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I am detailing Kato RS2 and RSC2 HO-scale diesels and need to know what the pilot footboards wer made of. Were they wood boards, perforrated metal, grated metal, or solid sheet metal? This information will be used in preparation of my models and included inthe corresponding magazine articles that I am preparing on both. Your assistance will be most appreciated.


Jim Six

-- Jim Six (, September 27, 1998


These locomotives came from the factory with wood footboards. I can't recall if there was an excact date to change out all the wood and go to metal.This could have happened over the years as the wood was easy to be damaged.The metal was what we called tank car running board material.This material was about 2" thick.The footboards had both a min. and max.distance above the rail,and the metal had to be the same thickness as the wood.

-- Joseph Oates (, September 28, 1998.

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