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There are a lot of weak political ads out there, and I'd like to invite you all to comment on and critique these ads that run in the newspaper, on the radio and on TV. It doesn't matter whether they're ads for Gutierrez, Joe Ada, a senator or even citizens for an ethical demagoguery.

So please, post about what you think is funny, factually incorrect, good, full of fallacies, or just stupid about these ads. We'd all be that much the better for it.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, October 04, 1998


how about this genius ad: "carl has always worked hard, and he listens. that's why he never forgets where he's from or why he's still helping hte people of guam."

wow! let's elect this guy. i have a next door neighbor, smelly frankie, whos not too bright, but he works hard, listens and usually remembers where his house is. is smelly frankie qualified to be governor? according to that ad, he has all the qualifications he needs. now i have to decide whether to vote for carl or smellie frankie. maybe i'll vote for frankie because i'm his neighbor. yeah, that's the ticket.

all that matters in the office of governor is how are you helping this island. is the economy better than it was 4 yrs ago? is crime and drug use down? does it cost less to live on guam? is education better? does the governor listen when we say we don't want an incinerator? is the dump closed? is trash collection better? are tax returns being paid on time? is the government slimmer, more efficient, corruption free?

ummm ... maybe carl should get back to us when he creates an ad that answers all those questions.

-- Si Juan (juantootree@tilla.hun), October 04, 1998.

"Joe Ada built all the new schools in the past eight years". Oh really, he wasn't even in office for the last four.

"Joe Ada built more infrastructure than any other governor" duh!! The guy was governor for four more years than anyone else! Who does he think he's fooling?!

-- Eloise (, October 04, 1998.

We hear Carl has a Clinton-Gore reject up at Adelup. Some kind of super spin doctor. The ad is really irritating. His school was falling down around him.

You would be surprised to know that the poor people in the commercial who got free power poles were a minority when it came to power-line extensions and power poles.

GPA documents show that most power-poles and extensions go to new private development projects. And we'll leave it up to you to guess which of the Governor's friends owns what. Bills for various jobs vaguely classified as "Governor's Special Project" run as high as $130,000 and $79,000 and $66,000 and $33,000. And yes, Mr. Lighthouse Keeper, I DO have the documents to prove it.

Only large-money power extensions were classified under the "Special Project" heading. Everyone else had names, real people who had bills as little as $400 waived.

Of course, the question you pose to the Governor is this:

Why doesn't GPA want us to know who got the "Favors"?

It is also against GPA's bond covenant to give out service for FREE.

Consider this.

-- The Guam News (, October 05, 1998.

To Eloise,

I don't think Joe Ada is trying to fool anyone. I don't think he has to. What he is saying about building the schools is true. Even though he wasn't in office. Here's an example to help you understand:

Say you want to build a house. First you would have to go through the process of drawing out the plans. How do you want your house to look? How many bedrooms should you have and where do you want them? Then you have to get it approved by certain officials. Then after all of that you have to figure out where you are going to get the money for it. The process of getting a loan from the bank should take another month or so depending on your credit. Then after all that is done you have to hire a contracter who gets the supplies and builds your house. Before you actually move in it would have been probably over a year since you first had the idea of building a house. Now if it takes that long for a single house that is meant for a few people. Imagine how long it would be for a school that is supposed to be big enough for over a 1000 students? Get the picture? It would take much longer to build a school than it would a house. Schools just don't pop up when you have the idea to build one. It takes a lot of planning and years to finish.

Joe Ada means that HE started the project of building schools. But the schools were finished in the next administration. It doesn't mean that the current administration had anything to do with the buildings. But if you want to be sure you could go down and do some research and check who's name is on the documents that started the school projects. My guess is that it would be Joseph Ada. Hope I helped.

Thank you

-- calvolere (, October 05, 1998.

Thank you very much for that reply Mr. Pete Calvo "sign guy" being paid by Joe Ada and camp! Joe Ada was in office for eight years and you expect us to believe he didn't have time do finish the schools built over the past few years. Please. One of the schools was just finished this year. If he did "start" anything he obviously didn't have the foresight and determination to get it completed. That is the real issue.

-- Eloise (, October 05, 1998.

