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Did anyone catch the reference to the movie "Titanic" in the tape of Bill Clinton's grand jury deposition? Apparently Monica wrote a note to the POTUS explaining how her romantic interest in him was rekindled after viewing the film. (I wonder if this gave the FLOTUS a sinking feeling when she heard about it?) Job interviews for Monica followed. Looks like five compartments of this "unsinkable" ship of state are taking on water fast.

-- Dalton (, September 22, 1998


I have to think about that one, but I will have a response in the future. "POTUS" and "FLOTUS"! Now I've seen it all!! :>).

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, September 22, 1998.

Just for those who don't know or couldn't figure it out: POTUS and FLOTUS are acronyms that the secret service is using to refer to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.

POTUS = President Of The United States

FLOTUS= First Lady Of The United States

-- Dalton (, September 22, 1998.

Response to That depends awn the meaning of the word "Titanic"....

How dare that slut(monica)compare her cheap affair to TITANIC! At least she too loves the flick!

-- MICHAEL PITT (XRRG10B@PRODIGY.COM), September 22, 1998.

Hi Dalton! Well, I was just about to make that comment here but you were faster... :-)

I had some fun imagining Monica seing herself with POTUS in the flying scene: "Bill! I'm flying!"

-- Dan Draghici (, September 22, 1998.

Oh God Dan, don't go there! ;-)

-- Emma (, September 22, 1998.

How about Bill trying to lug her back over the other side of the ship? THAT would be a chore!

"We'll both have the cheeseburger, very little ketsup. You like cheeseburgers, don't you sweetpea?"

-- Misty Chacon (, September 22, 1998.

Ha-ha, good one!

-- Dan Draghici (, September 23, 1998.

Monica's favorite lines from "Titanic":

- "Over there on the bed, er, the desk. Watch out for the Kremlin hot line."

-"Next it will be brandy and a cigar in the Renault."

-"Now there's something you don't see hanging that way ...."

-"Republican dead ahead!"

-"You unimaginable bastarrd!"

-- Dalton (, September 23, 1998.

Good one, Dalton.

How about Monica's line to Hillary. "He'd rather have me as his whore, than you as his wife!"

-- Misty Chacon (, September 23, 1998.

Y'all are so delightfully wicked!!! :)

-- Gilded (, September 23, 1998.

You guys are all crack ups. I'm not even American and I'm laughing my head off :-)

-- Emma (, September 23, 1998.

I think we might have this all wrong. Bill is the one trying to escape the "overbearing" spouse to join the "free spirit". Maybe we should be imagining Bill at the bow flying and Monica trying to lug him back over the side of the ship! I can just see Hillary, "Oh it is a little 'slut', isn't it!" *slap* "I'd rather be her sugardaddy than your husband!", he says in that slow way he says things.

-- Misty Chacon (, September 23, 1998.


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-- Thomas M. Terashima (, September 24, 1998.

Hahaha. Thanks for that one, Thomas. By the way, I'm not sure I like the way this question appears on my Internet Explorer screen, what with the "anic" missing at the end. But it's somehow appropriate given the subject.

-- Dalton (, September 24, 1998.

At the risk of this thread becoming a repository for all my anti-Clinton bile, I just discovered another reason (besides artistic) not to see Saving Private Ryan, the Dreamworks SKG film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks. Apparently, Spielberg and Hanks recently purchased a $4 million dollar house in the Pacific Palisades to gift to Clinton when he slinks out of the White House (hopefully sooner than 2001). SS also plans to make Clinton the CEO of Dreamworks. (Just imagine the crap we'll be getting out of that studio in the future!) So, in essence, SS and Hanks are taking their profits from the exploitation of the brave men who fought and died at Omaha Beach to give our draft-dodging philanderer-in-chief a golden parachute. OK, maybe I'm going a bit overboard here (perhaps thinking with "half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair"), but this is the place for going overboard if there ever was one.

BTW: With this deal, Clinton continues his life-long pattern of living in other people's houses, at no expense to himself.

-- Dalton (, September 24, 1998.

(I posted this one a bit ago, but it doesn't appear to have taken so if it winds up repeated, my apologies.)

I dread the response this will engender, but my favorite Bill-Monica "Clintanic" line would be:

"I'm too involved now. You hump, I hump, remember?"

Please don't hurt me.

-- Kip Henry (, September 25, 1998.

Oh Kip,'s MUCH too early in the morning here for that. Hahahaha! :)

-- Gilded (, September 25, 1998.

A tag line they could use with "Clintanic":

"Collide with Hillary"


-- Kip Henry (, September 25, 1998.

Everybody's heard the Clinton on the Titanic joke, right? Well, if you haven't, allow me to tell:

JFK, Nixon, and Clinton are all on the Titanic. The ship starts to sink. JFK says "women and children first", Nixon says "screw 'em all", and Clinton says "do we have time?".

And more Clinton jokes!(watch me go "overboard" with this. . .)

Newt, Gore, and Clinton go to see the Wizard of Oz. Newt says "I wish I had a brain", Gore says "I wish I had a life", and Clinton says "Where's Dorothy?".

By some wierd coincedence, the pope and clinton die on the same day. When they get to the Pearly Gates, there's a mix-up and each goes where the other one was supposed to.(Clinton's up in heaven and the Pope's down in hell.) Well, once everybody realizes the mistake, they immediatly try to right it. Well, on their way to their new homes, the Pope and Clinton get a chance to chat. "I can't wait to see the Virgin Mary" says the Pope. "Well," Says Clinton "You're about 20 minutes too late."

-- Kat (, September 25, 1998.

Of course the real difference between Clinton and the Titanic is that only about 200 women went down on the Titanic!

Gee you guys are cracking me up! Keep the jokes a'rollin!

-- Lianne (, September 25, 1998.

ROTFLMAOPIMP!!!!!!!!! I never ever in a million years would have guessed the there could possiably be a tie in with Titanic and this Monica thing but this is great. I do have one question about the taped testimony that has nothing to do with Titanic. During the questioning they asked the POTUS "If the stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress belongs to you, how would you explain that?" Can I just ask? How ELSE would it get there!!!!! DUH!!!! LOL

-- Miranda Swearingen (, September 25, 1998.

Hi Miranda. OK, I think I know what "ROTFLMAO" means : Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. But I'm drawing a blank on "PIMP". Please elucidate! Dealing with Clinton, Mao pimp takes on a certain meaning to me you may not have intended.

-- Dalton (, September 26, 1998.

I am guessing PIMP is peeing in my pants...?

-- cgk (, September 26, 1998.

Yep:) LOL Pimp means Peeing in my pants:) LOL

-- Miranda Swearingen (, September 27, 1998.

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