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New Gear/AES (a few of these comments are posted in the Lefsetz column):

Is anyone familiar with the True Audio Systems Precision 8 8-channel solid-statemic preamp with M-S decoding and direct inputs that is being distributed by Neumann? It's a red single-space rackmount unit that lists for $2695. What are its sonic characteristics? Any real world use?

I also ran across a TACT Audio amplifier that claims to be the world's first true digital audio power amplifier. It employws a PWM amplification stage to amplify a digital signal and couple it directly to the loudspeaker without converting it into the analogue domain. The amplifier circuit is based on PCMto-PWM Equibit technology, which apparently simplifies the signal path from the digital signal source to the speakers. A unique digital processor circuit controls the power output devices directly using digital pulses. Unlike other so-called digital amplifiers, no analogue feedback or analogue signal processing/amplification is involved at any stage. The resulting system is a high-power DAC device that translates digital information directly into sound. This was taken from the hand-out. I never heard the amplifier, unfornately.

For those of you who haven't heard, Neumann has a new microphone that will be allegedly available in January. It's called the M-147, and is a large diaphragm tube condenser that is approximately the same size as their TLM 103, and uses the same capsule as their U 47 and U 47 FET microphones (the K47 capsule). It has a low selfnoise for a tube mic, at about 13 db-A_ and can handle 130 dB SPL without distortion (all this taken directly off the Neumann News Release). It is cardioid only, and will sell for $2000 list, including standard mount, power supply, and cable , as well as a "robust aluminum carrying case".

I was particularly impressed with the Lawson L47 MP (multi-pattern), which was fat, gorgeous-sounding, and had that certain undefinable magic. It has variable polar patterns, allowing you to fine-tune an exact sound. This variable polar pattern quality drastically alters the EQ bump, and seems to be very useful. Personally, If I were going to spend $2000 on a microphone, this mic would be at the top of my list. It's really impressive!!!!! As an added bonus, Gene Lawson is one heck of a nice guy!!!!!!

I did not see Craig while stumbling around on the AES floor. He gave a seminar on something to do with choosing the right digital format or some such thing, but I did not attend.

Did anyone see any good new gear there?

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (, October 01, 1998

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