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Can someone claify the colors on ACL passenger cars? What I need to know,on the ex-C&O and ex-NKP cars, what was the color above the bottom flutting? Silver or grey? What color was applied to the ex-NYC Bridge series 4-4-2 (ACL River series 4-4) silver or grey?

-- Joseph Oates (, October 09, 1998


Judging from photos, this color was the same as ACL's "aluminum-gray" that was used for passenger car lettering in the 1950s purple scheme. It appears to be not quite as shiny-bright as the aluminum diesel loco lettering. It was designed to blend with stainless steel cars and is lighter and more metallic than gray, yet it more muted than a pure aluminum or stainless steel color. That's the best I can do describing it in words -- anybody out there have a color card or actual paint sample??

-- Larry Goolsby (, October 12, 1998.

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