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Well, if tyou got them, go and see "ANT_Z." I just saw it today and I was not only impressed by the detailed and refined animation (Siskel & Ebert gave the movie two thumbs up). In adition, I saw many elements from Titanic in this movie:

1. working class young guy meets princess from the upper class;
2. he annoys her but he is different and she falls in love with him;
3. they want to kill him; she saves him, he saves her;
4. New York holds the action;
5. she has a mother (the Queen), but there is no father;
6. he is heading to "Insectopia" in search for a better life (America?);
7. he has a close friend;
8. he and she dance and they're in the middle of the dance floor;
9. the upper class is "the better half" (soldiers); workers are despised;
10.there is a flood scene before the end of the movie;
11.he almost dies, pludging in the water deep, but is rescued;
12.she is bound to be married with a guy she does not love;
13.she follows her new love;
14.he and she are courageous;
15.she is no picnic, even spoiled, but chages during the movie;
16.the lower class is sealed "below decks" and is doomed to die;
17.not all in the upper class are bad and arrogant;
18.the symbols of hands, stars, water, freedom, revolution, sacrifice, love etc;
19.respecting the rules/ breaking them;
20.the scene present in GWTW and Titanic - a desolate sea of corpses or soon to be corpses;
21.she will have lorts of babies (in these case "a million, maybe two")

And maybe even more elements ... I guess GWTW and Titanic have set some standards in the movie business...or is it just me seeing this movie everywhere? What do you think? Am I going nuts?

-- Dan Draghici (, October 13, 1998


Hee hee hee, this is really cute Dan :-) We're supposed to be getting this movie out here in a few weeks but I don't think I'll be seeing it at the cinemas. Darn boyfriend! ;-)

-- Emma (, October 14, 1998.

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