James Cameron to wed?

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I just heard James Cameron will marry Suzi Amis, aka Lizzy Calvert! This is just my opionion, I don't even know the guy, but hasn't he been married like 4 times? Wouldn't she realize that a guy who will leave his wife for another and has been married several times isn't a guy you'd want to spend the rest of your life with? Don't get me wrong, I love what he did making Titanic, but I won't be suprised if this couple gets divorced.

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), September 28, 1998


I know just what you mean Kelly. I for one would never go out with a guy who left another girlfriend to be with me. What's saying he wouldn't do the same thing to me at a later date? Linda Hamilton knew what she was getting into when she married James Cameron, didn't he cheat on his first wife to be with her, then they got married? Well she should have known what a low life he was from doing that to his first wife. Don't get me wrong, I love his movies, but the man himself has some real issues.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 28, 1998.

Exactly. I won't be surprised to see this marriage go down exactly like the Titanic. I guess we can look for some major tabloid stories to be seen in your supermarket soon! Yikes. I heard James Cameron is a major jerk. Of couse, no one can ever be sure what we read these days, so I don' t know. But that seems to be what everyone says about the director that is " The King of the World!" I really wonder what he's like in real life. Well, it's Suzy Amis' falt for picking a guy like that to spend the rest of your life with. Nice choice in men! Looks like this marriage will sink.

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), September 29, 1998.

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