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Can King Karl control public forums forever? I say no.

For all followers of the Kuentos Guam Election forum, today is a sad day. We've been told that the forum is gone. But why? Let's think.

1) When the PDN published news about what was happening in our government, Karl used an illegal and false survey to get reporter Leo Babauta off the political beat.

2) When Guam Cable News was running stories about what was happening in our government, Marianas CableVision (owned by UMDA, which Karl owns part of) bought out Cable TV and canceled Cable News as well as the controversial Jeff Evans talk show.

3) When KUAM TV News was running stories about what was happening in our government, Karl made deals with the Kalvos for government contracts and dirty incinerator money. He now has a pretty good grasp over the KUAM News and the 610 AM talk shows. Jeff Evans, by the way, came groveling back to Karl and now runs KUAM News and has a 610 talk show. And any reporter or talk show host that won't bow to Karl gets canned. I've already proven this on the Kuentos forum, but that got erased. I wonder why?

4) When Sen. Angel Santos whipped Karl in the debates and talked about what was going on in our government, Karl had to finish by threatening Angel with a lawsuit at the UOG debate, and then throwing it in Angel's face. Sounds like a threat.

5) When Sen. Mark Charfauros started talking about what was going on in our government on the floor of the Guam Legislature, Karl had his whipping boy, Atty. Pete Sgro (aka son in law of the Kalvos and an incinerator supporter) sued Charfauros. The result? Senators are now afraid to talk about anything on the floor of the Legislature.

6) When people started going on the Kuentos election forum and talking about what was going on in our government, Kuentos decides to shut the forum down. I can't say why, but looking at the five previous examples, you be the judge.

Karl can control many things on Guam, but he can't control the Internet. Here, freedom reigns. Here, the people will not be manipulated. Here, I say we speak the truth, and now, before it's too late.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (, September 28, 1998


Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

Carl is only the current director of all these goings on but not the only one. There seems to be an elite group of power brokers on the island who make every attempt to control everything that is said and done here... the very ones who have taken turns at the proverbial podium, e.g., the governorship, to flex their muscles and assert to the people of Guam who is in control. You can see that the elder generation of this elite group are now making their bids to install their offspring as their successors to continue their work.

Guam has been divided into two groups: those for the elite group and those against. Some might say there are those who are neither.. but neutrality is only theoretical because everyone here has to choose sooner or later to get along... either voluntarily or forced to do so... yea look at Jeff Evans.. it wasn't voluntary for him, he seems to have been "bought" because he needed to live, to support his well being, and his adversary was the only one who would meet his needs for a price. Those in favor of the brokers enjoy the gravy train (whether real or perceived) of special favors, direct access to the powers that be, etc.. Those against live a life of complaining, hoping, and mediocrity.

Why doesn't anyone fight to bring this monkey business to an end? Because the common, honest politician is typically not well financed and not well enough supported. People like Angel Santos (and I am not necessarily for Angel being governor but his guiding principles seem to be earnest) are not wealthy enough or have a huge enough portfolio to influence those who are on the power broker payroll to see the light.

These are only perceptions, so don't ask for proof of anything. the evidence is either there or the facts allude to it. Believe it or not, public perception weighs a lot more in other parts of the country in determining the life or death of one's career...... not so on Guam.

-- Nomad (, September 28, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

It does seem fishy, Kuentos shutting down the forum. I heard "Attorney" Pete Sgro on K98 ... er K57 saying the forum should be shut down. He is on the board for the Marianas Daily Variety, and we all see the Variety advertises with Kuentos.

About this whole tape business. First off, there needs to be a separation of issues here, something the Spin Doctors at Adelup would hate to see. 1. Whoever illegally taped the calls should be prosecuted.

2. The issue of members of this administration deliberately misleading the public needs to be adressed. They were coaching Ken Hamlet on how to lie to the people of Guam. Why? Because it's clear federal funds were misspent. That tape should be public record. All of the people on it were probably using government-issued cell phones to concoct a cover-up story. I don't like the idea of these high- salaried Power Rangers like Ginger Cruz and Tyrone Taitano using my tax dollars to lie to me, and I'm sure a lot of you don't either.

Imagine how much we don't know about.

On the tapes, Ginger Cruz alludes to the existence of a phone bank. As a former talk-show host, I know phone banks do exist. They are a part of politics. But who is in a phone bank? Would Ginger Cruz like to tell us? Are they phone-banking while on the clock? Wait ... let me guess ... they're on "annual leave" right? Wouldn't it be nice if we had leadership that didn't require fake phone calls to the radio?

It all boils down to this: Tell the truth and you won't need to lie.

