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I's appreciate anyone telling me what might be a good agent to clean a dirty camera with? I'm interested mostly in displaying older vintage cameras rather than internal cleaning. Do you use a different cleaner for the chrome or metal than for the leatherette? Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

-- john zimbelman (, October 02, 1998


Cleaning cameras (for display)

I use soap and water for plastic cameras, no, don't just dunk it the bowl :-} this also works well for metal parts, though you have the option of spirit type cleaners here, NOT recommended on plastic. Leather responds well to boot polish of the appropriate colour, (well it would, wouldn't it :-}Leatherette can be treated as plastic, but note, bellows and some box cameras are NOT leatherette but treated paper/card, this will NOT respond well to getting wet, though a judiciously applied damp cloth is OK if quickly dried. Be careful using modern aerosol-based polishes on older substances, some old plastics can discolour.

-- Chris Eve (, October 20, 1998.

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