To Eloise:

I'm sorry to dissapoint you but I am not Pete Calvo. But I guess that assumption is on the same level as your perception of the current administrations success and not to mention your understanding about the school issue. WRONG!! I don't expect you to understand either. In regards to the completion of the southern high school I do believe that it has been under plannning for longer than the current administration has been in office. I am not sure if Joe Ada is responsible for that school in particular but I do know that he is responsible for the new Tamuning Elementry which was completed not too long ago. I also don't think determination had anything to do with the schools being completed just now. Why don't you go and do some research and find out just how long it take to build a school. Then maybe you can make a more educated response unlike your first entry to this page. By the way my name is Bill not Pete. And no I am not being paid by Joe Ada.

-- calvolere (, October 05, 1998.

Eloise and all you 98'ers, why are you so Pro-Gutierrez? Are you getting political favors from him or something. Also, why you have to use a negative derogatory tone towards Joe ADA. The ads about Joe ADA are true. Joe ADA built those schools. Joe ADA had enough foresight to secure money and start building those schools. As for the school's completion during the current administration, Carl did not have anything to do with it. The project was already set in motion by Joe. Carl was there for the publicity and ribbon-cutting. In fact, Southen High School was slated to be completed in 1995, the year after Joe was out of office. There was a major typhoon named OMAR in 1992 and a major earthquake in 1993. You seem to blame Joe ADA for problems, but Eloise, did you neglect the fact that while people were suffering from payless paydays and loadshedding, the members of the 21st and 22nd legislatures, of which Carl passed the budgets of those legislatures were having a wonderful time with excess budgets, money for nice vacation trips and generators, and their paychecks were on time. Also, did you neglect the fact that again while people were suffering from payless paydays, those same fiscal year budgets were in fact passed by Carl T.C. Gutierrez. The legislature has the real power in the government, the governor also has power, but 21 senators combined are much more powerful than the governor. Take the budget, if you ask the Legislative protocol office who's responsiblity is it for auditing and passing it, they would tell you that it is the responsibility of the Chairman of Ways and Means Committee, in which Carl held that position, in a legislature, in which there was a democrat majority. Eloise, I suggest you go and do some investigating, investigate the newspaper archives. Go and look up every single bill that Carl introduced and see if he did in fact wrote and facilitated the passing of the 5440 and tax rebates, THE SAME BILLS CARL CLAIMS JOE CONCOCTED AND THAT CAUSED THE DEFICIT. Look up Gutierrez's bills to see if Carl introduced any bills that helped his business ventures, you will find many. Look it up if Carl and Madeline wrote the bill calling for an elected school board, of which they were so proud of during the 94 elections, yet today, they backstabbed that bill, causing the loss of millions of dollars that the FEDS paid GovGuam for educating each military dependent student. Eloise, ask Carl the list of people, in which received goodies from Carl, such as the huge number of people with power poles and paved driveways, all of which are TAXPAYER'S MONEY. Eloise, ask Carl to have his hair and blood along with his kids', directors, judges, and other influential members of society with the FBI, I'm sure you find many skeletons and rotten apples. Ask Carl what about the hundreds of people who lost their jobs at SRF. Ask Carl why did he claim deficit, yet he can pave driveways, hire 3,000+ people, and plan to give payraises to GPSS administrators yet can't pay for textbooks... Also, I'm not republican, I'm a HITA supporter that supports Joe ADA, Honesty, Integrity, and Good Clean government.


1. Gutierrez wrote the 5440 and tax rebates, approved them, and submitted them to Joe. Gutierrez was responsible for auditing government finances and claimed surplus, so they passed it into law.

2. Gutierrez passed the budgets for the 21st/22nd legislatures, the most expensive in history, many excess workers, sweetheart money for vacation trips, millions of tax dollars wasted.

3. Carl approved all monetary appropriations for projects during the ADA administration, after all, Carl was responsible for fiscal duties as the "Chairman of Ways and Means Committee".

4. Joe had less power than the legislature because for one, the 21 senators do have the power to override laws vetoed by Joe, two they were happy with the hefty benefits Carl gave them as Chair of Ways and Means, and three have the power to introduce laws that take power away from the governor and delegate them someone else.

5. Carl knew that by screwing the government over millions of dollars, and blaming the governor at the time which was Joe, he could secure his position for governor, after more than a decade of not being able to attain the governorship.

6. Upon becoming governor, Carl unfroze obligated funds which were set aside by Joe for capital improvements, and increased his budget, gave payraises to direct people under him such as his 3 secrataries, Ginger, the directors. In addition he hired people left and right, attaining a vote from each of them. Also, Southern High was completed 2 years after it was slated to be completed in 1995, it was completed in 1997. The Airport was completed by HanJen which did shabby work(ask all the engineers and contractors out there that are not for Gutierrez).

