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I get a critical error: The INF SETUP has a badly formed file description line in section (UtilDll's). This error prevents setup from continuing. This happens on every machine that is running 98 on it. What do I have to change in this file and what exactly is this file name? Please let me know if this is a fix that I can do to get SQL 6.5 installed. Thank you

Paul Seibert

-- Anonymous, September 30, 1998


Re: SQL Install failing on WIN98 O/S


SQL Server must be installed on an NT Server. Please see the SQL Server requirements at where Microsoft states: Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT Server version 3.51 or later.


-- Anonymous, September 30, 1998

SQL Install failing on WIN98 O/S

Sorry for not clarifing, I am trying to install the client version

-- Anonymous, October 01, 1998

Re: SQL Install failing on WIN98 O/S


Of course, WIN98 is rather new, so I didn't find explicit reference to that error with WIN98, but I did find that when that same error occurs on NT the advice includes:

1. Make sure you have a network.

2. Try running setup from the CDROM.

3. Try running setup from files copied to your hard drive.

4. Look in the registry (presuming WIN98 has a similar registry) under HKLM/System/CCS/Services/MSSQLServer and look at the value "ImagePath" - it should be cd:\mssql\binn\sqlservr.exe (or wherever you have sqlserver installed)...

If it's not correct, modify it (with the usual regedt32 warnings) to be the correct path.

If this still doesn't work, try running

"setup /t RegistryRebuild = On" to repair your sqlserver registry entries.

This is documented in KB article Q157805.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, October 02, 1998

SQL Install failing on WIN98 O/S" from Eric Kohnen

Thank you for your help. Install the client from your local hard drive and you will be up and running.

Thanks Paul

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1998

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