Which Republican Senator hopeful is Ada/Camacho going to drop?

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Here's what I want to know, I had the opportunity to attend a Ada/Camacho pocket meeting and I saw Sen. Angel, Harold Cruz???, Pedo Terlaje, and Sen. Mark Charfarous. My husband and I have been republicans for quite sometime. My husband brought up a very good point- There is a full slate of republicans running for senator now, which one of those is Joe and Felix going to betray in order to include the 4 democrats during election time. That wouldn't be very nice to Angel or Mark if there are looking for and endorsment and Joe won't even vote for them....and if he does, then he betrayed his party principles of block voting....I remember that the current Governor was heavily critisized for not voting for all democrats during a primary election at opne time...The governor was called everyname in the book by the very same people who now support Joe & Felix....Talk about being true to the Party.....As a very conservative republican, I am kind of scared to have a radical like Sen. Santos & Charfarous on our side now. They are not republican and can never be. I am concered for those republican hopefuls that will be let down because Joe & Felix have extended thier arm to embrace the very principles which are against. Joe's "coat tails" aren't that big to hold both the Democratic hopefuls and Republican hopefuls....all I can say is Sorry 4 democratic candidates you may support my candidate, but I can't find it in my soul to support you.....And to all the republicans out there who are running, run for cover....somebody is going to get screwed and get it hard...When this election is over, there are going to be alot of regrets.

-- Janet (allsmiles@hotmail.com), October 12, 1998



Thank you for posting a common misconcption that I can clear up. I support no candidate and don't care about party politics, but it does bother me when I hear illogical statements like the one you've posted.

Joe is free to support more than 15 candidates. In fact, he can support EVERY candidate that is against the level of korruption we've seen in King Karl's administration. Karl's action was different -- he publicly endorsed only a FEW democratic candidates, meaning that he was telling people not to vote for others. Joe in't telling anyone not to vote for someone -- he's embracing ALL anti-korruption (ABC) candidates. He doesn't have to take a stance on which 15 anti- korruption candidates he wants to support.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 13, 1998.

Joe Ada's endorsement of Tommy Tanaka's bid for governor was a low down mauleg move back in 1994. Perhaps Tommy can return back and forgive Joe Ada with an endorsement for 1998. Yeah right forget me not TNT.

-- Joe's Ghost (Team Player@kuentos.net), October 13, 1998.

Dear Lighthouse,

You still haven't answered my question. I want Joe Ada to come out publicaly and mention who he is going to vote for in this election.....I am sure everyone would like to know. Last night, I went to the Ada/Camacho meeting in Sinajana and still wondered....I am a republican, but I think I am going to sit out this election.....I think I am also going to encourage my friends too....What happened to the two party system??? Sen. Salas said that its not about party politics, its about good versus evil. I have my own views on whats good and whats evil, the last thing I need is a Sen. to explain what it is..

-- Janet (allsmiles@hotmail.com), October 13, 1998.

Dear Janet:

In response to your last post, the two party system is still alive...some would even argue that more exist. You say you want Joe Ada to come out publicaly and mention who he is going to vote for in this election. You als say that Sen. Salas said that its not about party politics, its about good versus evil and that you have your own views on what is good and what is evil...if that truly is the case, who Joe Ada is voting for should not matter to you.

Put aside party politics and vote for the candidates that you feel will be able to help the people of Guam as a whole, rather than those who continue to divide our people...or in your case, because they belong to a particular party.

I attended both meetings in Sinajana. Hearing Senator Charfauros speak was yet another reason I'm doing away with party lines this election. There are good people on both sides.

-- average citizen (peopleofguam@usa.net), October 13, 1998.

Dear Rachel,

Perhaps I didn't answer your question because you didn't phrase it very clearly.

Here's what you asked in your original post: "My husband brought up a very good point- There is a full slate of republicans running for senator now, which one of those is Joe and Felix going to betray in order to include the 4 democrats during election time."

I answered that Joe Ada doesn't have to betray any Republican candidate, because he can be inclusive and support ALL candidates -- regardless of party -- who are anti-korruption. The overlying theme here is people are sick of what is happening in this administration, and they're banding together to fight it. It's not just politicians -- it's grassroots people, businessmen, government workers like me.

In your second post, you ask a new question: "You still haven't answered my question. I want Joe Ada to come out publicaly and mention who he is going to vote for in this election."

This is entirely different. You now want him to publicly say who he's going to vote for, instead of coming out against a candidate like you originally suggested he do. Either way, I think it would be a bad move, politically and in the name of korruption fighting. Why be devisive and split up the unified group of korruption fighters? Everyone should stick together to beat the korrupt administration. Sure, not all the korruption fighters will win, but that's the way elections work. The voters should decide, not Joe Ada.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 14, 1998.

