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Here's a message I posted in the Kuentos elections forum, but it never got an intelligent rebuttal. To rebut, please address each point directly, without personal attacks and irrelevent arguments.

The Calvo-Gutierrez power combo has made a farce of our island's media and goes against the very concept of democracy. Don't know about the Calvo-Gutierrez combo? Read on.

1) The Calvos receive numerous contracts from GovGuam and stand to receive many more if Carl is re-elected. One of many examples includes the Calvo's Harmon bldg that GPA has been leasing since last yr but only recently started using. And it spent thousands to renovate THEIR building!

2) The Calvos donate to Carl's campaign. Check it out at the election commission.

3) The Calvos have bought into Carl's incinerator project. They're now investors in his stinking incinerator company. Look it up in financial records. The Calvo's son-in-law, the slippery Peter Sgro Jr., is a rabid supporter for no apparent reason of the incinerator, which will cost us millions and threaten our health.

4) Speaking of Sgro ... he's on the board of directors of the Marianas Variety, which has opened a Guam office to support Carl's campaing. When one reporter didn't want to run a pro-Gutierrez story (pretty much an ad), Sgro threatened the reporter's job.

5) The Calvos own KUAM, Island News, and Isla 610. They don't let their news team or talk show hosts work freely, as they should. Read on.

6) The Calvos fired Carmen Ulloa when she refused to run a "news" story on a Gutierrez Fil-Am golf fundraiser for his campaign. Actually, they just demoted her from news director and cut her salary in half. She quit that day.

7) The Calvos fired Chris Iarossi, former reporter and then station director for Isla 610. Iarossi simply wanted to run a standard disclaimer (this is a paid political ad) before some Gutierrez campaign promos, but she got canned.

8) The Calvos fired Chris Barnett recently, because he talked about politics. They told him just a few weeks ago not to talk about politics, but of course his callers kept bringing up politics. One idiot started ranting about how Tom Ada wasn't on island after the typhoon, and how he's no leader. All Chris did was say that he, personally as a voter, wouldn't use something like whether someone was on island after a typhoon to make his voting decision. Joey Calvo, GM for KUAM, called and asked why Chris was DEFENDING Tom Ada! That's no defense! Joey said he'll talk to Chris the next day, and when Chris came in he soon found out he was "cut back." Then he finds out he's blacklisted at K57 and Jon Andersen, who is obviously soft on Carl.

9) After Chris Barnett was fired, Tommy Boy Gutierrez ("alleged" drug dealer) went around bragging about how he got Chris fired. He actually told people, "No one can f*** with me!!!"

Still the one, Carl? Still the one who controls everything like a gangster. But that's not as catchy a slogan.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, September 28, 1998


Response to Media farce?

How can one person have so much control over such things. From what I understand, the Guiterrezes and the Calvos are business people. I assume that they would do anything possible to earn a buck. Both families are going to help each other benefit from each others position...You know the saying, the rich get richer...What I can not understand is how the general population can give them the power to do all the above things.

I do not mean to bash anyone. All I want to know is how do they get to sleep at night knowing that they have taken away someone's livelihood? Freedom of speech is not an option. It is something that everyone is entitled to have. Come on, we only have one news station now....Give me a break....

-- Nina (, September 30, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

Wonder how they sleep at night? Money makes it easy ...

-- Anonymous (, September 30, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

mr lighthouse keeper

KUAM routinly has hardhit stories about the guiterez. please get a life cuz tha one u get now is mayamak. think about what u said on this thing or hotshot lawyre like peter sgro jr jump on u a** with a lawsiut. u suck dont u know the guiterez is bad and is kick joseph adas a**.

-- (, October 02, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

Mr. Brian C,

Apparently you didn't read the top of this thread, where I explicitly ask that anyone planning on rebutting my post should address each point specifically, without personal attacks or irrelevant arguments.

You have failed to address any of my points. You have made personal attacks (my life is mayamak and i suck?). You have made irrelevant arguments, which I will proceed to tear apart:

Your argument (much like the one made on the Kuentos forum by Jeff Evans, aka "Rodney") goes: If King Karl controlled KUAM, they wouldn't run any negative stories about him; they do run negative stories about him; therefore King Karl does not control KUAM.

This is extremely thin. If King Karl were smart (and he is very clever), he would want KUAM to keep its credibility. To do this, KUAM has to run small bad stories on him (water leak?) and of course they have to cover big stories that the other media has anyway, otherwise they'd look bad.

The only stories KUAM runs that are negative, big, or that the other media doesn't have are ones done by Bernadete Stern, who is extremely slanted but is the only reporter allowed to do anything. Why? Because she does stories about crime that usually don't reflect directly on Karl and because the Kalvos know that she's the type of person who would speak out against what they're doing if she's fired.

