov workers are for karl" ha ha what a funny statement,I guess "most" is enough to win. of course, their for karly, they got hired because of karly.look around, get off of that poison, ice will f*** you up.

a gov worker

-- wee wee (wee@huh.net), October 17, 1998.

You would have to pass a drug test to become an executive branch employee. I have a question, do legislative employees go to a drug test? I know that the senators(me-no-sin) do not go through any drug test. I wonder what the results would be if they were tested?

-- (hafa@kuentos.com), October 18, 1998.

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