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I've got a Hawkeye sans Flash unit. Even if I find one are bulbs available or is this a lost cause?? just curious. Thanks

-- allan kirby (, October 13, 1998


Flash bulbs for hawkeye

Try (honestly :-} Don't know what battery the flashgun uses, this may be a stumbling block, then you'll need the film........

-- Chris Eve (, October 20, 1998.

Re: Hawkeye Flashbulbs

I just purchased a really good Hawkeye flash from an online auction house. This kit had the camera, flashgun, book, and original box and I only paid $10 for it. The best thing is it came with 8 Sylvania Blue Flashbulbs. The Flashgun takes 2 standard C size batteries. When It arrived yesterday I put it all together and wasted a flashbulb just to see if it all worked right... Boy did it ever! It took me back how much light those old flashbulbs generate compared to a modern rechargeable flash. Anyhow, if you aren't in a hurry to collect flashbulbs, then join (it's free). Enter in Flashbulbs for your search. There are usually about 11 auctions going on at one time for just flashbulbs, and you'll pay a fraction of what Bill Cress charges. Subsequently the Hawkeye takes GE 5 or 5B bulbs, Sylvania Press 25 or Press 25B, and the older SM type bulbs. The only other advice I can give you is use the clear bulbs for black and white pictures, and the blue bulbs for color pictures. Hope this helps you.

-- L.A. Tamasi (, October 31, 1998.

how about using electronic flash with brownie hawkeye?

-- whalan (WHALAN@POL.NET), February 23, 2000.

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