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I recently picked up of couple of Brownies at a flea market-- a basic, earlier black one and an aluminum Model F.

The black Brownie, in great shape albeit dusty, still contained a film spool in it which read "Brownie Film" on the flange. Is my understanding, from the film history section, correct that in 1913 Kodak stopped marking film as such? Could I be resurrecting a camera that hasn't been used for 80+ years?

Secondly, the aluminum bodied Model F is tan in color. I've seen a lot of the colored Brownies constructed of cardboard-like material, but not of metal. Was the Model F also sold in the variety of colors?

Many thanks!


-- Wes Sechler (, October 09, 1998


re: Couple Questions.....

Hi Wes, First, you didn't mention what model your black Brownie is. If it is a model that the film was indeed discontinued in 1913 then I would say yes to it not being used for 80 years. Secondly, Is your Model F a "Six-20 Brownie Model F"? If it is, that model only comes in tan. The other models it is fashioned from where slightly different in color and grain. All where made from metal though I'm not sure if it is from aluminum.

-- Chuck (, October 09, 1998.

No.2 Brownies (coloured)

The No.2 Brownie Model F was made in a range of colours as well as black, according to Brian Coe. In the US, red, grey, green, blue and brown. In the UK, red, brown, claret, green, blue and grey.There was also a silver coloured one for the Silver Jubilee of George V.

-- Chris Eve (, October 09, 1998.

re: Couple Questions OOPS!

OOPS! I guess next time I should read the title.

-- Chuck (, October 09, 1998.

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