Take a look now at how KUAM is running a slam-job on Charfauros, how they won't run any Angel Santos stories, and how their stories usually have a Peter Scrotum/Randy Cunliffe/Karl slant.

Please come back when you have a logical argument, when you can address any of my points of Karl-Kalvo deals and reporter/talk show host firings, and when you can stop the personal attacks and irrelevant arguments.

-- Lighthouse (, October 02, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

Anyone know how to get a FCC license? Chris, still looking for a job? I went home for the summer and I listened to a lot of the talk radio stations (especially 610's show from 2-6pm). I got sick of all the pro-carl crap. What I heard through the grapevine (which is for the most part very accurate) was a lot different than what the news was reporting and what people were calling up and saying. I really got tired of all the people calling up and defending Karl. Everyone knows he's a crook. Unfortunately now we're forced to choose the lesser of two evils. But that's for another post.

-- (, October 02, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

Speaking of FCC licenses, KUAM is up for their license renewal early next year. I know of at least a few people who will object to the FCC requirement that KUAM be for "public benefit" and not for the benefit of rich politicians like King Karl.

And yes, it is obvious that KUAM news is extremely biased because of the deals Karl has made with the Kalvos. What's strange is that the K57ers (jon anderson and myk powell) are sounding like 98ers, especially on the tapes and paka spending issue. Myk Powell has his head so far up Karl's ... ummm, let's just say that Myk has completely ignored the real issue of abuse of federal funds, and jon has done the same. Deal for jon and myk? One can only guess ...

-- Lighthouse (, October 07, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

One thing I can say about the media is the negative reporting on the HITA motorcade. Instead of reporting on the tremendous participation in this event, the media focused on the "trashing of Asan Park". Comparing this to the positive reporting on the "98 Rally" opened by eyes and made me realize the power of the media and how they can report positively on political candidates they support and negatively on candidates they are against. The media is a very powerful tool and the owners has control on what is reported. I strongly believe that the lay-offs of KUAM employees are political and that Calvo has some dealings with Gutierrez to scam public funds for their personal gain. The KUAM employees that were laid off are top notch professionals in their jobs and I wondered what happened to them. Now I know. What other explanation could there be?

Hafa Mohon?

-- Che'lu (, October 08, 1998.

Response to Media farce?

Look at the media who covered that bogus story as "News".

KUAM ran a story on HITA "trashing" Asan park. They ran footage of a couple of cans on the ground. K57 rode their coat tails on the "story".

Now we know why the administration calls KUAM and K57 "friendly media".

The Gov controls KUAM, but we heard two Kalvo brothers had to stand in the newsroom to make sure last week's story on Tommy Boy Gutierrez ran.

KUAM's GM makes a daily deal out of cussing out and accusing reporters of being Angel Santos supporters. He seems to think he's a King because his last name is Kalvo.

-- The Guam News (, October 11, 1998.

010 Thats what I think of when I think of the tri-party brother force that runs the Calvo Sibling Co. You have the eldest Juan Calvo who runs 30% percent of the beer eco-system here, and the lovely Bud running the other 70%. They just love being fair, I guess thats why if you drive a Bud car to watch the MFL it'll be towed.

Then you have Woey Calvo running the unbias, I grew up with Tommy Guiterrez broadcast station. I'm a grappler (because know I'm a good cousin to John Calvo even though I didn't know him before), all star footbal player (watch the Bear Page , I mean the Miller Page) just ask my buddy QP McCreaddie we've been fair to the Angels too.

Then you have Skinny Leo Calvo running the 7-11s check out his shelf inside. I mean are they fair or what. Lets give a hand to Larry, Moe, and Curly.

This is not the first time they've been biased. They have done it especially in the MFL, and they almost exclude all Bud sponsored sports. They also didn't do a story on the Payless stores when they found bad meat, just ask the in-house reporters at KUAM.

Here's a connection for you. Keiko, GM (Donnelll Richardons the Mac), is buddies up with Juan Calvo (light beer) check out all their new Cherokees. Juan is buddied up with Tony Scrotum, their wives are pratically inseperable. Check out all the new Cherokee's being bought, watch all the cars being given away. Look at the incredible Keiko- Millerr partnership happening. Look at Woey and Juan talk, watch KUAM's story. See the new government cars. See the new brands.See dick run, see dick play.

Oh and Mr. Calvo coming out to say "Knock it off Chris Barnnett." I commend you sir for making a fool out of yourself. It's the old story of David and Goliath and on your childish and immature comment I guess you went down. I lost all respect for your sir. As a matter of fact why don't you be more of a man and come out, and back up what you said in the beginning, about the mudslinging. Come out and tell Carl to knock it off.

So if KUAM is reading this tell the big boss to back up what he said. Tell him to come out and stick to his principles and stop slurping of the sweat from Carls ...... wimp. 98Jamz all the way...I'm still dancing around the issues.

-- Edward Dumas (, October 28, 1998.

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