Another 98 tactic? Well, I don't blame Democrats for supporting Ada/ Camacho if they do. Carl has NEVER been a true statesman. He has betrayed the party everytime the party chose Ricky. Now that Ricky's gone & Barbie Doll can be bought off, Carl clings to this false perception that he is a true democrat. BS! All the Democrats know that Carl is two timing party person. Carl will never support Ben Pangelinan, Mark Charfauros, Anghet Santos, Judy Won Pat Borja, All who stand for Better Government & AntiCorruption. Carl only likes the brown nosers: Galen Lujan, Sonny, Francisco Camacho, Norbert (has to be a joke), Frank Aguon Jr., Ted Neson, and Free Willy because they have no backbone!

-- (neitherparty@screw.politics), October 14, 1998.

The 7 C's committie does not publicly endorse Party or political canadates. Therefore, the following is only my personal opinion and choice for the next political season:

Who should be droped from the Repulican Ballot?

Marcel (Ledbetter) Camacho Mark (Lying) Forbers Eddie (Fast Times) Calvo Carlotta (We're Related) Leon Guerrero

Democrates I might vote for

Jeff Peadwell Mark Charfaures Vicente Pangelinan Angel Santos (And I don't even like him, personally) Fancisco Camacho

If your wondering why? I don't vote for parties, I vote for people who I feel have the better intentions. Yes I am wrong sometimes...like last election voting for Forbes.

-- ShadowMaster (shadowmstr@yahoo.com), October 17, 1998.


Out of curiosity and not in defense of anyone, what lies are you saying Forbes has told? I'm not doubting it, I'm just curious as to what specific statements Forbes has made that you're talking about.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 17, 1998.

In responce to Lighthouse Keeper. In 1996, Mark Forbes ran a popular campaign which centered around one plank: More poeple involvement in the law making process. He circulated numerous petitions and gathered much support for his election into the senate. Just prior to the November election in 96, He withdrew must of his initiatives and introduced them on the senate floor after the election. The problem here is that his initiatives, on a public ballot may have passed as they did in the senate; or they may have not. We'll never know now. We do know that if the initiatives had pass by popular vote, it would take 2/3 votes from the senate to override. As it is now, it only takes a majority vote to override. Thus the people movement was no more than a political LYING game to deceive the public into electing Mark Forbes. There are other examples which Forbes personally LIED to me about his Many Mirrored Mirage in the legislature, thus losing my faith and credit in Forbes.

-- ShadowMaster (Shadowmstr@yahoo.com), October 17, 1998.

Somebody suggested I read this forum, and I am glad I did today. The last post definitely deserves a response. First, I respect your opinion. If you don't wish to vote for me that is certainly your right and I do respect that. However, your interpretation of the effect of my having introduced the Legislative Reform Initiatives in bill form is somewhat in error. First, the laws establishing the votes on the reduction of senators and the cap on legislative budgets specify that they are to be treated as initiatives. They were in fact voted on by the people of Guam, last election. The same two-thirds requirement for a repeal exists, a simple majority would be insufficient, as would be the case had they not been placed on the ballot by a specific law. It's the same. But placing them on the ballot by law did offer us one advantage. As they were placed on the ballot by a specific piece of legislation, as opposed to the process (also established by legislation incidentally) in Title III, I was able to remove the application of the Santos Amendment to the reform initiatives, which made the passage of these initiatives easier since they only required a simple majority of Guam's voters to approve.

Again, I have no complaints about your apparent disdain for me. Truly, that is your right and to the extent I have seemed to disappoint you, I am sorry. But I hope you will consider the simple fact that my goal was to give the people of Guam the opportunity to vote on this issues because I believed that most people agreed that 21 senators was too great a number and that more stringent controls on legislative budget growth were required. We accomplished that. The votes were held and the will of the people prevailed. There are in fact only fifteen seats available for the Legislature this election and the cap is in place. Indeed, the twenty-fourth Guam Legislature has done a pretty good job of reducing costs, even beyond what the cap requires. Having said that, I believe there are still more to be done. When I first came up with the idea of reducing the number of senators, many friends of mine told me it was an impossible task, but all of us who voted for the initiatives can say we did it.

If you would like to talk about this, please call me at my office. The number is 472-3407 (8). It is a busy time of year right now, so if you miss me there, try me at home. I am listed in the phone book. Thank you for your time.

Senator Mark Forbes

p.s. I'll try and stay out of the forum. It's really for you folks to express your sentiments and ideas, but I just thought I would clear up the inaccuracies in the post. Thank you again.

-- Mark Forbes (senforbes@ite.net), October 19, 1998.

Mark Forbes,

Congrats, you just made 15 people more powerful. Thanks for your lousy initiatives!

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 19, 1998.

We got an elected official on this forum! That was interesting, and I would encourage any official who wants to clear up inaccuracies about him specifically, to post on this forum. BUT ... in no way is this forum to be used by candidates themselves to campaign, only to respond to questions to them specifically. For example, there is a letter on this forum to the governor. Karl is encouraged to respond.

Shadowmaster: now that that lie has been cleared up, what are other examples you have of Forbes lying? Maybe he'll come and straighten those out too.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 21, 1998.

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