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What do people think need to be addressed in the gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns, and in the debates?

Feel free to jump in and name an issue or two that you feel are important.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthousekeeper@my-dejanews.com), September 30, 1998


Issues? I am relatively new to the island, but I do often hear about corrupt officials in this government. I always make it a point to register to vote wherever I am, so I did and voted in the primary. I am a registered democrat (don't support Clinton or Guiterres) and I voted for Angle Santos in the primary. he struck me as down-to-earth as well as intelligent. I heard both debates and felt he was the winner of both. It seems many people posting here and people I talk to while I'm at work are really concerned about corruption. I don't know much about Ada/Camacho, but someone said he made the government broke, but then someone else told me it was the current governor. I am leaning toward Ada/Camacho, but I need to know more about them. Also I hear about corruption, but how widespread is it? I've heard the government gives out contracts to relatives, which doesn't seem right. I also know several of my nieghbors got a driveway paved, but for some reason I was skipped. Is it normal for the government here to pave private property? I heard you to sign a easement form, but the ones my neighbors signed don't look like they'd hold up in a court of law. Is this some kind of legal loophole that makes it okay to pave driveways?

-- russ (russ@mailcity.com), September 30, 1998.

Sorry, I don't have email, made up adress.

Political interference in Guam's justice system, selective prosecution. The court dropped 1,000 cases last year. The governor has his hands in the judicial system, it's made a mockery of the law. One standard for him, his family. One standard for the common man out on the street. A vicious standard for those who choose to go against him.

I worked in the AG's office when Ada was governor. One thing about him is when there was a problem, he would tell the AG to investigate. He hired people and let them do they're job.

You read the paper now, and you find out about this special projects account. Ada always spent money that was appropriated by the Legislature. I don't know why it shocks me that the governor intereferes with the justice system. From looking around the island, it's clear governor has no respect for the law, or for victims of crime.

-- FS (advocate@supcourt.guam.net), September 30, 1998.

This is not acting in the best interests of the people: *These examples were taken from the Governor's Office Contracts for Fiscal year 1998, available from the Department of Administration of via email at my addy. 1. Giving $64,800 to Ralph Gutierrez for sitting on the Komitea Para Tiyan. Yes, he is carl's brother.

2. Giving $28,000 to Roy Gutierrez for sitting on the Komitea Para Tiyan. Yes, he is carl's brother.

3. Giving a $2 Million dollar contract to JM Torres Enterprises, a company owned by a close relative of the first lady.

4. Giving a $152,000 contract to a catering company owned by the guv's brother.

5. Giving $50,000 in contracts to photographers for the governor.

6. Giving out close to half-a-million ($450,000) in contracts to 20 different people for "executive direction". Sounds like another term for "spin-doctoring".

These examples are from this fiscal year only, and from Governor's Office contracts only.

Imagine the other ways carl helps his cronies out:

1. GPA Harmon Building ($3 million) 2. Two Lover's Point Renovation ($1.5 million) 3. Bus Shelter contract ($1.6 million) 4. GEDA loan for Tommy Tinaki ($1.3 million) 5. Don't have a dollar figure for amount of contracts GMP has recieved, so let's use a minimum estimate : $3 million. That fair? I think it is, since GMP has probably made a whole lot more. 6. $80,000 for the Paka magazine and video. yes, Carl has the most pictures in the magazine. 7. Free power poles and power hook-ups ($2.5 million). The spin coming from the administration is that the hook-ups and power poles were for poor people lke the ones in the commercial. However, GPA says it doesn't want to release a list of people who got free poles and hook-ups. Why? I'll tell you. They don't want the voters to see just how many friends and family who could afford to BUY poles and power got it for FREE. The joke gets better. Next year GPA wants to ask for a rate increase.

There's more to list, but I'll do that later.

I want to see corruption addressed. I want an independent audit of GovGuam spending. I want an independent audit of the first lady's People Helping People organization. I want an independent audit of the Liberation Day Parade Committee.

I want to see an end to this administration's philosophy of helping friends and family. I don't want the Power Rangers to be driving around in Jeep Cherokees that I can't even afford. I don't want them to buy luxury vehicles and switch the plates from Government to private. I want kids to have books in the classroom. I want kids to have higher test scores. The let's-build-more-schools attitude Carl has is not working.

I don't want an incinerator to exist. I want the governor to act in the best interests of the people.

-- M.F. Shun (chris@malafunkshun.com), September 30, 1998.

Drux, we need to get rid of da drux!

Seriously, one thing I would like to see is that the hospital get accredited. I have a close friend that works at the hospital and that person tells me horror stories. The hospital really needs to bring up to par with other hospitals in the US.

Another issue I would like to see addressed is how the candidates will diversify the economy. It's well known that the so-called Asian economies are not going to improve any, atleast within the next few years. What does that mean for Guam? Less tourists. Less tourists = less $$$. What are some alternatives that we can use to improve the economy? Stopping corruption would probably give a huge boost to the economy also.

-- (reddog@aloha.net), October 02, 1998.

Guam needs to get its political influence out of the court systems! Our leaders need to put together a plan to ensure JUSTICE is carried out and the innocent don't suffer.. Let me bring up a few questionable cases that some may know.. Whatever happen to Michelle Limtiaco's case? Why is tommy getting off so easily..well now that someone is speaking out what is going to happen to her? Whatever happened to the sexual allegations jimmy dee, GVB's head? Everyone on Guam talks, they just need to come forth with the facts and get it out in the open. THE PEOPLE OF GUAM need to come together and put these carl cronies in their place --> OUT OF ADELUP!

-- John Cruz (jcruz@aol.com), October 09, 1998.

Butch Camacho was transferred from GTA amid allegations of strong- arming and sexual harrasment. The Civil Service Commission was investigating the complaints, which came from many GTA employees. When Camacho was transferred, the investigation stopped.

We hear former Agriculture director Mike Coolman was petitioned out of Agriculture and reassigned to the Paka Recovery Office. He's office-mates with John Rosario. Yes, they BOTH know the Governor.

-- The Guam News (guamnews@hotmail.com), October 11, 1998.

Like in the past, our utilities are an important issue. Joe Ada, Carl, Paul Calvo, and all the past Senators, had blinders on during Guam's great financial windfalls, during the years the beaches in Tumon disappeared and hotels sprang up. No one was wise enough to plan utility upgrades, which is why we had load shedding. None of these so-called servants of the people, planned or championed the need to build more power plants until it was too late. The same is now happening with the water utilities, or the schools. Both of these infastructures (if I can coin Ada's Fighting word of past elections) need serious addressing, planning and funding allocationning, OR ELSE, we'll be listening to future politicians blaming one another of who's fault it was we did not build or repair more schools, replace more piping and water utility repair work. I know some people who rather buy a $15,000 car, than repair for $500. GovGuam is alot like them.

-- (joedann@ite.net), October 24, 1998.

Noticed that there are no streetlights in Tiyan but the lights shine bright around the 98 signs. Just an observation.

-- HI (hello@net.com), October 25, 1998.

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