Orders are e-mailed but have no products or totals, whats the solution ?

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I've got a problem with orders being e-mailed to me with no product information . Have you seen this before ? Also I noticed that the smart.cfg is version 1.8 and all the rest of the cgi stuff is 1.9.5 is that causing this ? I need a solution soon we are running this with our on-line computer store and I have to keep calling everyone that the order doesn't go through, this is getting expensive.

-- JC Lema (jclema@moab.net), October 05, 1998


I've had similar problems. Its to do with the way S-Mart uses a users IP address to track its customers. With many ppl using Proxy servers nowadays, unique IPs are no longer Unique. I've run into this problem many times, and I'm looking for a quick solution. Maybe using Cookies?

Regards, Jacky

-- Jackson (jkha@acacia.itd.uts.edu.au), October 06, 1998.

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