The talk shows seem to be on the privacy rights side of the issue. Not surprising.

A couple more things .... I got a big problem with the way Pete Sgro goes on the air and "explains" the progress of his clients' malarkey lawsuit against Charfauros. Doesn't K98 ... er K57 know he is a concerned party? He is giving a one-sided report. He actually interpreted the court's ruling in the following way: "The court is saying Mark Charfauros can't continue to defame people and hide behind his legislative immunity ..." Oh. I thought the court just gave a ten-day restraining order, I didn't know they actually issued an opinion on Charfauros' style of politics. But Sgro must be telling the truth, right?

About free power-line extensions ...

The Governor has given out $2.5 million worth for free. GPA is saying they want to raise rates next year. I say make the people who got poles and lines for free pay for 'em.

Why doesn't GPA want to give us a list of people who got free hook- ups? I bet if they did, we would find out that a lot of politically- connected people benefitted from Carl's "generosity". Here's one example: A farmer in Talofofo makes a hundred grand a year. He gets 16 poles for free. Yes, he is a Gutierrez supporter. A farmer in Dededo asks for 1 pole. He had to pay for it. Sad, huh?

-- M. F. Shun (, September 28, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

It all comes down to Democracy!! It exists in all parts of the world and will never be exonerated. I believe that unity plays a big part in our wonderful Island if we are to succeed!! You have to take into consideration that they are far too many close knit families that make unity as a whole difficult. Go figure why places that have a powerful ruler tend to succumb. Let's just be thankful that we have not reached that plateau, but need to have some serious concerns for the future of the Island. I say The Island mainly because it will always be there with only generations that come and go.

Carl at present, is soaking up all this power and loving it!! In the end, we will unite as a whole and visualize on the past. I can play his game on this World for I will not need to stress over his egomaniacal sensation. What goes around...comes they would say.

Another thing to consider is that they are far too Carl's in this world that need to be deleted!! It's just too bad that they are not recyclable for use on our front porch as greeting mats...

-- Disney (, September 28, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

Are you saying that king karl is a dicktator!! all dicktators will not last in a free world!!

-- (, September 30, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

Well, well, well. If King Karl happens to win this election, let it be known that he will soon fall victim to the investigative and prosecutorial powers of the FBI and Department of Justice.

An agent told me that while most people on Guam dismiss corruption (which includes giving your family and friends contracts, etc.) with a wave of a hand, that while "intellectuals" say corruption doesn't make much of an impact, it REALLY COSTS TAXPAYERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR. Think about it, if you give your brother a contract, he won't do his best because of HOW he got the contract. Leads to all kinds of inefficiency and graft.

It's strange how the 98 computer crew hasn't tried to flood this forum. I know for a FACT Bob K and Co. flood the Cybermag polls, the Kuentos polls and the flooded the old Kuentos election forum. I'm sure that communications whiz is already trying to figure out how to shut this forum down. Too bad he wasn't enough of a wizard to keep himself and the Spin Doctors from being caught on tape. Caught on tape LYING to the people.

A little transcript:

Bob K : "We have to control the talk shows. You handle the phone calls and I'll run over to whatever station needs my help."

The morning this story broke, Bob K. was at both stations "helping". Running like a scared chicken to suppress the truth from the people of Guam. It's wierd how him and Ken-Boy H kept ending up in the same place.

In fact, Bob K thought he was rather clever in stuffing the internet polls. He said: "I didn't vote for ***** everytime or I didn't vote for our democrat guys in the legislature everytime." We can all guess how he voted in the Gubenatorial poll.

-- M.F. Shun (, September 30, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

Let me guess who you are voting for in the gubanatorial!!! HEHEHE

-- R.Ding (, October 05, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

let me guess who YOU are voting for in the gubenatorial hee hee

how can you support the corruption blindly? are you on the take?

trust me, if joe ada is corrupt too, i'll vote against him too.

guam cannot afford another four years of king carl. he's a millionaire, he doesn't need the money. he's gotten RICH off us, his family is well-paid to do nothing.

-- M F S (, October 06, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

Mr. Malfunkshun, you made it sound as though I AM supporting corruption, believe me I'm on your side. HEHEHE

-- R.E.Ding (, October 07, 1998.

Response to The end of Carl's control of public forums

hee hee. hee hee. my bad. may the force be with you. clever email addy.

-- barfaroni (, October 08, 1998.

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If you find this, moderator or Archaeologist, thanks for the space to test my skill at "hot linking", I really hope Guam continues to hold it's beaches above water. Since no one has posted here since last year I would be amazed to see a response to this post.

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