7. During the 94' campaigns, Carl and Madeline claim to be proud of the bill that they introduced allowing for an elected school board. Upon becoming governor, Carl turns around and backstabs the bill he supposedly was proud of, and causes GovGuam to lose the more than $5,000+ money per student of military/fed govt. working parents, causing the creation of DOD schools, millions of dollars per year, over $10 million, lost because of Gutierrez's bull...

8. Carl wrote the bill establishing the Guam Finance Commission, but if you really look at it, this commision is nothing more than of ceremonial purpose, and really has no bearing on the handling of Government finances.

9. Carl claims that he's curbing the ICE problem with his war on ice, but if you really look at it, the day the Inaugaration of Gutierrez occurred, the drug dealers of Guam rejoiced, and it was open season for an ICE epidemic. Only during the Gutierrez administration did we start experiencing an ICE epidemic. The WAR ON ICE is just a decoy used to draw attention away from the Gutierrez family's wrongdoing. If he really wants to clear his name like he says he does, why doesn't he ask to FEDS to conduct drug testing of the blood and hair of members of his family, himself, his directors, member of the fire department(in which drugs are being distributed and sold by high ranking members).

10. Gutierrez is the reason the Phillipine Visa waiver plan knowing full well that the influx of people migrating here would allow ICE to slip through the cracks, even movie stars have been caught bringing it here! Also, how about the Rambie's owner that was caught with it in her breasts and hair, allegedly hired by Gutierrez.

11. Gutierrez's boy Orsini got canned for Nepotism, he couldn't garner reelection, but Gutierrez's nepotism is not reported because of his political influence.

Evelyn Gutierrez Ybarra - works at the government office.

Ralph W. Gutierrez - Guam International Aiport Authority (GIAA) board of directors

Ann Gutierrez - heads the Guam Finance Commission

Budding Gutierrez - at the governor's office

The Mother of Gutierrez - Ghost employee that receieves somewhere close to $50,000.00 and is supposedly working at the Government House as head cook, but isn't even present!

12. Gutierrez erased the nearly 1/2 million that Tommy Tanaka owed GEDA in loans granted to him, and gave him the million $$$$$ dollar school bus contract. In return, Tommy sold his soul to Gutierrez and now pledges support to Carl.

13. Numerous people have received freebies from Gutierrez, such as the Santos Family in Yigo that received, many power poles, yet the money used for this was the taxpayers' money. What about the select number of people who received paved driveways that were bought over for votes. Yet Carl claims that they're paving pubic access roads. Haven't you 98'ers gone down south and seen all the black-topped driveways with 98 signs, are all these public access roads? Don't even try to tell me those people went out and paid for the paving of their own driveways, I'm sure that not all these people can afford it. Carl, why don't you give everyone freebies?

14. Carl, what about the rape case with Missy Torres, court document show that you did in fact admit screwing her, your own underage niece, you used government funds for your travel/hotel expenses when committing the act of INCEST.

15. Upon becoming governor, Carl became governor of Hawaii, California, Washington DC, HE SPENT MORE TIME OFF-ISLAND THAN ON.

16. During the first 2 years of his tenure, he lived in his own house, not the government house, claiming it was in a disarray. What a lie! The government house was in more than good living conditions. In addition, he got rent money, thousands of dollars each month that he didn't stay in the government house and then when election season comes up, he moves back in.

17. The price of drugs decreased 10 fold at the start of the Gutierrez administration, due to the competition of increased number of Drug entrepreneurs on island. More easy access to drugs.

18. Serious crime, drugs, violence have increased more than dramatically at the start of the Gutierrez administration...

Is this enough proof for your 98'ers

-- Frank Cruz (, October 06, 1998.

another ad from the mensa minds of the crack gutierrez ad team: ron teehan "chamorro rights activist" is making fun of joe ada being rebuffed by a u.s. congressman and saying carl is a real leader on political status and "knows how washington works."

hey professor: you forgot to mention that your a "chamorro rights activist" bought out by carl with a high paying job doing almost nothing as "federal programs something or other" at the chamorro land trust commission. oh, i'm sorry, did you forget that carl was paying you so thats why you neglected to tell the rapt television audience that in your honest ad?

