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Within the USA the power grids are at risk due to Y2k embedded chip problems creating outages which in turn overloads the whole system. Is there any info on how this is being handled? Any predictions of what the state of power production will actually be either nationally or regionally? (I live in Florida and find my power company is very unresponsive to inquiries on Y2k. They are holding their cards very close to their chest! This has me worried!)

-- Joose Hadley (, October 02, 1998



This question is vexing just about everyone involved in trying to make heads or tails of y2k (and it has been for at least the past year). The best place on the net to follow the utilities industry is at Rick Cowles' web site at http:// You'll find a lot of good information there, and a forum like this one there dedicated to almost nothing but that very question. You'll see the link to it in the column on the left side of home page. (There's also a link to the euy2k forum on the front page of the Millennium Salons web site, just under the link to this forum.)


-- Bill (, October 02, 1998.

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