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I am currently enrolled at Indian River Community College and will be tranferring to Florida State for the Spring Semester 1999. I have recently become interested in crew and the attitudes,dedication, and persistence it requires , however my experience is that of zero. I am athletically fit and currently regaining my cardiovasclar strength (my parents tabacco addiction has taken a toll on my lungs these past two years via second hand smoke) my question ,in two parts, is: 1) What is required to make the team (i.e. tryouts, NCAA eligibilty requirements regarding transfer students) & 2) What can I do to make my credentials more appealing to the team (i.e. strength conditioning, weight requiirements ,other essential variables) to make up for what i lack in experience. Sincerely, Arthur "Rob" Tessar Jr.

-- Arthur "Rob" Tessar Jr. (art5927@ircc.net), October 10, 1998

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