oh, speaking of honesty, let's take a look at the facts. carl is bragging about "leading" the political status issue in washington. is he coming down with the teehan syndrome and forgetting to mention that it was his $600,000 donation to clinton that killed the commonwealth in washington after teh public found out about it and got into an uproar. nice move, leader. now we're pretty much where we started from.

and while we're on that $600k donation, don't forget the paybacks-- wagdy gaguss and his gmp associates donated $25,000 to this soft money fund, and i'm sure he expects nothing back from carl ... like oh say an incinerator? and clintons endorsement of carl in the tv ad: "governor, as far as i'm concerned, you're still teh one...who i call when i need to pick up women. cuz you know how to pick the young uns." and i'm sure clintons endorsement had nothing to do with the $600k. nothing at all.

back to the honesty thang: it seems real honest to show joe ada being rebuffed by an overblown american politician, without showing the good part of his testimony. and take a close look at the honesty of the obviously clipped video in the ad: first they show ada as he's challenging congress (with the three governors and the audience paying strict attention), then they switch to the washington politician making some idiot statement, then they show joe ada just sitting there, saying nothing -- but the audience all of a sudden is not paying attention! they're moving around, coming into the room, checking their purses, everything but listening to the rebuffing that is suppost to be happening as this video clip plays. obviously theyre playing a video clip from a different part of the hearing, but playing the congressman speaking over this different video. hmmm... the same kind of honesty we expect from carl.

-- Si Juan (juantootree@tilla.hun), October 06, 1998.

Hafa Juan, Do you actually think there's only one Frank Cruz on the island of Carl the Cronie? It's just like Joe Cruz, how many do you know. And to your question, no this is not the professor from UOG CALS. Don't assume if you don't know...

-- Frank Cruz (, October 06, 1998.

hafa frank, how in the world did you get the idea i was talking about you? i was addressing a political ad that ran on tv about carl and joe ada. i never mentioned your name once. talk about assuming things you don't know.

i didn't even know there was a uog professor named frank cruz.

now, if anyone wants to talk about my actual message ...

-- Si Juan (juantootree@tilla.hun), October 06, 1998.

another ad from the masters of intellect: two young "non-carl supporters" talking about how great carl is because he got them paved roads and water after paka. similar to the brilliant ad of two manamkos praising carl for operating a drill (presumably because we have no govt workers who can operate a drill) and putting in power poles after paka.

wow. thanks for the moving stories of how carl has bought all your votes with our tax money. i'm so happy that my money is going for a good cause -- to get carl re-elected, whether i support him or not. hmmm ... i guess we should forget hoping that tax money will goto programs that help us all -- like textbooks for education and solving teh drug problem!

so the arguments to vote for carl, based on his ads so far: 1) he can listen and work as hard as my neighbor stinky frankie, 2) he has killed the commonwealth act with his $600,000 donation so that clinton could say "carl, you stole the funds" and 3) he spends your tax money illegally for campaigning.

thanks for the insight, ad geniuses! vote for carl! he's the best thing since hot buttered toast!

-- Si Juan (juantootree@tilla.hun), October 07, 1998.

Some interesting things to consider:

When Ada was governor, the economy was booming and people had jobs. Under Carl Gutierrez, Guam has the highest unemployment rate of all time.

Under the Gutierrez administration, the price of the drug Ice has gone from $1,000 a gram to $200 a gram.

Only 30% of Paka purchases are reimbursable. FEMA won't pay for the Governor's "Paka Special" or the junk car removal which was paid for with $10 million from the school bond.

GovGuam has a $50 million shortfall this year. Payless paydays are on their way. Our bond rating is endangered.

-- The Guam News (, October 07, 1998.

Did you losers catch the new 98 ad? It dishonestly implies that Angel now supports King Karl. They use old footage of Senator Santos talking about the governor. This is, as I'm sure you all know, incredibly unethical. In the same 60 second ad they have Patti Garrido, identified as a 'Chamorro Rights Activist', talking about how much King Karl has done for us and criticizing Joe Ada. That's fine but they don't tell you that Patti Garrido is a paid spokesperson for the governor. Why not just show Ginger saying the same stuff? She's obviously more articulate. The reason is that they hope people get the idea that Garrido is just a person who thinks King Karl is doing good job. Yeah right.


-- RTT (Ratt@tat.tat), October 08, 1998.

Ever wonder why the 98 can't campaign on education?

They haven't done jack for education. carl $ued the board for two years and a million bucks, took money from education to pave driveways. NO books, low test scores.

