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I have a number of large trees which I like and an organic vegetable garden which is essential. The trees like the services which I provide for the vegetables which is no surprise!. I use a ripper on the tractor to break the roots but this needs to be done at least twice a year. I've heard that copper sulphate can inhibit root regrowth. Can anybody help with specifics or suggest some other method of restraining the enthusiasm of the trees for my vegatable nutrients? (please don't suggest cutting the trees or moving the vegetable garden as these are not options.) Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Jo. Mount

-- Jo. Mount (, October 12, 1998


Hi, I can"t answer your question but you should be aware of the damage that copper does to all soil micro-organisms. Enough copper to inhibit the growth of tree roots will kill your garden. The problem with trees and gardens comes down to sun , water and food. Can you just work around the trees by overcompensating with water and nutrient. David.

-- David Roby (, February 11, 1999.

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