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I have been a big fan of Bill's since I first saw him a few years ago. According to a fellow fan of Rick Nelson's, Rick's daughter Tracy is working on a film about her dad with the Carsey Werner people. I have always thought Bill would be a perfect casting choice because of his remarkable physical resemblence to Rick. Also he seems to have the same type of gentle soul that Rick seemed to have. I mean, it is hard to think of either one of them having a mean thought. They just project "nice guy", like Gary Cooper did. I would like to see Drake Hogstyn from Days of Our Lives as Rick in the later years, instead of Bill in cracked old make- up. Anybody agree with me?

-- p. j. riley (, October 05, 1998


new role for Bill

Billy has been approached by the Nelson children to play their father if a project got off the ground. This was a few years ago and at the time Billy was interested in doing it. I have read about the current project but don't know if casting has taken place. As far as I know Billy has not been official asked to play the role in the new bio film. He would be a great choice given his resemblance and talent.

If anyone should happen to find out anything on the current project please post a note on the board and I will be sure to post an announcement if Billy does get the role.


Hey, Wasn't the Bills/SF football game this past weekend amazing!!!!

-- WMFC (, October 06, 1998.

Billy as Rick Nelson...YES!

I am so glad that the Nelson children have noticed the remarkable resemblance between Billy and Rick and are considering him for the role. There would be no better choice! The last I heard...the script was still in development and casting had not taken place. Carsey-Werner is working really hard on the script right now, so hopefully it won't be long. Billy's agent should probably contact the people at Carsey-Werner as soon as possible if he doesn't hear from them first. I think he would be an excellent Rick Nelson and I hope it works out that way!

-- Julie Jones (, November 16, 1998.

Bill as Rick Nelson, would be so great

I hope a lot of people who love Billy and Rick will get together and mail the Nelson Twins and Carsey Werner about our wishes. It would be perfect casting. Billy played Montgomery Clift in a mini-series a couple of years ago ( about Elizabeth Taylor) It was cool, because when Monty Clift was a very young man, before the car accident, he greatly resembled Rick too. I really hope to see it happen. Rave on Spooky (aka Pam Riley....I also love Mulder)

-- pjr (, November 20, 1998.

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