But I guess that's ok, cuz "Carl" built all the schools. How did "Carl" end loadshedding? Ada did all that stuff. "Carl's" public- private power partnerships haven't even started yet.

98 can only campaign on helping a few poor families with free power and driveways.

We have to remember, Carl says he's helped hundreds of our "forgotten families". Guam's population is 150,000.

This guy paves driveways while the road we drive on are more f***ed up than ever.

Evelynn Ybarra makes $65,000 a year?

Patti Garrido is a sell-out. She's got close to $70,000 in contracts from Adelup.

We all know Senator Santos would neva support the corrupt and kriminal ways of "King Karl" as you like to call him.

-- (, October 08, 1998.

I have to say that so far the AD I like the most would have to be the "Jim Espaldon"Ad. I wasn't even interested in him until he started talking about real issues like, teen pregnancies, drug abuse among teenagers, and high school drop outs. He caught my attention.

-- ya right! (, October 11, 1998.

We hope the Nacion Chamoru jumps Ron "Sell-Out" Teehan for making fun of Ada's accent.


You are a chamoru (We hesitate to use the word to describe you). Why are you making fun of Ada's accent. English is not his native language. Shame on you, "Mr." Teehan. So the way we work in Washington is Carl's way. His way leads to no action on commonwealth, no Compact-Impact reimbursements, establishment of DOD schools, no excess land return. Sounds like he really knows what he's doing.

We used to respect you. But we know you have to blow-job Carl in this election season. YOu have lost major respect in the Manamko community. Would you rather hear Carl's english, perfect but full of lies?

Teehan, God is not sleeping. If you weren't making fun of Ada, maybe you could explain? We do pay your fat-ass salary. Maybe you don't read this forum, but we are sure some of your high-paid friends do, so please pass on the message.

-- The GUam N (, October 11, 1998.

Fact - Angel Santos did make that speech on January 11, 1997 while he was a senator in the 24th Guam Legislature. He also used to be an independent, and before that an activist who hated politicians. He used to hate Joe Ada, even sued him to get the Chamorro Land Trust implemented. Now Angel has become everything he hates. Very sad.

As for Teehan, he wasn't making fun of Joe's accent, he was saying that JOE doesn't know how to get Washington to listen or help Guam, and CARL does. JOE pissed off the feds for eight years and Guam got squat. CARL, yeah, he got his friends to donate heavy to the feds, but look what we got, PAKA RECOVERY in record time, tons of great programs including $25 million for AHRD, $12 million for roads, $20 million for more power, water, roads and lights in the villages. I don't know about you, but part of what I pay my governor to do is bring home the bacon. Carl did it without using any of my tax dollars, just by being persistant, and getting his friends to do the politically correct thing. Way to go, Carl !

-- Spotlight (, October 13, 1998.


Your post has so many holes I don't know where to start. The funny thing is, your arguments are so easy to tear apart! But it's fun, and for that I thank you. Let us begin:

1. Fact: The ad that King Karl ran with Angel's endorsement is incredibly unethical and misleading. Fact: The ad makes it look like Angel endorses Karl. Fact: Angel in fact is Karl's #1 opponent! Fact: Angel in fact endorses Joe Ada, because he'd obviously be less korrupt than Karl.

2. Angel did fight Joe for land trust implementation, but does that mean he should continue to fight Joe four years later when Karl is obviously the much worse kandidate? Your assertion makes a lot of sense: I'm against someone on one single issue, so I have to be against them on all issues, no matter what evils they are opposing years later. Yeah, I'm sure voters will buy that.

3. Teehan is paid by Karl -- well paid -- and so I'm sure he'll give us an objective look at the differences of Karl and Joe. BTW, didn't Teehan break the law by endorsing Karl in that ad? Isn't he covered by the mini-hatch act? Either way, his endorsement was incredibly misleading because he's a paid spokesman.

4. You admit that Karl donated heavily to Clinton (for a political endorsement), but you ignore the fact that this scandal is why commonwealth is now an issue no one will touch in Washington. Karl's donation was supposedly to further commonwealth in Washington, but it did the opposite! Why didn't the well-paid Teehan mention this in his ad, instead of calling Karl a leader in political status? Isn't Karl exactly the opposite?

5. You say that in return for Karl's donation to clinton, we got: "PAKA RECOVERY in record time, tons of great programs including $25 million for AHRD, $12 million for roads, $20 million for more power, water, roads and lights in the villages."

