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OK, two questions for the experts:

1) For a long time I thought that Cal, after getting in the boat using the little girl that was crying, put her back on the ship and she must have died. Yesterday night I watched the tapes again. I believe that I was wrong on this fact before. He only put her in the lap of another woman in the boat in order to grab an oar and keep swimmers at bay: "No! You'll swamp us!" I clearly saw the little girl later, in the scene where Cal sips some wiskey. She is in the lap of the woman sitting left from Cal.

2) For a few seconds, while the party goes on wild in the third class, we see the first class men talking in the lounge, while having "ciggars and brandy." One of them is talking something about some decision taken by the US Congress. Is it the same actor (Litgow, if I'm right) who plays in "Third Rock from the Sun," or is it just a similar appearance?

-- Dan Draghici (, October 08, 1998


Dan, I noticed the same thing about the girl when I watched the video. I would have sworn on the Bible that the last time I saw the movie at the cinemas he threw the little girl into the crowd to keep people away from his boat but later I also saw her on that lady's lap when he accepted that drink.

It took great courage but I admitted to Allison that she was right and I was wrong because she kept telling me he never threw her back on board. D'oh!

Also, I'll have a look next time to see if one of the guys with Cal looks like John Lithgow from Third Rock From The Sun. I remember him best as the bad guy in Cliffhanger though.

-- Emma (, October 08, 1998.

Dan, I think it was the same actor that played Benjamin Guggenheim, if I remember correctly. Who knows, I may not have seen him, I probably didn't pay attention. Oh well, glad I cuold help if I did at all! Kelly :-)

-- Kelly (, October 08, 1998.

Hi Dan: Could you possibly be thinking of a scene in the made for tv "Titanic" as I think that same method of grabbing a child to get into a boat was used in that movie as well. Just a thought.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, October 09, 1998.

No, Peter. It was just my (and others) impression during the first views of this movie (1997) that Cal only used the girl to get into the boat and once she was not useful to him, he would be so bad as to put her back on the ship. I still wonder if he felt any remorse for the little girl when he used her or it was 100% a desperate and pragmatic interest driven behavior on his part ("I always win, Jack...One way or another"). I would like to think that he genuinely wanted to help the girl, while getting his way out of the ship. That way he would have a more balanced and somewhat humane character in this movie. I don't believe in the all white/black type of characters. It's all gray for me...

-- Dan Draghici (, October 09, 1998.

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