why do you distort the truth so badly?

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I mean, any one can see that many Albanians are suffering from the KLA's struggle for independence. However, they brought it upon themselves by seeking to create a greater Albania. Just as the Serbs were set back in trying to create a greater Serbia, so will the Albanian KLA. Kosovo is a Serbian province. It is the birth place of Serbia. People like yourself attempt to promote a one sided view of the Kosovo crisis, making the Albanians innocent victims of Serb violence. They may be victims, but they are in no way innocent. If any group tried the sam in the United States, I would be amont the first to sign up to do battle. Hey, just look at how many people died in the civil war. The KLA wanted war, and they got it. There are no innocent victims in Kosovo. As for the Serbs, NATO airstrikes will surely make a devastating impact. In fact, the American government is planning such a strike that has not been seen too often since Vietnam. I think their response is a bit disproportional. Kill all Serbs for the lives of a few Albanian fighters in Kosovo. That is a good price to pay. Ofcourse, it doesn't surprise me. I was once a strong Republican until I watched how the U.S. mistreated my Argentina in the Malvinas Islands conflict. I also saw how our government distorted the truth in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Israel, protecting the criminals while making the innocent suffer. One of the worst examples was recently in Bosnia, where the Muslims gained a free country paid for by my and your tax money. Bosnians distorted the truth badly to win American sympathy. And for those of us who prefer not to think most of the time, it worked. Well, it didn't work for everyone. It was so clear how they used the media to their favor, even depriving their own people of water in order to have their own citizens shot at to promote the image of Serbs targeting innocent civilians. All I ask is that you be more fair handed. Talk about how the KLA has murdered many Serbs. But why should you care, you sit in luxury while others will die, believing you are good and competent for your actions. Well rest well tonight knowing that some people see your work as a waste of valuable time.

-- daniel rodriguez (daniel.rodriguez@widener.edu), October 12, 1998

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