Ummm ... spotlight, are you saying that the donation to the Democrats got us more money from the Republican congress? Is this your assertion? Doesn't make any sense to me. And I guess you're saying that FEMA wouldn't have given us any money after Paka if Karl didn't donate. And the $12 million for roads and $20 million for power, etc. (that's over several years BTW) -- aren't those usual appropriations that Karl had nothing to do with and that we would have gotten no matter who was in office? How does Karl get to take credit for every federal dollar that comes to Guam -- that all comes anyway? And speaking of federal funds -- is FEMA reimbursing Karl's luxury vehicles? Or is FEMA reimbursing even half of what Karl spent after Paka? Nope and nope.

Way to go Karl! He's the best thing since hot buttered toast!

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, October 13, 1998.

hey, carl's got cute girls singing for him. maybe i should vote for him now! i know those girls, and they are fierce (underlined twice) 98 supporters. thats what carl does, he gets the popular, good looking, good honest people to endorse him. that way, people think thats what the popular people are doing. his campaign is more about that than any issues.

-- C. (, October 27, 1998.

Carl is about dancing and have a good time. That bakuku has some moves! I wish I could be king of the dance floor like he is. And that's freaking great. I wanna here "We're stealing funds" I mean "you're still the one" over and over again. I think I will listen to 610 more often.

-- You're still da one (who gets screwed) (, October 27, 1998.

This morning was the first (and I bet not the last) that I heard the ad from the 7-c's on the investigation of this administration by the FBI.

(deleted some personal insults here that the moderator has warned everyone about but some people don't learn)

Watch what you say when you attack someone's character, you may just get a libel suit against you.

(deleted some more personal insults here)

See you at the 98 camp.

PLAY BALL.......

-- . (, October 29, 1998.

Oh gosh, more threats of libel lawsuits. That's the only way the administration can try and shut people up. What's libelous about the truth?

We'll see who gets legal trouble when Congress is through exposing all the things Karl doesn't want us to know about.

-- (, October 29, 1998.

I read through this electronic forum because I truly want to hear what people think about certain issues. We will be voting for our leadership and it really should be the issues we focus on....not tearing each other up with innuendos and slurs.

This section on Critiques of political ads should have been just that. However, in this thread, as I have noticed in other threads, there appears to be no clear focus on the issues because too many people want to damage the characters of others. I don't get it. So what if your opinion doesn't jive with others and vice versa. That is what's so beautiful about freedom of speech.

However, to those of you who don't understand the concept of freedom of speech. I understand it to be that you can voice your own opinion about an issue and someone else can do likewise. Your views may be different, and that is fine. It would be up to the readership to read each view and make up their own mind. Nothing wrong with that. But I will say that it makes it extremely hard for a reader to have to wade through all this mud-slinging and character defamation just to get at the real issue.

Can we please clean it up? Why do you have to prevail the concept that "politics is dirty?" Really, it doesn't have to be. And further, the mud-slingers must realize that too much of this muck turns off a lot of people....voters....get it?

-- Chris Lizama (, October 29, 1998.

The new Ada Ads are just regurgitated ITS TIME ads. They couldn't even find a good person to voice it, so they get some young kid to whisper... ick. And then they say... ARENT YOU MISERABLE... vote for us. Well, I remember the Joe Ada days... I was certainly miserable then.... I HATED loadshedding, and the tax rebate wasn't enough to buy my gratitude. My kids didn't have textbooks, and the schools SUCKED... my aunt is a teacher, she HATED DOE, and Joe didn't do jack to make it better... as for the AG's office, that was full of problems, and they didn't even FILE the darn cases, of course they had a lower dismissal rate.. if you don't FILE hundreds of cases, how will they get dismissed.?

But, I digress.

Then, they criticize Karl for coming up with ANOTHER plan for the economy.... hmmm.. that means he is constantly PLANNING.. which is more than I can say for Joe... who hasn't had a PLAN his whole life !

Yeah, let's go back to NO PLANNING, put all our money in the Bank of Guam, hire Joe's favorite Korean Contractor who put a pool in his private property and then tried to sell DOE a school in Harmon Field (oops, he's in jail now, isn't he?), and then when that fails just put up a couple hundred wooden classrooms.

I remember the news from the 80's and 90's too... so stop trying to push your revisionist history, Tony Lightbulb.

-- Spotlight (, October 31, 1998.

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