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I am currently making my own version of Titanic with a lot of my friends. ( Try it it's great! You'll never know how much fun you have untill you burst out laughing in the middle of a serious scene! ) We are coming up on the sinking scene where her lips are blue. In the Titanic makeup set, does anyone know if they have the color of her lips in that line of lipstick? I could probably just color them by eating something blue, but if anyone knows I'd appreciate it. And if anyone really wants like they want to be a part of Titanic, try it. It's sounds corny but it's great fun. Thanks!

-- Kelly (, September 30, 1998


Nope!! All the shades in the Max Factor Titanic-inspired Tina Earnshaw Collection are shades of neutral and dark red tones. Among the colors are Rebellious (obviously popular because I had to go to several stores to find that shade in stock), Independent, Liberated, Passionate, Exhilarated, and Heartbroken. The nail polish comes in three shades: Rebellious, Independent, and Exhilarated. Some pretty colors, but no blue!! Have fun!!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, September 30, 1998.

Kelly, Max Factor does have one shade of blue lipstick. I have no idea when it came out or why someone would use blue lipstick (other than for this reason or just to be different) It's called Wild Blue or something the number on it is 1950. Good luck!

-- Miranda Swearingen (, October 04, 1998.

I have the Max Factor Wild Blue lipstick, and it actually looks good on me. It has a ton of silver glitter in it, and it turns a pinkish shade after a while. Try it:)

-- Amanda (, February 01, 2001.

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