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Which gubernatorial candidates are looking strongest right now? What will it take for one team or the other to win? What issues or tactics do you think will be brought out to get the edge?

How about the senatorial candidates? Any thoughts about some of the stronger candidates or even the borderline ones?

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthousekeeper@my-dejanews.com), September 30, 1998


Carl Gutierrez looks strong right now. You folks talk about corruption, but obviously SOMETHING would have stuck to Carl if he was really corrupt. Do you really want to go back to Joe Ada? He handed out tax rebates and the $5,440. That's why Carl had to raise power rates. Like Geri Gutierrez says, Mark and Angel will be making false accusations. FALSE accusations. People of Guam, You're Still The One!

-- SunShine (98@kuentos.guam.net), September 30, 1998.

FALSE ACCUSATIONS? How do you know their false if they haven't been investigated? You say that Angel and Charfauros are making false accusations against Carla,I mean Carl Gutierez but how do you know the truth. You don't,thats how. if Carla, i mean carl gutierez would allow for open acounting of his admin. by allowing an independent auditor or investigator to look into his spending and contracts and all that, I think we would know the truth.

Instead he contrls the AGs office and the GPD department and anyone else who they say something against him Carla,i mean Carl Gutierez or King Carl or whatever will SUE them. I mean is that honesty? Is that the kind of trust we want our leaders of this island to inspire in us,the people of Guam? Carla, I mean Carl's beautiful people of Guam?

Also don't you know that Carla, I mean Carl the King is the one who passed the $5,440 bill when he was the chairman of the means committee which does budgetary bills. Now hes gooing to blame it on joe ada. Well Carla,i mean Carl you're steal the funds. I mean steal the dirty one. I mean distill the funds. I mean still no fun. I mean, come on!

Yes Carla,i mean carl is very strong. So we should be ascared of him, is that what your saying. I know that if i or anybody else on this paradise that we call our island said anything about Carla, i mean carl then he would come after use, cause he goes after everyone just look at jeff evans and mark charfauros and angel too.

Still the bum. I mean steal the buns. Go Carla. I mean Carl.

-- Steve Mendiola (smendiola@hotmail.com), October 01, 1998.

LOL at this Stevie!! I'm just a reader that's all.

-- just reading (justme@yahoo.com), October 02, 1998.

I really feel like that there isn't much of a choice for this up-coming election. I'm supporting Joe Ada only because I'm ABC. But I feel like I'm screwed either way. We all know carl is messed up and corrupt. Joe isn't much better either, and in all honesty, he's not the most intellegent person. I think he really screwed us w/ the pay raises and the tax rebates. We could have really used that money. It seems like no matter who you vote for it's business as usual. I just hope that next time around we can have a real change.

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 02, 1998.

Ever ponder the value of violent revolution? You mention a real change, who would you want to see win. The playing field is a little bare right now. Robert Underwood really turned me off by endorsing Gutierrez, but the 98 endorsement may come in handy in 2002.

WHo will run for the Repblicans in 2002? Lord I hope it aint Tony Blaz.

-- (rcruss@ns.gov.gu), October 03, 1998.

To 98@kuentos.guam.net


The $5,440 pay raises and the tax rebates were effectuated by signing a bill passed by the Guam Legislature into Public Law (P.L. 20-220). The Bill (Bill No. 1604 (LS))that was signed into law that granted the $5,440 pay increases and tax rebates was authored by Senator Carl T.C. Gutierrez.

Source: 20th Guam Legislature Session Laws.

-- (masmauleg@mailexcite.com), October 09, 1998.

In response to (rcruss@ns.gov.gu) notion about violent revolution I've had two thoughts. The first being that a grouping of the masses to bring down the government is very unlikely. But then I started thinking about the possiblity of Karl being re-elected into office. Just from reading some of the posts on this forum I sense a lot of discontent and disillusionment. Now just imagine if 86 I mean 98 gets another 4 years. Karl is gonna be worse than he is now because he's gonna be a lame duck governor. He can pretty much do what ever the hell he wants. The discontent is going to eventually multiply amongst a lot of people on Guam. Maybe even to the point where someone takes matters into their own hands. I'm not saying that it will nor do I endorse, encourage, or promote any of these kinds of activities, but it might be possible. It would be a disgrace if it did.

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 10, 1998.


Your points about King Karl being re-elected are right-on, and it's frightening to think what might happen. I just hope it doesn't come to violence. I'm a big believer in activism, but in non-violent resistence and pacifist activism. Becoming violent may be a natural tendency, but it makes you no better than the person you're attacking. Rise above that, and make a statement by setting an example of good conduct. But by no means keep your mouth shut or turn the other way when you see wrong. Speak up, and make your opinions known. Just don't use your fist to do so.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 10, 1998.


I'm also a believe in non-violence. But unfortuntely some people think with their hormones and not their heads. I just hope that Karl loses and some fresh new faces run in 2002. I think I would want to live elsewhere if Karl wins. *Sigh* just the though of it....

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 10, 1998.

Here's your election analysis. '98 has had a lead of anywhere from 15 to 19 points over Joefus since the day after the primary. That number still holds. That says LANDSLIDE TO ME, BABY ! The people know what's important.

-- Guam Poll (guampoll@aol.com), October 13, 1998.

Mr. Poll,

You've stated poll numbers without citing a source. Ingenius.

But all the polls mean is that the public doesn't have full access to the truth. Why? Karl has kontrolled every means of information the public has to what's going on in the government (see the thread entitled "End to Karl's control of public forums"). That will soon change as the media can no longer ignore the news that comes out, both in the Tommy Gutierrez drug case and in the federal indictments soon to come.

Again, polls are no indication about who is right or wrong. They are an indication of Karl's manipulation of public opinion. But I'd like to see your poll data before making an accurate assessment. Who did the poll? Karl?

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), October 13, 1998.

Didn't Tommy Tanaka lead in the polls around this time 4 years ago? Look what happened. I don't care what the media says about polls, I'm going to wait till election day.

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 13, 1998.

It is a great advantage and a sure victory for those who have full press control this November.

-- Full Press Control (presscontrol.@my-dejanews.com), October 13, 1998.

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